Friday, July 13, 2012

Masked Bandits and Door Bells

Last weekend, we had a pair of masked visitors
in our front yard.  

You never know who will show up at our

 At least these unexpected visitors weren't going to
be invited in, so I didn't care that the house 
hadn't been cleaned yet.

Isn't he cute?  When my kids were young we took
in an abandoned baby raccoon and kept him
for a while.  We gave him a really original name,
"Bandit".  He didn't get to stay long as he was
too much work and wasn't the friendliest of pets. 
Speaking of do you feel about people
that just show up at your door without warning?   
  An older friend of ours, who
has been gone now for several years, used to 
drop in just to say hello and see how we were.  We
loved that friend and he is missed.  
Most friends will call before coming by, but 
occasionally we'll get the unexpected visit or one
that doesn't give us much advance notice.
Ideally the house will be clean enough not to be
embarrassed.  But!
There are those days when it is not really 
presentable and I just might not answer the doorbell!
Those that have indoor pets may know what I mean.
How about you?  Do you always answer when the
doorbell rings?

Until next time...


  1. I don't like uninvited guests to just drop by either. Keeping a house clean and blogging is hard work.

    Those raccoons are adoreable, but they can sure destroy things.

  2. Your "guest" was a cutie, and made a lovely unexpected Photo Op.

    But unexpected guests for real, are not, not, not nice or cute or anything. They are rude and unthinking and not welcome. So there!

    Me'thinks men are more likely to do this. You said the older friend who used to just drop by, was male. A male relative of ours, did the show-up-in-the-driveway thing here, recently.

    Actually, men aren't usually caring about how-the-house-looks. They are just more casual than we women. They do not feel that DUST, is any reflection on them.

    But lets face it, women do tend to feel this way. At the door bell sound, women scan the living room, and try to remember the state of the bathroom, and cringe. Because less-than-perfection is felt to be, a reflection on the lady of the house and her abilities. -sigh-

    I'm 75 and haven't managed to drop this silly habit from my life, yet. -sigh- Wow but some things are really drummed into us, are they not? -pout-

    But! We can always keep fighting them off! But unexpected guests are still not thoughtful, are impolite, and not welcome. Harummmph... "Auntie sezzzzzz..." ,-)

  3. Hello Cheryl, love the faces of those masked bandidts,to cute. Well, no, I`ve not always ansered the door when unexpecked guests show up, sometimes it really is bad timing. But most of the time my door is always open and the house clean enough. Blessings Francine.

  4. Raccoons are cute, but I understand they are mean. And, uninvited guests are not welcome regardless of whether the house is presentable or not. I don't keep up my house for other people, I keep it the way I'm comfortable with it.

  5. the raccoons are so cute. :) luckily i live 1/4 mile off the road and the house is hidden by oak trees for most of the year. and our gate stays locked about 98% of the time. no surprise visits for me! :)

  6. I was just thinking about your question the other day. My sister and I were raised in the same home where drop-ins were always welcome. I grew up expecting a call and providing a call; my sister could care less. The answer to your question? I do not always answer the door.

    Cute visitors...

  7. Nah, I don't care. I don't answer it when I don't know who is there. Otherwise, if they don't call, they get what they get:)

  8. I love the raccoon picture!!

    I'm not a fan at all of unexpected guests. If 'm not expecting someone half the time I don't bother answering the door. "Dropping by" is not respecting someone's privacy in their own home; not cool.

  9. Love the photos, and the post, I must confess I sometimes haven't answered the door.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  10. Your visitors are cute but I know they can be mean. When my kids were young we had an abandoned baby raccoon too. Guess what his name was? Bandit! When he grew up he would sleep out in the yard during the day and eat out of the cat dish. He disappeared in the fall.
    If it's a good friend that rings my doorbell I will answer. If not, I don't.

  11. That raccoon is a cutie - but scary too. And I guess that is my answer too.

    I do not open the door when the bell rings unless I know someone is coming.

    On the other hand my brother used to stop in all the time without calling - and he is gone - so now I wish he would.

    Live and learn - I'd open the door for him anytime.

    Love, sandie

  12. Hi Cheryl!

    I love racoons - but I don't like them in my garden! They are a real problem here . . . even the cute ones! Your pictures are adorable!

    I don't really care is someone stops by unexpectedly . . . friends are friends, they accept me (and my house) as I am, and I them. Sometimes, they just follow a hunch and stop by. I have had a few drop-by visits that have changed my life . . . so WELCOME FRIENDS!

    Have a great week-end!


  13. How photogenic they are! You took the best photos of these cute critters. And no...I don't always open the door if I'm not expecting anyone. You have to be careful these days!

  14. Such sweet little masked bandits. My parents live in a rural area near a lake, so they have raccoons, and lots of other wild animals that come into their yard. One year there was a momma raccoon that had an unusually large litter of babies and my Mom took pity on her and "helped" her find food. (You know what I mean.)

    The main floor of my house is usually drop-in-company ready, because I work from home and I have people in and out of my house all week long. But if someone is coming for an overnight stay, I like enough notice to get fresh sheets on the bed, dinner planned, etc...

  15. I don't always answer the door either - but I still want my friends to drop by and family.. when they are near by.. I am always ready.. but as for staying over I'd like heads-up..

  16. Oh wow! I'm so not into the drop-in visitors. It's nothing personal.. but yes, it's so embarrassing. Indoor pets here too!
    I adore those raccoon photos. Hope you got some rain this afternoon/evening. We did!! What a blessing. -Tammy

  17. Those raccoons are so cute! I don't bother them and they don't bother us.
    The babies are adorable!
    I'm not a fan of unexpected guest and I don't normally answer the door. :)
    Did you ever name the kitten???

  18. I am dreading a visit from the bandits here. I have that problems each year about the time the sweet corn is ready!

    I am better now than I used to be about unexpected guests...Usually the only embarrassing room is the kitchen.

    I figure no one really cares except me.

  19. I am dreading a visit from the bandits here. I have that problems each year about the time the sweet corn is ready!

    I am better now than I used to be about unexpected guests...Usually the only embarrassing room is the kitchen.

    I figure no one really cares except me.

  20. those racoons are real cuties, they pose nicely for pictures.

    i get drop ins, driving bys, and how about a dip in the pool, peeps. i got use to it when my boys were little, it does not really bother me.

    the only time i find it difficult is when i'm working (i work from home). people don't really understand that working from home is still working. i don't care about the condition of the house, they came to see me, not the house!!

  21. What adorable raccoon shots. They really have cute covered.
    One of my favorite "Happiness is" saying goes like this.
    "Happiness is when your surprise company comes right after you have cleaned."

  22. I do know what you mean, but I do answer even though I may not want to.

  23. July 15th

    Re: Your comment on my blog, concerning fav authors. Ahhh yes, Gladys Taber. I have loved her writing for years and years and years.

    And over the years, I have collected all her books, other than the ones only about pets. Guess this is the only thing, which constitutes "a collection," of mine. :-)

    Also, years ago, when we had a tiny private plane, we flew to the closest airport--rented a car there--and followed the "map" I had gleaned, from her books--to Stillmeadow.

    I still remember the feeling of pulling up in front of that picket fence and house--which I almost "knew" intimately, from my reading. I just gazed at it, out the open car window.

    Lucky for me, her daughter and little girl granddaughters were there, picking berries. Connie must have seen the Look Of Awe on my face---Knowing a fan of her mother's--And invited us in. !!!!!!!! A lovely, lovely memory. Even if Gladys was not there, at the time.


    And going to Cape Cod so many time, over the years, we viewed (as closely as possible) Still Cove, across Mill Pond. Since it was privately owned and... Well.... One could not approach the house itself...

    And visited places in Orleans... And came back to Nausset Beach, year after year, after year.

    Opppps.... More info than necessary. :-))))))

  24. No doorbell here! And when someone comes down our drive I have plenty of time to scope them out and hide if I want to. Kind of freaks me out a bit if someone comes down our road, you better know us... :)
    The bandits are cuties Cheryl!

  25. Yes, raccoons are cute...but I like them best in the forest and in conservation areas. :)) I'm not keen on people who arrive unannounced...but my husband loves company and will let them in!

  26. I prefer to have some notice, not much, just give a call before you get in your car so I can make sure I'm put together. The house is usually okay, it's me! Great photos.

  27. Wow, those raccoon photos are great. I had a pet raccoon when I was little, until he hit puberty! I am browsing your blog, and following you back! Thanks, Pat