Wednesday, July 6, 2011

On to Plan B

I recently purchased a bottle of stuff called No Scratch that is supposed to deter cats from scratching furniture, carpet, etc.  The directions said to spray on the fabric and the cat won't like the scent and will stay away.  I tried it out on the recliner, one of Stormy's favorite places to snooze.   As you can see, it's working out really well.  

She didn't want to discuss the situation.  So, tomorrow when I go to Columbia for an appointment, I will also be loading up on scratching posts to hopefully keep her from scratching the new sofa.  Or the recliner.  Wish me luck with this new endeavor.  

Until next time...


  1. Cheryl,I enlarged the photo so I could read the instructions on the bottle.It says it stops them scratching-- NO mention of stopping them actually sleeping on the couch.!!!
    I love the photos,so cute.

    Scratching posts sound a good idea.Best of luck,

  2. Good luck with the cat issue!

    My experience with cats is they do what they want to do! While catsitting with our grandcat, we used a spritz of water to move him. Of course that means you have to be around watching him all day!

  3. LOL! Well, I guess it really didn't say, "no sleeping." LOL! But, we would have to assume that if they aren't supposed to like the smell, they wouldn't be snoozing in the midst of it.

    Good luck! I think you are going to need it. blessings ~ Tanna

  4. Good luck with this issue. My previous kitty had been declawed when I adopted him. I had Sundae declawed immediately after getting her from the shelter. I hated myself afterward when I saw her discomfort. So I have no advice, but Stormy sure looks like a sweetie! We once had a kitty named Stormy.
    Maybe you could put aluminum foil on the chair for awhile. I've heard that will keep them from jumping up on counters and tables...?

  5. but she looks sooooo innocent... LOL i once bought spray to keep the dogs out of my flowers. it did NOT work. good luck

  6. I am laughing for I have a cat tree you can have.
    What did work for my one cat who has one returning claw from a bad declawing, is an S shaped thingy that lays on the floor from Walmart. She has torn that up and left my throw rugs alone.
    Good luck.

  7. Now that is funny! I hope you find a resolution you can both live with.

  8. We put cat pillows on our outside furniture that can be removed when we want to sit down. Face it.... cats rule! Throw covers might be the answer, but that would sure undo the look you were going for in your room.

    Have a great day!


  9. Cheryl when we had Country Cat, now passed on and our other 5 kitties and now Izzy the Ever So Busy Kitty, I have had great luck with a firm no, more like a screaming at the top of my lungs NO!!!! and redirecting to a scratcher with catnip applied to it. We have 3 scratchers, one flat and two kind of slanty and then the scratchers on her tower. I try to stick to sisal rather than carpeting or any fabric similar to anything in the house. She loves a corner on the couch-I redirect. And a place on my chair-redirect. I did just buy the S shaped thingie that Arkansas Patti mentioned and Iz loves it and has stopped scratching on my chair, I put the S shaped thingie next to where she was scratching. The redirecting is a lot of work but it works and when she scratches where she should she gets a small piece of chicken. She does not have the run of the house yet, she spends her time in the mudroom at night and when we are gone for over a couple of hours.

    Declawing is a personal decision. I have had one cat declawed waaaaay back and would most likely never do it again BUT if it meant declawing kept the kitty from going back to the shelter and not staying in the home I might, MIGHT think about it. Now for me, not using the litter box, that one is a deal breaker for me. But I guess I would find some way to work around it. I am wishing you all the luck in your endeavor to redirect Stormy to her own scratchers rather than your lovely new sofa and the recliner.

    That chair that your sweet Stormy is snoozing away on, our couch is that SAME material! Also I know this is becoming a novel but Miriam at her blog had her husband cut a piece of trunk firewood size, stuck it in a Christmas tree stand and she said she has had no scratching on her furniture with her cats. CH and I are going to put one of those on the porch. Of course the house is looking more like a cat house than a people house but what the heck! Now if someone could tell me what to do to slow down the insane frapping she does every morning I would be happy. I think she will outgrow that but it will be awhile. The END. Really!

  10. LOL That is really funny! You should send this picture to the company that makes the stuff! ;D

  11. Love your cat pics-funny! Have no advice as no indoor cats-good luck!

  12. Good Luck, Cheryl... Hope it works!!!! I remember that my cat, Snowball, almost ruined the sofa in our home (Mom's) by clawing on it...

    IF I had an indoor cat (who never went outside), I'd have it declawed... BUT--if they get outside, they've lost all of their protection.... It's a hard decision.

    Good Luck..

  13. Funny action shot of your sweet cat - wink! When we had a cat we declawed -- sad I know but it save us and not kids got hurt either..

  14. she is such a sweet cat...looks like stormy rules the roost!!!

    so many products say so much & do so little!!

  15. Yeah, it's going to take a lot more to impress this kitty! If these aren't photos of total indifference I don't know what would be. Funny!

  16. matron: I found yet another spray today and will give it a try. Then it's the foil next if that doesn't work!

    gld: you're right, the spray bottle of water does work as long as I'm around to see her. Why do cats have to be so stubborn? LOL

    Tanna: yep, I'm gonna need a whole lot of luck...and a whole lot of patience!

    Dianna: I'm not wanting to have her declawed unless it's a have to case. I've heard how painful it is. Will try the foil if the sprays and scratching post fails.

    Sandra: looks are deceiving, aren't they? LOL

    AR Patti: I bought the S thingy today along with another kind of spray. So far, she is ignoring it. The brat.

    Vee: thanks!

    Jill: it's funny until I see threads hanging. Maybe we should have gotten a dog! LOL

    Deanna: I've thought about throw covers, too. But that's a last resort. That or shoving her out the door. And hubby would probably make me move out first. Ha!

    Pix: Hi! You gave me a great idea. I'm going to have Hubby cut a piece of wood to fit into a stand if all the other things I'm trying out should fail. Thanks! I bought the S thing today, so far she's not gone near it. When we leave the house, we put her downstairs where she can't ruin much.

    Julie: that's a good idea!

    Bev J: you sure you don't want to get a cat so you don't miss out on all this fun? Ha!

    Betsy: I've thought a lot about the declawing and I don't have the heart to put her through that. Unless she ruins my new sofa, then I might consider it. Or she'll just have to live downstairs.

    Kristeen: do you remember how long it took your kitty to heal up from the declawing?

    Debbie: it would be nice if these products would actually do what they claim once in a while!

  17. Deb: that's my Stormy...totally indifferent to the havoc she's wreaking!

  18. I know it's not funny, but I can't help laughing. Between your photos and commentary, you have me chuckling away over here.
    I've never had a cat myself, but my sister-in-law was having a lot of trouble with her cat scratching. She bought a scratching post and it worked for her. Hope you figure out something that works for you.

  19. Happy@Home: Kim, it's okay to laugh! I have to laugh too, or I'd probably cry like a little girl. Ha! These pets sure can be a lot of work.

  20. Haha!
    I'm glad that product is working for ya!


  21. Hi Cheryl....Your pictures and post gave me a big ol' smile...Cats, they kinda do what they want to do and this one seems to want to sleep where you don't want it to....Lots of luck....
    Great Blessings..

  22. Way sweet picture and I am glad you found a product that helps.
    Have a good trip.
    Blessings to you!
    Google comment is not doing well today.

  23. Leontien: yeah, me too! Ha!

    Shug: this kitty definitely has a mind of her own! We love her anyway. :)

    LeAnn: thanks for stopping by. I've had problems with commenting lately, too.