Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Fever

I have spring fever!  It's time to do some spring cleaning and rearranging things for a fresh new look.  This blog is no exception.  So if you've stopped by and thought you've gone to the wrong place, I've been trying out new backgrounds and headers.  This header will probably not stay long.  I really haven't found a background that suits me yet, either.  

We had a nice weekend.  We just had a simple lunch and then we went to Columbia to visit my husband's father in the nursing home.  We took him a chocolate bunny and a pretty pot of cheerful yellow tulips to brighten his room.  This was our table setting for lunch:

Well, it was a good weekend until the storms blew through.  We have had a lot of rain and there has been some damage in the area causing power outages.  Which means work for my lineman husband.  He was called to work at 10 pm and hasn't returned home yet as I write this (noon).  Well, this is something I've gotten used to over the 30 plus years that he has worked for the rural electric cooperative.  One Thanksgiving week years ago, I was out shopping for groceries for Thanksgiving dinner and when I got home I found  my husband's note that he had packed his suitcase and was headed to the southern part of the state to work an ice storm.  Those were the days before we had cell phones.  He was gone several days and missed having Thanksgiving with us.  

I'm not working today, I took the day off and so far have been very lazy.  I've  pretty much just played with the blog so far and it's time to move on to a new project.  Not sure if I want to tackle anything too strenuous today.  Hope the rains are over, my spring fever is calling me to get out and go shopping.  And enjoy the spring colors busting out all over...I love spring!  

Hope you had a nice Easter weekend and that you escaped the storms we've had. 

Until next time...


  1. Cheryl...Thanks for the comments. I'm so sorry that you lost your Mom so long ago. I cannot imagine. But I've found that God fills in those holes in our lives with little ones and life goes on. I have six wonderful grandchildren & we often comment about what Grandma Brown would think of them.

    We are having a beautiful Spring here in Hoosier land. I was going to clean out some flower beds but it's 84 degrees & I decided it was too hot! Unusual for early April.

    Enjoy your day off! Sometimes we just need a day for ourselves.

    Just curious...but do you actually live in or near Hallsville? Not sure where I got that idea. We lived in a little white house just across the driveway from the high school but moved to Kansas City area when I was 17. My Dad was employed by Panhandle Eastern Pipeline & transferred to the K.C. office.

  2. Hi Sheila, glad you stopped by. In answer to your question about Hallsville, I don't live there. We live more to the west of Columbia.

    I did enjoy my day off, went to a flea market this afternoon and ran a couple of errands.

    How did you like living in KC compared to Hallsville? Quite a change, I'd imagine. I grew up on a farm and have lived in small towns all my life. I visit big cities, my son lived in KC for several years and is now in San Antonio, my daughter once lived in Wichita, but Hub and I still prefer the quieter life. Once he retires, I'd like to move somewhere else but not a large city, hopefully. Frankly, the older I get the more I hate city traffic! It never used to bother me, darn it.

  3. Hi Cheryl!

    Thanks for stopping by today. It is a good day for a pot of soup and a good book! I sure hope the weather makes up it's mind . . . winter . . . spring, which one will it be?!

    So glad you had a wonderful Easter - what a pretty Easter table you had! It's always fun to celebrate!

    It's good to know someone else has a husband who has had to work out of town - my husband is a pipefitter, and has always worked away from home for long stretches of time - it's hard! He's finally gotten to an age that he is more settled and does not work away so often - hooray!

    Have a wonderful day!