Monday, April 19, 2010


Is there anything sweeter than a hug from a precious one?  Especially when you are feeling sick or maybe just plain ole weary?  The photo shows a hug of the feet by Stormy, our sweet kitten.  (Please excuse the unmade bed and dirty socks!)

This is day 5 for me trying to get rid of this nasty virus I've picked up.  Went to the doctor this morning and got a shot and some medicine.  I've had such a sore throat and non-stop coughing, some chills and of course the ever-present achiness and general miserable feeling that accompanies such ailments.  The nurse told me that this particular ailment is going around and is harder to get rid of than usual. 

I'm really in a dilemma because one of my dear friends is supposed to be here from Oregon this Thursday on her way to see relatives north of here.  We been friends since school days and I really want to see her, but hate for her to walk into this house of germs!  We were planning on her spending the night Thursday.   Of course, Thursday is a few days away, but the worst thing is that I haven't felt like sprucing up the house!

My daughter mixed up a concoction that she read about on the web last night.  I think she thought I was about to cough myself silly.  Anyway, the stuff had  apple cider vinegar, honey, ginger and cayenne pepper in it!  It worked for maybe 10-15 minutes.  I told her that the reason it worked for that time is because it paralyzes your throat and you can't cough!  I did appreciate her trying to help, tho.  

Well, 'nuf said about that.  Just wanted to check in and share the sweet photo of Stormy.  Hopefully, things will get back to normal here soon.

I hope your week is off to a great start!

Until next time...


  1. So sorry to hear that you are sick :O( It is a nasty virus - my daughter and her family had it and they all ended up at the doctor. We used to take an onion, cut it up and cover it with honey. After it had set for a few hours we would take a tablespoon of the honey for a cough - it worked pretty good!

    Your kitten is so cute - I love hugs, from little arms to little paws, they are all precious!

    Get well soon.


  2. Oh no! There's a Spring Virus going around now. No fair! Those nasties are supposed to go away, when Winter did.

    So sorrrrry you are still feeling poorly. Please take lots of self TLC though. With or without anyone coming by....

  3. Sorry the bug bit you. I just found you through Missouri Gal. I am a Missouri blogger from Warsaw.
    I will be back to visit again

  4. Thank you all for the kind comments, I hope the meds I got today will knock this bug out of my system soon. I can only sit at the computer for little bits at a time. And, of course, going to work is out of the question.

    Welcome, Katie! I'm looking forward to checking out your blog when I'm feeling better.