Wednesday, January 4, 2012


On my list of goals this year is to read the 
online manual that came with my camera and
learn how to take better photos.  See the
squirrel above?  I took several shots and none
of them were very clear.  It was an extremely
windy day (see the tail, it was the wind that
kept it up over the squirrels back) and the limbs were
swaying so I'm thinking the movement was
a factor.  I do know that this camera of mine often
seems to have some problems with focusing.  Or
is it the photographer?  So, it's time to get the
manual online and read, read, read.  Then, 
practice, practice, practice! 

The main goal I've mentioned in another post is adopting a
healthier lifestyle.  It's something my whole family is
wanting to do.  My husband's heart attack last
July was a wake up call.  I'm considered to be 
diabetic even though my numbers aren't extremely high,
they are above the level they are supposed to be.
The doctor tells me I need to give up the sugar.
I suppose that means I won't be baking too many
cakes (see photo's my favorite! If you want
my recipe, I'll be happy to pass it along.) or cookies.
Well, I really don't bake too many cookies because,
frankly, I don't like to.  I'd rather make brownies.
My husband has a sweet tooth and loves salty foods,
according to his heart doctor, he needs to watch his diet, too.  
I can't help him quit smoking, which he also needs to do, 
but I can control what is put on the dinner table.  
Heart disease runs in his family so I'm hoping my
adult children will adopt a healthier lifestyle, too.  It 
requires discipline and focus.  I am determined that
we will be healthier by the year's end!
Until next time...


  1. These are worthy goals! Good luck.

  2. Wonderful resolves and nice that your are in charge of the food. Makes it easier on your husband.
    Good health is often in our hands.

  3. Eating healthy is what I am always working on! Tough. A splurge here and there :) Good luck on your goal Cheryl, I will be working on them too.

  4. We are working on a healthier lifestyle too, Cheryl. It does require focus and discipline. I'll be hoping we are both successful in our goal!!

    I need to read my manual for the camera too! Nothing wrong with that cake photo!! ;) Good goals. blessings ~ tanna

  5. beautiful cake. on the squirrel pic, with my camera if i try to focus past something, like the limb, it will not focus past it. i think that was the problem on the focus. i found help with my camera on YouTube. go there and type in tutorial and the name of your camera and there are short videos that teach you so much faster than the manual. you can also learn photography that way, just type photography tutorials. i have learned much just watching the videos

  6. I was thinking I should read my camera manual too and then I read Sandra's comment and like that idea much better. Sounds easier to follow.
    The cake looks scrumptious, but I will not ask for the recipe because I am also trying to stay away from sweets. I do love cookies, but now I try to only eat them if they are homemade and I have found some good recipes through Cooking Light.
    The photos in your header picture are gorgeous.

  7. All the best with your new determination. I hope that we are all more healthy by year's end.

    Don't you hate these manuals that are online instead of with the camera? I want a manual in my hand thank you very much and one that I don't have to print off at my expense. The nerve of these camera companies! Sorry, another rant in your blog.

  8. Oh, I'm going to try Sandra's tip as well. I need to calm down. Ha!

  9. Hi Cheryl, Why is that everything that taste good is bad for us? its not fare! We are trying to eat healthier in 2012 too.

  10. Let me tell you about giving up sugar.... it works.

    I was pre diabetic and being watched by doctors. I now have it under control. I can't eat sweets because of candida, but I don't want to either. I do miss them but never want to eat them again.

  11. amen to all of this! i wish you much success with cutting back and getting healthier!

  12. Oh I need to be focusing!!! I lost a lot of weight recently but a few pounds came back over the holidays and I want them gone! I hope we can both do this!

  13. Great goals! My husband quit smoking 10 years ago. He has put on some weight, but I'd rather see him heavier than smoking. I know it's hard though. It took him years to quit.
    That cake looks delicious!

  14. With DH and me, and both our grown daughters, having diabetes better eating is my goal for 2012. I can't control what DH eats away from home (sweet tooth) but I don't have to fix it at home. I am looking for some good dessert recipes using Splenda.

    Loved the photo of the white barn you posted!

  15. Hi Cheryl!

    What a great goal . . . reading the camera manual! It's one I need to do too! It seems like there are just sooooo many things to learn about my simple little camera!

    I'm so with you on the lifestyle change! I'm hoping that when my husband is home full-time, we can start to make a few good changes in our eating habits... ;0)

    I got really sick right before Christmas, and it has taken me a lot longer to get better than it used to - and I know if I was healthier, it would have taken less time! Please share all of your hints and good idea!


  16. I've got a DVD that came with my camera I've intended to watch for over two years. Maybe my pics would improve if I just took the time.

    You go girl, we all need to make our eatin' plans about the health...the weight takes care of itself if ya do that!

    God bless ya and have a fantastic 2012!!! :o)

  17. Hi Cheryl, My October hospitalization was my wake-up call. I HAVE to get the extra weight off ---IF I want to be able to hike and even walk... I had gotten to the point that my legs/hips/feet hurt when I tried to hike... I don't want to become an invalid due to my weight. SO---I dieted all during the holidays.. It wasn't easy--but it's just what I have to do.

    Your hubby had a wake-up call. You can help him with what he eats --but mainly, it's all up to him.. We an only do so much to help the ones we love. George will do anything for me--but losing weight is all up to ME.

    That cake looks fabulous--but I can't make it for us now... Someday I may want the recipe...

    Good Luck with the new camera.

  18. it is just so important to "take good care of yourself"!! good luck to all of you, it's a life style, you have to make lot's of changes!!

  19. These are great goals Cheryl!
    I have a lot to learn with our camera. The squirrel is still cute!
    That cake looks so yummy. It looks like a Red Velvet cake?
    I had no idea that your husband had a heart attack. I hope he recovered well.
    You seem determined and I know you will succeed!

  20. Hi, just found your blog! Love to read what you have to say and just adore old barns. Be back soon to read some more! Hugs from Mamabug!

  21. Ditto to the things you have a determination for this year...I so need to learn to use my camera in a more awarding way...
    Wishing you the very best in every single endeavor that experience....
    I feel your energy, so I know you will be successful!

  22. I admire you for reading the manual. My husband is forever telling me, "When all else fails, Susan, read the manual!" As much as I love reading I HATE reading instructions like that. I'm a much more hand on gal. Show me and I'll learn and follow!!!

  23. Seems we all need to improve our diet...I am attempting to change a little bit at a time. I want to stop drinking very much pop, and I want to drink a lot more water.

  24. Okay only one thing wrong with that red velvet cake - the coconut! lol

    So I think the squirrel was a good picture. You should practice taking pictures if you have a good camera - mine is not.