Thursday, April 15, 2010

Flowers and Trees


The lilac is one of my very favorite flowers.  The scent is heavenly.  This particular lilac bush (below) was a start from a bush we brought with us when we moved from our former home.  It was just a very small bush for years and I had almost given up hope that it would ever bloom, but after 20 years it finally has reached a good size and is blooming nicely this year.  Most lilacs have "shoots" that grow up around the base of the original bush and they are very easy to dig up and start...usually.  I'm not quite sure what took this particular one so long to get going.

My wish is that they would bloom all summer, as well as the beautiful redbud trees and other spring bloomers.


The tree just above is the same as the one before it, just taken in the light of the setting sun behind me. 


This large oak tree is in the "Back 6" as we like to call it.  Just to the right of it was another oak of the same size at one time.  During a severe storm, several years ago, that was so bad we had even gone to the basement, we were looking out the back window watching in amazement as the trees were nearly bent over and just happened to witness the wind take down one of the mighty oaks.  It was quite a sight and later on when the storm died down and we went to view the aftermath of the crash, we could see inside the enormous was hollow.
It's not funny really, but sometimes you just have to laugh...we seem to bring bad luck to oak trees.  At our previous home, we had a large oak that got some kind of borers in it and it died and had to be cut down.  The same thing happened here to another large oak we had between our house and the building we own next to it and it had to be cut down.  Then the storm took out one of the mighty oaks in our pasture!  What's going on?   

As you can see by the photos, the weather here this week has been wonderful.  Hope you are enjoying great spring weather where ever you are!

Until next time...


  1. Oh! Your pictures are beautiful! I too love Lilacs - they just take me back to summers of my youth and my grandmother's home, when I smell their wonderful fragrance! Your huge Oak trees are so pretty - you can see why they call them "mighty".

    What a beautiful place you live in!! A dear friend of mine just moved to Independence, Missouri. I got a sweet note from her today, telling me how much peace she was finding there - she loves it! I can see why.

    Have a wonderful evening.


  2. What a beautiful lilac bush! One thing I don't have...but want. My neighbor has one & gives it a "haircut" after it blooms each year & it seems to bloom better now. Warm here too but supposed to rain & cool down. Chance of frost Sunday morning!

  3. I love your thoughts and the lilac bush is one of my favorites. I have an awesome story about a lilac bush. I will enjoying following your blog.
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  4. I love lilac's too. I read your "about me" and I collect recipes too. I bought a note book to keep them all in. Thank you for visiting my blog! I'll follow your blog.

  5. I love lilacs too! And those pretty pink bud trees.

    Trouble is, lilacs now give both my husband and myself, allergies. -le sigh- Can't have them in the yard, or in the house. -repeat le sigh-

  6. Beautiful pictures! I love the smell of lilacs myself. Spring is in the air! Thanks for sharing.