Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday memories

On a little drive in the country this weekend, we found this old iron bridge and it brought back memories of years ago when I was riding the school bus.  There was an old iron truss bridge on a gravel road that was part of our bus route.  One of the stops along the route after school had the bus passing by this gravel road and on up the blacktop a couple of miles.  Then the bus turned around to head back and turn down the gravel road.  Often times, when the weather was nice, the bus driver would let remaining riders get off the bus at the gravel road where we would walk to the bridge and cross it to await the bus.  It gave us a chance to stretch our legs and in those days the bus driver knew he could trust us to behave ourselves.  At that time, our bus driver was an older man we were all a little afraid of and we didn't dare do anything to get in trouble.  Can you imagine this being allowed today?  No, I can't either.  

The narrow bridges have wood plank floors and this particular one looked kind of rickety to me.  You could see the creek between the spaces in the boards.  This bridge is on a gravel road that isn't traveled very much, but still in use today.  It is one of the last bridges of it's kind in our area.  The old bridge that I remember our school bus crossing is long gone now, replaced by a new and modern bridge.

Back in the day, I can remember crossing the old iron bridge when the roads were icy and that always scared me silly.  My imagination could just see that school bus sliding over through the railings into the creek far below.  

View from the bridge.

Well, maybe it wasn't that far below to the creek.  But it wouldn't have been a very good landing for any of us should that ever have happened.  Thankfully, it never did.

Speaking of school, I noticed in the big stores this weekend that school supplies are out.  So are faux pumpkins and fall decor.  Didn't summer just begin?   

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  1. Love the iron bridge...and your childhood story. I love to come across a piece of 'history' like that..brings back a lot of memories.

    Fall decor is out? I LOVE fall! I need to go shopping! :-) Our summer items/clothing are on sale now too!

  2. I remember bridges like that also. Another thing that is almost gone is the well behaved kids on a bus. In my day, if you misbehaved, you didn't ride.
    They really rush the seasons don't they? Wonder when we will see Christmas stuff this year.

  3. This bridge is so beautiful and I love the story about your bus rides... No, that would never happen today. Sadly. We have lost some things forever.

    They have the CHRISTMAS decorations out at Hobby Lobby!! Please, people, let us get through the summer first!


    Thank you for the beautiful photos and fun memory.
    blessings ~ tanna

  4. Beautiful shot...reminds me of a place my husband and I used to go on Sunday afternoons with friends to picnic and wade.

  5. We used to drive over an iron bridge going to school too.
    Our county has now replaced all those old bridges...and no gravel roads in our country anymore either!
    We have become a citified county.

  6. a beautiful spot, and i remember spots like this in several places when growing up, including a railroad bridge similar to this one. the road to the beach here in Bradenton, when I was a child, looked just like the bridge but much longer and it had no railings. when we drove over it I was terrified. also the middle of it could be turned sideways to let sailboats through and once my uncle was on that part and it turned with him on it. your story today brought back a lot of memories

  7. Do you suppose that the bus driver had the same fear that you did? Those bus rides of old were so long. How nice to have a kindly driver who understood that.

  8. Hi Cheryl, I love old country roads like that ---and old bridges. You are right --there aren't many of them around anymore... Great set of pictures...

    Ha --on the school supplies and Fall clothes and colors... SOON--they'll have Christmas stuff out!!!! ha

  9. Cheryl, it's been a long while since I visited you! Lovely pictures of the old iron bridge! I know what you mean....too early for those fall decorations!

  10. Hi Cheryl. I love old bridges like that. What wonderful memories! No, I cannot imagine any bus driver being brave enough to let children get off at any point - much less on a bridge - these days.

    I had to laugh about the mention of school supplies. Dakota went to WalMart with me and first thing we saw was school supplies. He threw his hands over his eyes and said "Oh no, I can't look...."

    Have a wonderful week!


  11. Hobby Lobby is already putting out Christmas stuff. This includes ornaments, not just craft items! I think they start earlier every year.
    I really enjoyed your post today about the country bridges. I remember them well.

  12. I love the shot of the old bridge too. We still have a one lane bridge nearby...& it isn't that old! A few years ago, the county rebuilt the bridge & kept it one lane. Big mistake as it gets a lot of traffic. And I hate it when the stores start their fall & Christmas displays so early.

  13. What a picturesque old bridge! And the pictures come to life when you retell your story of riding the bus and crossing a similar bridge on foot.

  14. Loved reading about your school bus rides. You're right that things are really different these days. We even had boys who were in the senior class driving our buses! That certainly wouldn't happen in today's world!

  15. country roads & old just doesn't get any better.

    lovely pictures!!!

  16. I just saw Halloween in our Dollar Store-isn't that crazy.
    We drove these old bridges in rural MO where I went to school.
    Oh yes, things have definitely changed! I had a friend who drove a bus and the things the kids do on buses now...
    Well, we'll leave it at that!!

  17. Loved your sharing about the bridge and all it meant to you as a kid..wonderful old bridges. We are just now getting summer to Fall already!!!!

  18. Loving those photos and how green everything is -- missing green.. I have a few photos of this old bridges and I really like this one.. I too remember crossing over such bridges and thinking nothing about driving on them but I would today - indeed! huges

  19. Oh I do love your photos. The bridge story brings me back to my childhood also. Sometimes it scared the wits out of me. That is a beautiful spot though. B