Saturday, July 16, 2011

Update on Hubby

GOOD NEWS!  Hubby was released at 11 am today and now home and doing well.  The doctor said that he was pleased with the way things were going.  The ultrasound showed a little damage to the lower part of his heart but nothing serious and called it a mild to medium attack, but said that with proper diet and exercise and no smoking he should do fine.  He is also on a blood thinner for at least a year, cholesterol, a baby aspirin and blood pressure medicine and another drug for the heart.  Quitting smoking will be the hardest thing for him to do.  My hubby has been a heavy smoker for a long time.  I'll not talk about the discussions we've had about it prior to this.  :D   That and his not going to the doctor for regular checkups because he thought he was healthy.  The doctor also said that hubby has severe sleep apnea which can be very hard on the heart and needs to be dealt with, too.

My son and daughter are here and we are all happy to have the "big guy" back home.  He will be off work for 2 weeks and then on light duty at work 2 weeks before resuming his normal working routine. 

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your prayers and well wishes.  Thanks for the sweet comments and emails. You all are just the best and I love each one of you!
Hugs, Cheryl


  1. Cheryl, absolutely the most bestest news on this Saturday. I am happy he is home, I am happy your son and daughter are there with the two of you so that you can all sit and grin big old grins that he got a good report :) I am grinning right now! Thank you so much for the update, I know the puter is the last thing you wanted to mess with right now but it is so nice to hear your wonderful news. All of you take care and enjoy the day!

  2. Praise the Lord! Such wonderful news, Cheryl! Thank you so much for the update. blessings ~ tanna

  3. Amazing! God is so good. Lots of people have given up smoking and so I know that it can be done. John was a heavy smoker for years, but just laid them down one day and that was it. I'm sure that God will help your hubby with that hurdle as well. Many continued blessings...

  4. Praise God, Cheryl... Thanks for the update.. I've had you on my mind....

    He can quit smoking if he puts his mind to it. My Daddy smoked for 50 yrs. and finally stopped when he started having health problems.

    Hopefully your hubby now will listen to the doctors and take better care of himself. Men are so funny about things like that...

    God is GOOD... I'm so happy for him ---and you and the family.


  5. Thanks for the up-date and so glad to hear the good report.

  6. Yay..such good news! Prayers are answered. Yes, I hope he can quit that habit is a killer for sure.

  7. It is so good to hear that he is home and hopefully will abide by the instructions given. Don't forget to take care of yourself also. Have a great two weeks with him at home. I have never smoked but I'm sure it will be hard but I'm sure if he has the want, he'll find the will. Have a great day.

  8. Great news! So glad to read he is home and on the mend. The sleep apnea caught my attention: I use a cpap machine and have for the past nine years. I can't sleep without it...even a nap. I use it all night, every night, and have missed only three nights since I started with it (emergency out of town flight for which I couldn't return home to get the machine). I didn't even know I wasn't feeling well before I began using it. Energy, stamina, general interest in life!!! All as a result of dealing with the sleep apnea issue. Encourage him to do what the docs say and then USE the machine if they put him on one. It has been great fro me!

  9. Have held you all in my thoughts over the last few days praying for the very best of outcomes.

    Love n hugs


  10. i somehow missed thursday's entry, i just read it now.

    let this be a gentle tap on the shoulder for the "big guy", reminding him how precious life is, how important it is to take care of yourself.

    so happy your home now, able to rest and take good care!! xo

  11. I am so glad to hear the good report on your hubby! Heart problems are nothing to mess around with. My dad had to deal with it. Hope he behaves for you as you take care of him in thenext few days! ;)

  12. So glad to hear the good news about your DH. What an answer to prayer.
    Now we'll pray for the strentgh to quit smoking-I'm sure it would be hard after many years.
    One day at a time!

  13. I am so happy and.. prayers do work! The quitting smoking will be hard and I will continue to pray that you both have the strength. At this late hour of the night... errrr morning... I say thanks and that you have made my day!


  14. Cheryl, I've been away from my computer for a couple of days, so I missed your post about your hubby's heart attack. How scary for you! I'm so glad that you have family there with you, that you realized the need to get help so quickly, and that your hubby is okay.
    I'm also hoping that he will realize how important it is that he stop smoking!
    Take care of YOU too!

  15. I took 2 days off the computer and missed your post about your hubby. i read the one below and am so happy for you he is home safe now. i went through open heart surgery for my hubby in oct 08, it was totally freaking scary, but he has been fine since then. he had stints put in 2002 and then the surgery. he is on the same drugs and it is good he found it before something worse happens. the drugs work good, so he will be fine now. hope all is well today

  16. So glad to hear that hubby is now back home. I wish him good luck with being able to quit smoking. I work with a guy who had a heart attack a few years ago. That was enough for him to put down the cigarettes for good. He has been doing fine ever since.

  17. Wonderful news that hubby is home. Phew. Now he has to do what we all eventually have to do if we want to continue and that is adopt a healthier life style. Not easy but doable. I feel for him and the smoking. I gave up drinking much more easily than smoking but it can be done.
    Have a doctor work with him on making it as easy as possible.
    It is no longer a choice.

  18. Cheryl, I'm so sorry I missed your earlier post. Bless both of you. Glad he's back on the road to recovery. I know it won't be easy to kick the habit.. but it's very doable. -Tammy

  19. Hi Cheryl,
    I am so happy that your dh is doing well, i will be praying for continued health, and for him to be able to quit smoking with much ease. I can only imagine the scare you all had.

    I haven't been online due to work ,and missed your last post.
    Thank you for coming by and for taking the time to comment. I hope to be back blogging regularly soon, it has been one busy season.

  20. Hello everyone, we have had a good weekend. Hubby is doing very well, just getting a little restless now and then. That, I think, is due to trying to give up the cigarettes which is very hard for him. He has had a few, but is cutting down. That's a start! Thanks, everyone, again for the prayers.

  21. Wow, I am so happy that he is ok. I hadn't read the post about him. My husband had a heart attack when he was 45 years old. It was such a scare. He later had a double by-pass and has been doing well since. He is now 65 years old. I will pray that you husband can quit smoking that is a big one for sure. I had a father that smoked for years but he made up his mind and just quit cold turkey and never turned back.

    Blessings to you both!

  22. Oh Cheryl...I am so sorry. I have been so behind on all my reading and I did not know about your husband. thank the Lord that all is better now.

    My hubby is having a sleep study done tonight. He didn't want to, but the dr. was quite insistant on it.

    again, I am so sorry that I am just now reading. Thinking and praying for him and your family.


  23. Hi Cheryl!

    I've been so busy the last few weeks, but I am so glad I checked your blog tonight!! Blessings and more blessings to you and your sweet husband! It's late, but I just felt like I needed to let you know that I will be thinking of you and keeping you and your husband in my prayers.

    When my husband quit smoking, he did it cold turkey - he says it is the only way, and he tried every way! Lots of sunflower seeds and sugarless hard candy!

    You are a strong, courageous woman . . . I know that you are being watched over and protected by unseen angels!

    Blessings and big hugs,

  24. Cheryl nice to hear your Hubby is doing well and that you had a nice weekend. Restless is good, don't you think? It means he is feeling good enough to get moving on! My Mom struggled with cigarettes all her life. It is a tough one, but I bet he will kick them!

  25. Happy to hear your DH is doing well. My DH quit smoking, then did Skoal and quit that going on two years now. Chewing on a toothpick seemed to help him!

  26. miss you....hope all is well!!! xo

  27. just came into your blog I've missed out and here I read such news -- O may goodness -- have him get a hobby -- something to keep his hands busy -- prayers your way!

  28. I'm so glad!!! My mother had open heart surgery about three years ago and let me tell you that anything heart related is huge for the family and the patient.

    My son smokes. I wish he would stop.