Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer afternoons

          Summer afternoon—summer afternoon;   to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.
                    ~Henry James     
I think those words are beautiful too, and I’d have to say that two words I really like to hear in summer are….iced tea and ice cream!! :) Love my tall glass filled with ice cubes cooling off my tea.  Unfortunately, my ice maker has decided to be contrary and is no longer doing it’s job of making ice cubes!  Major bummer.  As for ice cream, we had a yummy Dairy Queen ice cream cake during the 4th of July weekend to celebrate my son’s birthday in late June.  That should be enough for a while!  I love homemade ice cream, but haven’t made any yet this year.  

It has certainly been busy at our house so far this summer.  I know that is true for most this time of year.  As they say, there are things to do and people to see.  We had a wonderful holiday weekend and have been busy every day since.  I have a lot of catching up to do in blogland.  Also a lot of catching up to do house-wise.  I have let a few things slide…think I’ll pull a “Scarlett” and think about it tomorrow!
I haven’t forgotten about blogging; in fact, when I’m at work I often think of things I want to blog about and photos of days gone by to share.  I originally thought my blog would be a sort of journal and I’d just jot down memories that my children might enjoy and have when my memories of those times some day fade.  And maybe intersperse those memories with what’s going on in our lives right now.  But, that all takes a lot more time than I have some weeksOh well…I do the best I can!  

I’m not gettin’ any younger, so I probably will be “retiring” again soon.  I say again, because I retired once or twice before and decided to go back to work.  I enjoy getting out and working, I enjoy the extra money it brings in, and there are lots of wonderful people I’ve met that I’d never otherwise known at each job I’ve worked at.  I really am not taking this not gettin’ any younger thing (read…getting OLD) very well!  I’d love to be able to keep working for several years, but the ole body is wearing out and I’m getting tired.  Major bummer!!  So, I’ve been pondering lately just when will I give it up and what will I do then?  Isn’t it a wonderful thing that blogging has come along to keep us older kids busy?  And it is so much fun!!  

Okay, enough of my ramblings, here’s a photo I took one summer afternoon…last week…when I just happened to glance out the window and noticed the sun was shining after a sudden hard rain…then I saw the beautiful rainbow.  I grabbed my camera and hurried out to get a pic.   It was already fading a bit, but I still was able to capture a fairly good bit of it

Rainbow 7.10 002

Until next time…


  1. As you may have heard.........once you will wonder how you found the time to work. :0)
    I'm beginning to think that my day has less hours in it now.
    Just a suspicion. ;0)

  2. I like Scarlett's advice as well. Think about it tomorrow. LOL! I LOVE the Dairy Queen ice cream cake you mentioned. Have you tried the new pecan pie blizzard? I need to investigate and try one myself. Here it is.....wee hours in the morning and I have ice cream and Dairy Queen on my mind. HA! Have a good week! A

  3. are so right! That's why I've "retired" twice and went back to work! :) Too many demands on my time and I'm getting selfish in my old age! (And it's hard to say no, but I'm learning.)

    Thanks for stopping by. Take care.