Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday lunch and a storm

Instead of my usual Friday housecleaning, I got out of the house and went to lunch with my aunt and a cousin.  My aunt is a wonderful lady 84 years young  who is and has been a special person in my life.  She was my mother's only sibling.  Aunt B is that kind of person who has never met a stranger in her life!  She has a wonderful personality and in spite of many health issues in recent years, she keeps on going and going.  She was going to work at the library after we had lunch today.  She helps others with genealogy.  Aunt B has been very interested in our family history for several years now and I think you could say that is her main passion...genealogy...besides her family, of course.

That is my aunt B on the right and cousin on the left and they gave me permission to post their picture.  

We had the delicious lunch special which was a grilled chicken salad...can't think of the name...good conversation with Aunt B talking about family history and she gave Cousin and I some pictures she had copied.  Aunt B works very hard gathering and sharing information but she has a ball doing it!  

The rest of the evening plans were canceled due to the storm that blew through here.  Hubby is still out working, some rural electric lines were down.  And that gives me time to get a post up and visit blogs.  

This is the storm cloud that formed near Columbia, part of the storm we experienced.  This was sent to my daughter by a friend of hers.  I'm not sure who took it so I can't give credit.  Fantastic shot, isn't it?  I think this is called a shelf cloud.  Here's hoping the storms end soon here in Mid-Mo and don't create too much havoc.  

Until next time...


  1. What an awesome picture of the clouds.

  2. Aunt B sounds like a wonderful lady.

    I'm pretty sure we were wasting time away in Sam's Club in Columbia when that storm blew through. I saw one lightning strike through the doors of Sam's that I would have sworn hit somewhere!

    Great picture.


  3. Wish that I had an aunt into genealogy. Then I could be spared the troubles, which I really do not enjoy. (I was given a gift to one of the genealogical sites and it kept me quite busy, but every time I went to find more information, that particular thing was not included in the fee. I can tell that it could get quite expensive. I joked that John's family goes all the way back to Eden, but mine must have crawled out from under a rock for what little information I found.)

    Looks like a wonderful lunch out...great atmosphere and your aunt and cousin are lovely ladies.

  4. Hello Farmers Daughter, this is Mid MO life RN Beverly. Love the photo of the cloud. Very impressive. We live not far apart as I work in Jeff City. I do take the Billing and Coding class online from the AAPC. I would be happy to hook you up with information if you like. It is a very reasonable class. Email me if you want more information. Bev