Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I did yesterday...

We had dinner out with friends of ours recently and after dinner we went to their house for dessert.  I always get the urge to decorate after spending time in Ell and B's house.  Since it was just too hot and humid to do much else, I spent too much a good deal of time yesterday and last night on the computer looking for ideas for my house; particularly for ideas for my wall behind the new sofa and also window treatments and just having fun looking at all the many wonderful living rooms.  Also, I looked through my Kitty Bartholomew book that I've had 3 or 4 years.  I used to love her decorating shows on TV.  She has great style and uses a lot of color.  I've decided that the older I get the more color I like, but I want to keep a neutral background in the living room and use color for accents.   I'll show you some of the photos that I particularly liked that I found online. 

This doesn't look like my living room, but aren't the colors great? 

I bought an area rug last week similar to this one, also
a pair of red throw pillows for starters.   

I like the little bookcase that separates the doorway
from the living area.  I see the living room is paneled 
like mine is.  It was that way when we bought this house.
We just painted it and have really never considered taking it off
and sheetrocking.  Too much trouble!  It doesn't bother us at all.

I need some kind of blinds on my large window.  Anyone
have suggestions?  I'd like to get rid of the heavy drapes
and just put up sheers and maybe side panels, but I also need something
to keep out the hot sun and for privacy at night.
A wall grouping similar to this is an idea. 

Ell and I have been friends for a long time.  I've always admired her taste in decorating
and she's also one of the best cooks I know.  She can also sew anything and made the
valances I have hanging in my kitchen.  I call her Marth.a Stewar.t because she 
can do it all!  Oh, to be so talented.  The above photo is very similar to the style
of her living room.  Ell loves her pastels and florals.  Her living room walls are a very pale 
pink and the sofa is a pink and white floral stripe with wing back chairs in a deeper pink.
Her accessories are very elegant and tasteful and she finds a lot of these at
garage sales, thrift shops and estate sales.  If there is a bargain to be had, she'll find it!
Did I mention she has a beautiful soprano voice and used to sing for weddings, etc.?
Ell's a few years older than I am and has had a lot of medical issues and doesn't paint,
wallpaper or even sing anymore.  But she still has the wonderful gift of hospitality.
Anyone who has ever been in their home comes away inspired, and usually with 
a recipe that you'll be begging for.   I'll tell you about her beautiful kitchen and the
rest of her house another time.  Back to my decorating efforts...

I'm going shopping tomorrow to look for a few things.  I'll stop at a couple
of flea markets, the thrift store, Marshall's and Hobby Lobby.  Then, if I have
time, I'll look at window treatments.  If you have an idea to share,
I'd love to hear about it.  Stay cool and have a good day!
All of the photos except the first and sixth ones can be found  here.
Until next time...


  1. These rooms are beautiful! Ell sounds like a very dear friend. Good luck on your hunt today.

  2. Beautiful rooms in those pics. We'll be anxious to see your decorating progress!

    And I remember watching Kitty Bartholomew on The Home Show - back in the early 80's. And Carol Duvall.

  3. I wonder what Kitty Bartholomew is up to these days. I used to love her show.
    Your friend sounds like a very talented lady. I think you've found some great inspiration photos for your decorating project. I love the little bookcase.
    Have fun on your shopping trip. Good luck finding something that will work well for your room.

  4. Your friend sounds like a real treasure. Good luck on your hunt today! blessings ~ tanna

  5. That second picture is what I am going to strive for....once I get my new floor and furniture! I may be to darned old to enjoy it then.

    We have painted paneling too and I like it. Before it was the darkest walnut and I used many coats to get the nice soft off white that I now have.

    We need to see a picture of your living room with the new furniture for ideas to form.......

  6. Beautiful rooms! We'll probably be shopping around the same town today.. lol. Well, not so much fun for us as hubs is headed to the doc for a shot in his back. Keep us posted on your finds and progress! -Tammy

  7. You don't need us offering six million opinions. That gets confusing! I like how you're deciding what you like and what you need by looking at photographs of rooms. I do offer this advice: ask yourself what specifically you like about that room. I once did this with a room, mentally removing everything I did not really care for, and came down to one lonely lamp. So try that and see if it helps. All the best to you! What does Ell think?

  8. have fun shopping, a great idea to look around for ideas on the internet. my cousin loves to decorate and she used to spend hours going through magazines to find things that you found in minutes.

  9. Hi - I love the #3 photo wall color - how about that color for your walls - since you have blue pillows (not sure but they look blue in your #4 photo of your living room) and I like your idea about the window treatment.. hugs

  10. It sounds like you had such a good time with your dear friend. I always love to visit other homes and see how they are decorating too.
    Of all the homes you featured, I liked the one with the pale robin egg blue walls. It was casual, yet elegant. And I loved the mix of colors that were used. With the neutral couch it would be easy to change when one wanted.
    Oh, I miss Kitty too. It seems all the shows I loved are no longer on HGTV!
    Have fun on your shopping trip!

  11. Hi Cheryl, Good Luck looking --both online and in some stores... I'm not much of a decorator (unfortunately, I'm a plain jane)--but I enjoy seeing what others do.. I have a friend whose home is marvelous ---and it's full of things which are NOT that expensive. She just has talent!!!

    Glad you enjoyed Ell... Sounds like a neat, neat lady.. Hopefully, she can help you with some ideas.

  12. Hi Cheryl - happy hunting! HOpe you find just the thing to make YOUR room POP!

    I love the blue in that first picture - not really my style but it really zings!

    I also love how well that spray is keeping your kitty off the sofa.. haha! Cute post!

  13. Good luck with all of this...sounds like such a fun time. I love plantation shutters on windows! ;D

  14. i love the first room, i could def live it that but they are all beautiful.

    i lack the energy to decorate anymore...godd luck & have fun!!!

  15. Wow you have a good eye for designing. I remember Kitty Bartholomew, I watched her years ago on TV. HAven't heard much about her lately.
    I'd love to win the lottery, wait I have to play it first, to redecorate my living room. The couch and love seat are in good condition, but just about 15 years old and I'd like some new modern colors.
    Keep cool!

  16. I loved all of the pictures. I love the color blue and I am always drawer to that color. Our home has a lot of browns, beige and maroon.
    I do have a white room and a blue room. I am sure you will come up with just the right thing for you.
    I will look forward to a picture when completed. It is so nice to have such good friends.
    Blessings to you!

  17. I could really go for that first one.
    Think you ought to have Ell over and pick her brain.

  18. Ooooo I like a lot of these pictures...I think I told you that our daughter and her husband just purchased a new home...I would have never thought to put the colors that she is using in the house, together. She toured some of the new homes in Dallas and the colors were all Chocolate browns, light browns, kind of a silver blue, and grays.... These colors are beautiful when they are blended..
    Her window coverings.....(get this), Strips of heavy upholestry material (clipped) to the curtain rod... BEAUTIFUL!
    Hope your shopping went well...

  19. I liked the bookshelf to separate the area's BUT never ever ever use white blinds in front of you windows! they are just big dust collectors and nobody takes the time to clean them properly! if you go with blinds use the wooden ones, you don't seem the dust as much, although they are still dust collectors!

    Good luck!