Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday musings

I love to sky watch.  More often than not, there are several
jets streaking across the skies at any given moment.  
Do you wonder who might be on board or where they are headed? 

This weekend sure streaked by in a hurry.  In fact, this
month is going by quickly.  Where does the time go?

Do you ever feel that life is just moving 
along at such a fast pace and you're not accomplishing
all you want to do?   I sometimes do, until I happen upon 
a scene that is so soothing and calming and time seems to
stand still for a few minutes.  Then all those
goals and bucket lists seem to not be quite so important
after all.  I love those moments.

Barren trees in winter have a certain charm, I think.  
Winter can be very cold and sometimes with snow or ice
in my state.  Last night, we had a bit of thunder 
and rain after a day with temps in the 50s.
  The days have been gloomy and overcast the last few days. 
The sun came out for all of 5 minutes yesterday.  
The photo above was taken the last week of Dec.

* * * * * * *

My thanks to all of you who left such sweet comments
on my last post.  I read many with tears streaming
down my cheeks.  Not because they made me unhappy,
but because all of you are so sweet and kind. 
Thank you.

Until next time...


  1. I love the peach and blue jet trails!! I have also done a post with these kind of jet trail pictures, I love looking at them criss-crossing over the sky. For me, each month and year, the time speeds by like a roaring train, gone before I blink. Maybe I need to go and visit where your last picture is!

  2. The older I get,the faster time seems to go.I often get confused as to the day of the week and wonder where some of the days went to.!! I rarely get a news paper,or have the television on,I am wrapped up in my own little rural world with a daily routine that is always the same,so Monday could be the same as Friday,the days in-between just disappear.!!!
    The picture of the lake is lovely and peaceful,I can understand how time would stand still a while here.
    Have a good week.

  3. Wow, you have a lot of jets streaking. I hardly ever see that where I live.

    Beautiful sunset,... or is it a sunrise. Not sure, but very pretty.

  4. I always do that as I watch the trails but I never see that many. Often I think they are coming from your state.
    I just realized I have a dentist appointment today. Good grief, wasn't that supposed to be near the end of January? Time is leaving its own jet trails.

  5. I saw a particularly bright white jet tail against a brilliant blue sky one day last week and I just stood and enjoyed it... You are so right about those quiet moments settling us in the frenzy of life. blessings ~ tanna

  6. That first picture is stunning - yes, I often wonder about all those planes leaving contrails across the sky.
    Overcast here, too, the last few days.

  7. So! I wasn't dreaming when I heard that rumble last night! Top photo~amazing. So many jet contrails this winter. Pretty captures Cheryl, nice to look at after yesterday's windy dreary day. We went to Fulton and on to Millersburg to a new winery. Serenity Valley. Very interesin'.

  8. We don't see many contrails anymore so when I do see one, I also find myself wondering...

    Thank you for describing those calm moments. I often feel as if I should be accomplishing more. I'm going to watch for that calm moment today.

  9. both photos are beautiful. this morning we stood and watched the sun coming up, the sky was so wonderful, and as we stared up at the pink clouds in the blue blue sky, a jet flew over and one side was dark the other gleaming like silver where the rising son hit it. we both just stared and said isn't that just gorgeous?

  10. i love both of these shots! really nicely done! i hope you get more of those 'time stands still' peaceful moments, dear!

  11. Winter can be sad, until you think that it everything is just sleeping and getting energized for spring.

  12. Beautiful pictures. I especially love the first one with the jet streams through the sky. I don't see many of those here

  13. When the sun came out yesterday, Jim said "look quick - the sun is out!". It is a good thing I did.

    There is a certain charm in the greys of winter. Beautiful pictures as always.


  14. Hi Cheryl, I have been thinking about how fast time is going by now... I thought, once I retired, that I'd have LOTS of time to do the things I want to do... Ha---hasn't happened. Guess I just keep finding more things that I WANT to do!!!!!!

    Love your photos.. The colors in the first one are awesome. But--I love the winter look to the second one also.

  15. Time is a streak in life for sure. And I think all good and pleasurable things seem to make time speed by even faster.

    Lovely pictures.

  16. I like the jet stream picture too. I do wonder where they are going or where they've been I just know it includes "big fun" and I want to do too.

    Looking at water is always good for my soul. Water, fires and babies. I can watch them forever.

  17. Beautiful pictures, photographing is a wonderful reason to stop and enjoy the world around you!!!

  18. Wow. What gorgeous photos. Both of them are stunning.

  19. I just love your sky and bare tree pictures. Calm and beautiful.
    Lovely break in the day.

  20. time seems to slip away when it comes to accomplishing anything, but drags when I think of how long until spring is here in Ontario.

  21. Cheryl what you see out of your back window is just gorgeous. This month did go fast. We have a lot of rain here. Love, sandie

  22. That top one has such lovely colors, and I like the second one almost as much.

  23. Your pictures are beautiful. I love the trees in the sunset but the one of the water with the trees all around is the kind of picture that lets my imagination go wild. I can just imagine the native American people camping around a beautiful lake like this. Thank for sharing.

  24. Beautiful photos. I too think trees are pretty, even without their greenery. They're majestic looking, don't you think?!
    So glad you stopped by my blog today and signed on to FOLLOW; I'm doing the same here at your blog. Love making new blog friends!

  25. I love the way the empty tree branches look against a winter sky!

  26. Cheryl, I love these pictures. The pond is so peaceful looking. I have wondered at times when I see the streaks in the sky, where is that plane headed, how many people are in it? It is a beautiful picture of them.

  27. Beautiful pictures. And yes, time is going much to FAST!!!