Friday, July 2, 2010

Of shoes, pedicures and stuff

My work week is Monday through Wednesday, but before I left the building Wednesday night at 11:30 p.m.  this is what I looked and felt like:

cartoon by John Wagner (Hallmark)

We are short staffed and had a deadline by midnight on the last day of the month., so we worked our tails off all week...all month, actually.  Then I've had a sore back for a couple of weeks, which made sitting still for 8 hours difficult.  I think I had a rib out of place or maybe it was a pulled muscle.  Anyway, it is feeling better today after I rested a bit yesterday.  Hooray!

I've been thinking about shoes lately.  I need want another pair of summer shoes that are not sandals, but can't find just what I want.  Why don't they make the slip on style (some call them clogs or mules) in summery white...all I find around here are either black or brown.  Similar to this style:

This is a shoe that I bought last summer and really like.  It is a Clark and very comfortable.  I don't wear open toes very often as I can't hate to polish my toes and when said toes don't look too spiffy, it's just easier to slip on something like this, right?  Anyway, speaking of pedicures...(were we?)

I got a pedicure the day before we went to Branson a couple of weeks ago.  It's still looking good on the left foot.  The right foot...not so much.   By the way, when I do wear sandals, these are sooo comfortable!  I found them at Shoe Carnival.

That was a day I'll not forget too soon.  First of all, I had an appointment for a Dexa scan (bone scan) and the appointment for the pedicure was after that.  Well, silly me didn't think and wore the closed toe shoes (since my toes weren't looking spiffy yet) and you know when you get a pedicure that you can't have any thing on your toes for hours.   I had a relaxing and enjoyable time getting the feet taken care of, but when it came time to finish up the girl asked me where my flip flops were.  Uhhh, at home?  So she got out these slippery plastic makeshift flipflops that were slightly heavier than Cling Wrap and put them on my feet and I slip-slid over to the dryer and stood for what seemed to be an hour and by then was getting a little cranky and asked could I please go now?  I needed to do a little bit of shopping before I go home.  Okay, then.  I slip-slid over to the door and decided there was no way those make-shift shoes would hold up or better yet would I be able to stand up until I got to my car and into Old Navy where I would buy some cheap flipflops.  Besides, it was so hot that day that my feet would have burned on the walk to my car were I able to walk at all in the things.  And I certainly didn't want to break an ankle again...see scar in first shoe photo, and there's another scar on other side.

As luck would have it...they had one pair left of sturdy flipflops for sale in my size at the salon.  A nice Hot Pink color that went well with my Red shirt.  Not.  So, off  I went.  I schlepped out to the car with these Hot Pink numbers already hurting my toes, grumbling all the way.  If anyone was watching they probably would have called 911 about the crazy woman talking to herself looking on the verge of hysterics.  But, I didn't see anyone...they were too smart to be out in the heat.  

I got to the car and opened the door and it was sooo hot inside that I wished I had brought a roast along to cook so I would have a head start on supper.  Then the cell phone rang and it was Hubby telling me that the doctor's office (from a previous appt the week before) called and I was to call them back.   Well, that was my second scare...the first being afraid of falling and breaking a bone, since I hadn't heard yet how dense my bones are from the Dexa scan.   Don't you just hate to get those calls?  The doctor's nurse wanted to tell me that the test came back negative. Negative?!   My poor heat-addled brain at first just registered that Negative was not a good word until I realized that in the medical profession it was.  My heart stopped racing and the sweating subsided slightly after that good news. 

Meanwhile, the a/c was doing it's thing and it was beginning to feel slightly less like an oven in the car so I headed over to Old Navy for some neutral colored flipflops at 2.50 a pair.  That was my bargain of the day. The flipflops I really like, and are the most comfortable to me, are the leather ones like those Bass shoes that have been around for many, many years.   What are your favorite shoes for summer?  When we have to wear shoes, that is! 

The weather has cooled off a bit lately and not near the 100 mark as it was that week.  I did get some things accomplished yesterday even tho I still have to clean house and get groceries.  I got several loads of laundry done and went outside and dead-headed all the flowers.  Still need to sweep the patio, but I'll wait until this evening after Hub gets the lawn mowed and trimming done.   I also spent some time looking at recipes trying to decide on menus for the holiday weekend and making out my grocery list.   What about you?  Are you going to have BBQ and fireworks this weekend?  What yummy things will you be making?  
Edited to add:  My wall color in the kitchen is really much like the second pic or the background red I'm using this week...not at all like the orangey red in the first pic! 

Until next time...

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  1. Oh my, this is the second pedicure-horror-story I've read! Me thinks I'll continue with my pedicure-less-life. ,-)

    Happy 4th of July!!!