Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The day after...


A few photos from last night.  The crescent moon, in the last quarter.  The row of 
street lights competing with the fireworks display.  And on the way inside the house, I stopped to snap a pic of a flower pot with the flash on.  

I was so aggravated with myself because I set up my tripod and got the settings on my camera where they were supposed to be.  Then proceeded to watch the fireworks more than pay attention to the camera and didn't realize until afterward that I'd forgotten to zoom in!   

I am proud to be an American and absolutely love my country.  I love all the red, white and blue decorations and seeing the flags flying everywhere.  I really like the big fireworks displays.  The fun, food and all that goes with celebrating America's birthday...wonderful!  But I have to confess...I'm glad the firecrackers will be silenced soon.  Does anyone else feel this way? 

This is going to be a busy day so I better get going.  Hope all of you had a wonderful 4th!

Until next time...


  1. Beautiful shots, especially of the moon!! I have to confess, after seeing the fireworks display I am ready for all the noise to stop. LOL! Have a great week! tanna

  2. I fell asleep to the sound of firecrackers...I was tired. Oh no, I understand how you feel about the zoom...I tried so hard to capture the ospreys yesterday on zoom...not always possible.

    Your mosaic captured the 4th of July 2011 so very well!

  3. Wonderful shot of the moon. I so wanted to take a picture of it last night but with a point and shoot..lets just say I'm glad you did. It is wonderful!

  4. Glad you had a great holiday, Cheryl. We did also---but like everyone else, there's alot to do today!!!! Life goes on. Have a good one!!!

  5. oops on the tripod, i do things like that a lot. thanks for stopping by my post yesterday.

  6. I love the sparkles and flares but totally hate those big bang firecrackers.
    Really nice moon shot.

  7. Hi Cheryl. Nice pictures. That moon shot is especially impressive. I'd be aggravated with myself too - but then what good does that do!?!

    I must be an old funny duddy. Fire works do nothing for me and I am very tired of the booming all around me. Since we live in the country, there is no ban on them and even though we have no close neighbors, it seems the noise just bounces off the trees!

    Have a great week.


  8. I'm so impressed with your nighttime shots. I really need to learn how to use my camera!
    We only had fireworks one night around here - on July 3. Most of them were cancelled last night because of the storms.

  9. Honestly...I was having problems last evening trying to concentrate on the fireworks...Our weather to the West was looking pretty strange and it made me a little nervous...So, with that being said, I was wishing for them to get over quickly last night...
    Have a wonderful evening...

  10. The shots look great to me. Especially since I didn't see any fireworks this year!
    I'm enjoying your post so much.
    Please drop by visit me sometime when you have the time!

  11. Ahh, too bad about the zoom. Glad you had a good 4th though. I love our country too, none other would I choose thats for sure! :D

  12. Tanna: I guess the neighbors got a good deal on fireworks today because they were at it again tonight!

    Vee: getting just the right shot is hard enough without my being forgetful! Ha!

    Jill: thanks! I thought I'd get something out of the night, since my fireworks photos bombed. LOL.

    Betsy: hope you and George had a nice 4th. It's back to work on projects this week. When's the next holiday? Ha.

    Sandra: thanks for your nice comment and for visiting!

    Ar Patti: thanks! I hate the big booms, too. And the firecrackers!

    Deanna: we live just inside the city limits and there's supposed to be no fireworks but they don't enforce it. Darn it.

    Dianna: hope it didn't storm too bad on the 4th where you are!

    Shug: I hope Texas got some needed rain out of that strange sky you saw.

    C and C Living: thanks for stopping by and for your nice comment! I am happy to have you as a new follower. Nice to meet you!

    Julie: I agree, there's no place like the good ole USA. I thank God for our country every day.

  13. Happy 4th of July and all week long!
    crescent moon could not see it because of the clouds..grr