Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Girl's day out

As I write this, it still is Monday night to me but in reality it's Tuesday.  Anyway, when I refer to yesterday...I'm thinking of Sunday.   Did I lose you yet?  

My daughter and I had a girl's day out yesterday.  We ended up going to Columbia and did a bit of shopping and then we ate at the Red Lobster.  I wanted to go to the Olive Garden, but it was much too busy.  The Red Lobster was very good, tho.  Here's a photo of what I ordered:  
We really enjoyed our meal.  My seafood platter was scrumptious.  I love the bread they bring out.  There is a copykat recipe and I remember trying it once, but it didn't taste nearly as good.  

The weather here is still just wonderful.  Very warm for spring, too, I wanted to turn on the a/c today but just turned on a fan instead.  

I really didn't want to go to work this afternoon.  I work from  3-11:30.  They are asking us to work extra days because we are behind.  Not what I wanted to hear.  
Have you seen the movie "Blindside" yet?  We watched it last night, it was very good.  I think Sandra Bullock is even prettier with blond hair and Tim McGraw looks very different with hair! 

Sunday was a very good day and hearing that Phil Mickelson won the Masters made it all the better.  Yay for Phil.  I'm not a golfer (unless miniature golf counts...LOL), but I enjoy watching golf sometimes.  My son golfs and when he comes home and has his golf clubs with him, he will hit some practice shots from the house out into the pasture.  I'll try a few swings, but I can barely get the ball off the tee.  It's quite funny, really.  I think I'll stick with miniature golf!  

Hope you are enjoying some wonderful spring weather, too!

Until next time...


  1. I love girl's day out! We are having one today, in fact! I go with my mother and one sister and we take turns buying lunch. It is my mother's turn today, and she wants to go to Red Lobster! Your lunch looked scrumptious! I love making memories.

    I have not seen the Blindside, yet, but I hear it's wonderful!! Kudos!! for Phil, I'm so glad he won the Masters!!

    Enjoy your warm weather - it's cold ~again~ here, but soon it will be warm!


  2. Glad you had a great day out! :-)

    But oh dear, you have tried to make comments on my blog, and not seen them Publish? You do know that I have Comment Moderation setting on, don't you? Which means that all comments have to wait, 'till I read them on my Dashboard, and OK/Publish them.

    That way, I don't let any SPAM or etc. get into my blog comments. And also, that way, I do not have to make people do the *dreaded* Word Verification step, in order to comment in my blog. I so dissssssssslike doing Word Verification myself. Don't want to make anyone do it.

    No need for anyone to do Word Verification, when I do Comment Verification myself, before comments Publish. Win, win, it seems to me.

    So, when you comment in my blog, your comment will not show up immediately. Just because I'm not on line all the time, and can't read/Publish all comments, as they are made. I hope you will understand how this works. I'd not want you to think I didn't want to have your comments, on my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wonder if I should do another blog entry, about this???????

  3. Oh and you said you are playing around with your blog look. It's very simple at the moment... Nice white background and a pretty picture, in your Header. I like it.

    Often, it seems that people pick such bussssssy blog backgrounds, that it makes reading their blog, kind of confusing. I like simple myself. So naturally, I like the clean simplicity of your present blog look.

    But we each blog as pleases us. You certainly don't have to keep it plain white, for me.