Sunday, July 18, 2010

To be or not to be…organized

organized Maxine

Do you consider yourself to be very organized?  I’m not, to be honest.  I wish I were.  LIfe would be so much simpler…I guess.  At least in some areas!

I was looking at some old photos the other night and I ran across an old letter that my aunt wrote to me which included a story about my great great grandfather.  I should have filed this letter away, but didn’t.  It was sandwiched between some old photo packets and I’m surprised it hadn’t disappeared.  That story may have been lost forever! 

So I have resolved to get try to be more organized.  To have everything in it’s place and a place for everything…as they say.  I used to be organized, but the last few years I’ve slacked off.  No more!!  I have a really bad habit of putting things away and thinking I’ll remember where I put it…but I don’t.  This happen to you?  So, I’ll just buy a notebook and make notes.  If only I don’t hide the notebook from myself, I’ll be okay.

Here’s to a more organized life! 

~A note…I haven’t decided on fonts and I have other changes in store for the blog when I find time.  Bear with me, please, as I experiment.  Thank you! 

Until next time….


  1. Thank you so much for stopping by and wishing me well after my surgery - we can all use all the hugs we can get! I'm feeling so much better, it's such an easy surgery, very little complication . . . on to the rest of my summer!

    When you figure out the organization thing, please let me know! I try, and try, and try - but never quite get there, you know what I mean? I guess we just need to keep making strides . . . and to-do-list!


  2. Hi Barb, I'm so happy to hear that you are doing well...wonderful news! Will look forward to seeing you posting at your blog again, we've missed you! ((hugs))

    Take care,

  3. I want to be organized! I'm not, enough.

    I want to only have things which I/we love or use, in our home. We have more than that.

    -le sigh-

  4. Yes, A.A.! That is what I'm going to strive for...just to have things I really love and used. I keep stuff that I haven't used in years. Why? Don't know, but it's time to be brave and toss it out or give away. It'll be liberating. I'll let you know if this actually gets done...:)

  5. Hey, Cheryl - thanks for stopping by for a visit! Organization? Not me!!! I'm in the same boat as you! I have so many things in "safe" places, it's a surprise when I run across something I was looking for!

    I know I'm going to enjoy your blog, too. We're both country girls! I'll be back to do some more reading & you're followed by me, now! Vickie