Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunset across the river

These were taken by the Missouri River the last week of 2011.

I. Love. Sunsets.   It's safe to say that sunsets are one of my favorite subjects to photograph.  What about you...what is your favorite subject?  

Until next time...


  1. These are beautiful,you really do get fantastic sunsets in your part of the world.
    I also like to take sunset /sunrise pictures,but we do not get many because of the mists on the mountain,when I do manage to get a good one the sky is pink and orange.
    Nature would be my main topic ,birds,animals and landscapes.
    Have a good week.

  2. I too love to watch and capture colorful skies as the sun is setting.
    Your shots are stunning, Cheryl. Thanks for sharing the beauty.

  3. I'm so happy that sunsets are one of your favorite subjects... so I can enjoy them!! beautiful, beautiful shots, Cheryl. Old houses and architecture are some of my favs!! blessings to you ~ tanna

  4. Those are beautiful shots. So peaceful.
    I attempt wildlife but don't have the skills to capture what I see.

  5. Flowers. Grandkids. I wish that I could find a sunset to try to capture. We don't get them as vividly beautiful as the ones you share. That is exquisite!

  6. Beautiful! IDK if you took this last night, but I know we got up from the dinner table to look at the sunset, it was beautiful here too. We are on the bluff of the Osage River.

  7. awesome, stunning, spectacular all three of these. i don't really have a favorite, i love anything and everything from bugs to benches, sunrise to sunset, trees, rocks, on and on.

  8. Oh what beautiful pictures you got. Every time I try to take a sunset or sunrise, my camera makes it look so dark. I guess I need to learn how to work it.

    I don't know if you are on twitter or not, but I tweeted this if you want to retweet. Her is the link!/CandidaJourney/status/158902497166098432

  9. Beautiful photos. I like to take sunrise and sunset pics as well. Have several in my online album and will post some later on my blog. I also like to take nature shots of all kinds-so much to see in our world! Thanks for sharing.

  10. They are beautiful sunset pictures Cheryl. You can tell that sunsets make your heart happy from your shots :) I don't know what's my favorite subject to shoot. I just like to snap happy and see what comes out! Enjoy your Monday, I think the snow is going to miss us tonight. It is 54 here already this morning!

  11. hmmm. could be fences these days. or trees. or barns. or birds! ha!

    these are gorgeous!

  12. GORGEOUS! Most definitely sunsets... love em, too! =)

  13. Oooo, Gorgeous! I do appreciate the beauty of sunsets too! So bright against a dark background...just hard to describe their beauty...

  14. Since you're familiar with my blog, you already know how special sunsets - and sunrises - are to me!
    These are lovely. Love the golden sky.

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  16. Oh My Goodness... I have so many things which I love to photograph--but sunrises and sunsets are right up there at the top of the list...Getting that sunset at the Grand Canyon was a favorite for sure...

    BUT--I also love photographing birds, waterfalls, people, roses, flowers, etc. etc. etc.

    Great picture.

  17. Cheryl
    You've captured a beautiful sunset!
    Yes, it is 'one' of my favorite subjects too.
    Whenever I think of the Missouri River I think of the song Shenondah
    sang best by Van Morrison.
    Since I went to school in Missouri I grew up singing this myself. I bet you did too!!
    Thanks for sharing your pics!

  18. These photos are breathtaking! I do like taking pics of the sky, my family including puppy dogs and wildlife. Family and nature seem to be my favorite.
    Have a great week!

  19. Hello. I found you at Susan's and am so glad I did. When I read about you I thought had a lot in common and when I opened your blog and saw your sunset photos I was certain of it. I like all the same things you do and Sunsets are one of my favorite things to photograph.
    COngratulations on your Wonderful Blog award. You certainly deserve it. I'm going to add you to my list.

  20. I am literally SWOONING, I need smelling salts! You KNOW my favorite thing to shoot is sunsets!!! Followed closely by the moon and then flowers. What a special treat to visit today and see this!!!

  21. I couldn't wait to get to your blog after seeing the title of it in my blogroll! These are stunning! And I love a beautiful sunset! You did a great job with these photos! Enjoy your day!

  22. I love those too - great shots. I never have my camera when I need it. I think when I see something as gorgeous as these - how wonderful our God is! sandie

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  24. Sunsets rank right up there! Love to take photos of children and animals together, but haven't been too successful with that.

    Gorgeous shots!!!!!!!

    Isn't this weather beautiful!

  25. Lovely inspiring pictures; what can I say. I love both sunset and sunrise picures and these are magazine worthy.
    Love them!

  26. i love them also cheryl but it's the one thing i photograph that i feels looks better in person then it does on "film"!!

    whenever i view my pictures of the sunset i always think "it was prettier then this".....yours are gorgeous!!

  27. Absolutely beautiful. You know what, I love to take any picture that turns out as I saw the scene in the first place. Does that make sense?