Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday's This and That

I've just devoured a whole bag of Orville 
Redenyouknowwho's gourmet popping corn as I 
pondered what to write in this post tonight.  Yes, it's
 Sunday night as I write this and I will schedule 
it to post after midnight. 

A sip of iced tea and I'm ready to roll... 

I read that today (Sunday) was National Ice Cream Day.  
Wish I'd read that before I ate the whole bag of popcorn because
 I would have eaten a low-calorie ice cream bar instead 
to celebrate.  Did you have your favorite ice cream today?

  Harrison Ford has turned 70 since I last was here.
If that doesn't make you feel older, then I don't know what
will.  I have to confess to having had a little bitty crush on
 Han Solo and Indiana Jones.  Did you know that Harrison
was just 34 when he first played Han Solo?  Heh, I must have
been a baby!  I enjoyed many of his movies like Witness,
Patriot Games, Air Force One, Sabrina, to name a few.
Do you have a favorite Harrison Ford movie?

Our weekend was pretty uneventful.  We did go to an Open 
House in a larger nearby town.  We toured a beautiful home
that is for sale.  It was all I could do to not shout "We'll take it"!
But it would be smart to get our home sold before we buy
anything else.  And there's much to do yet to get it ready.  The
shingles will be put on in cooler weather and the bathroom
will be finished in cooler weather.  Who knows when that
will be?  Temps will be back in the 100's this week.  It was
fun to see a house in another town and ponder the possibilities,
though.  We have to decide where we want to live after
Hub's retirement.  It's not an easy decision.

The above photo is my son's.  He is having more fun this
weekend than we are.  This was sent from sunny Florida
where he is enjoying a long weekend.  Nice of him to
think of us.  :)  How was your weekend?  Did you get
to go somewhere interesting?  

Until next time...


  1. How funny, I rarely eat ice cream but had some yesterday and didn't even know it was "the" day.
    So sorry you are still in the miserable weather. We have had some delightful days all week. Of course, high eighties is now days considered delightful.

  2. We are thinking of selling our house, too... moving toward retirement. There is so much to consider... and so much to do! We had ice cream Saturday (cheat from the diet!!) and it was so yummy... must have been why we were craving to so much... a lead into the ice cream day! blessings ~ tanna

  3. "We'll take it!" That sounds so funny. Glad that wisdom prevailed. ☺ So you're not eager to stay put after retirement...something smaller? Larger? I sometimes think I'd like something all on one floor and I am nowhere near as old as Harrison Ford. Heck, John isn't as old as Harrison. LOL. My favorite movie of Harrison's? Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    That is a lovely photo your son sent.

  4. Retirement!! Awesome! Maybe you could sell the house, buy and RV and travel the entire time???
    Good luck where ever you hang your hats!

  5. My Hubs retired a couple of years ago. He got to retire from GE early so that was nice, but we have no idea where we want to spend our Golden Years. He changes his mind ever 2 minutes. Until he decides, I am happy where I am.

  6. Good Morning Cheryl! Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich, chocolate and vanilla! We been going thru that where to move thing since last January. Ocala, Venice, Florida? Nevada? New Mexico? We know we are ready to go but just where??? Looking hard at Ocala... :) Back to St. Lou, Springfield, MO....

    Beautiful picture of the ocean and beach!! Enjoy your Monday! I won't even talk about the heat and NO rain.

  7. Maybe we should just postpone National Ice Cream Day until today and the next day and . . . Like you I didn't know it was yesterday, but I wouldn't want to miss out on it entirely ;-).
    Nice of your son to send that pretty beach photo. My in-laws live in Fla. The last time I talked to them it was cooler there than it is here.

  8. moving... yuck. the whole orchestration of real estate sale at the same time as offers made is so difficult sometimes! then the packing and moving and unpacking. OY! :)

    i saw that dang natl ice cream day on all day. thank goodness i had splurged the week before and had finally cleaned up the last of it a few days ago. sheesh!

  9. Oh My! Such pretty flowers and your sons picture of the beach looks wonderful.

    New GFC follower

  10. BEAUTIFUL photos of flowers. But I fear that FL beach shot would "wither me." It must be soooo hot in FL now. I melt. -grin-

    Oh how fun to tour an open house! And I didn't know that you are planning to relocate. (Where have I been, hu?)

    Gentle hugs,

  11. I don't even eat ice cream most of the year, but really crave it in the summer. I just finished off a half gallon the other night. Went to the Dairy Queen for a Blizzard on Sat. night.

  12. Now I'm hungry for popcorn and ice cream :)
    We had a power serge that ruined our refrigerator so we went shopping for a new one.

    Have a happy week, Cheryl.

  13. Hi Cheryl!

    I love, love, rocky road ice cream! But I love popcorn too - what a toss up!

    I adore Harrison Ford! I have to tell you a quick story. Harrison Ford has a home in Jackson Hole, not a big surprise to those of us in Idaho... :0) Years ago, when I was working, we had to get new phones at work. My boss decided he would go with used phones, because they were so pricy. When they put our phones in, the installer told me that I was the lucky one, because I had gotten one of the phones from Harrison Fords home in Jackson, he had replaced them with new ones, and . . . it was his personal phone from his den, still had all of his number on it!! Cool huh?!

    Retirement!! I love that my husband is retired . . . so much fun! We will stay here in Idaho - this is our love, and all of my kids are here. Good luck on the search!

    Your son's photo is gorgeous! He must take after his mother... ;0)


  14. Hi Cheryl, Yes---it would be neat being on the beach right now!!!! It's hot and humid here today.

    We mostly worked in the yard this weekend ---raking/blowing leaves and raking up nuts/acorns.... Huge mast crop this year...

    My favorite Harrison Ford movie (and I like many of them) is one that is not as well-known. Six Days Seven Nights is my fav.... EXCELLENT movie --and funny. I also loved The Fugitive.

    We keep ice cream in the house and hubby eats a little every other day or so... I will take a bite but that is all. My favorite right now is Strawberry Banana Pound Cake (by Blue Bell)....

    We eat popcorn once a week--and it's a huge treat for me (after dieting for over a year).


  15. :( We went NOWHERE!! However, I am going to fly across country in a few weeks to Georgia (and swelter) to see my little great grands that I haven't seen in about 6 years..yes...6 YEARS! My daughter is going with me..but this past was so hot we didn't budge out of the house.

    We retired right where we were. Being near to family was my first choice..but a new home?? HOW wonderful! What an adventure that will be! You must show us the homes you look at..I love looking at houses. I always watch that show Househunters on TV.

  16. Working Girl! I loved Harrison in Working Girl. (He and I are on first name basis, you know! ) :):)

  17. I love the photo of the beach here in FL...I wish I was at the beach! I love all of H. Ford's movies...Regarding Henry is one of my favs! And the popcorn sounds there any left? heehee! Enjoy your week!

  18. Harrison Ford is 70 now that makes me feel old. Wow.

    I love to add butter to popcorn too - I am bad.

    And it is so hot here too.

    So where are you thinking of retiring? Atlanta?

    Love, sandie

  19. favorite ice cream any ice cream with pecan nuts..wink!
    Sabrina and most of the Indiana Jones moives..and favorite is star wars..I am a fan..
    Stay home enjoyed the rain - even dance a few time in it.. loved it!

  20. I can't believe that I didn't know it was National Ice Cream day on Sunday. I would have had a really big dish of ice cream. Actually, I love ice cream and pop corn. I get cravings for them all the time. We are doing the exact same thing of trying to determine where to live when my husband retires. We are hoping that will be next year. We have some house projects too.
    Keep on enjoying the moments and loved reading this post. The pictures were awesome.