Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Weekend and Happy June!

We went to the cemeteries over the weekend to decorate the graves of our loved ones.  The maple tree above was one my dad had planted after my mother was buried in this cemetery nearly 40 years ago.  I remember how small the tree was when it was first planted. 

Our son had just gotten back Friday night from a week's work in California, so he didn't get a very early start home on Saturday.  A big storm was just ahead of him and he followed it out of KC most of the way home.  I was on the computer watching radar and weather warnings.  He had to pull off at 3 different exits to wait until the weather lightened up before going further.  

We got some rain and a little wind here, but nothing like other parts of the state had.  A flash flood in Branson caused the deaths of 2 people and 1 was missing.  I've never heard if they were found.  So tragic.  They were visiting Branson from Nashville, TN.

This photo is one my son snapped today as he was driving back to KC from Wichita.  We learned later that there was a tornado warning in the area and this cloud certainly looks ominous.  Brett said that he was listening to the news on the radio and they didn't say there was anything severe to worry about and thankfully he made it back to the metro area just fine.  

Storms with severe weather and possible tornadoes are something we hear forecast all too frequently here in MO in the spring and summer.  I'm happy we have a basement to go to.  

We went to our daughter's house on Saturday evening for a light supper and card games.  It was just the 4 of us and her friend, Mike. 

Kim's house and flowers are looking so nice.  She found the little Radio cart in the above photo at a flea market.  This was taken a couple of weeks ago and the flowers are much fuller now.

The little table is one I had and didn't use, so she spray painted it and placed it between the garage sale wicker chairs I found for $20.  BG and I like to sit in those chairs when we are visiting and sitting on the deck.

I've been having fun bird watching and trying to get a good shot of the blue birds.  Still haven't seen many goldfinches lately but we have plenty of other birds to watch.

We also have a few feral cats to watch that roam around our neighborhood.  I think I've shown these two before and they just crack me up.  They are both males but are practically joined at the hip.   We'll put out some food for them and I'll see them come running up the path that goes to the pond and they are almost touching as they run together.  They are great buddies and stay together.

We grilled a couple of times over the long weekend.  Brett grilled a pork loin and hamburgers to make sliders and also pork steaks.  We had plenty of sides along with corn on the cob.  Yes, we ate good!  

I started this week off with a day spent just resting and then I had to have my car back at the dealership yesterday to look at my a/c.  It quit again and they had told me that they couldn't figure out what was going on when it was cooling, so off I went for my 9:30 appointment.  Four hours later, I got the word that they still couldn't figure it out because the a/c came on as they drove it into the shop.  Grrr!!

I was so aggravated that I forgot half of what I needed at WalMart before heading home.  Of course it was one of those days where I forgot to make a list.  

The good news is that I got half-way through a book while I waited at the dealership.  I have missed reading.  

I apologize for not getting by to visit as often as I'd like.  It's been such a busy time and at the end of the day I find myself falling asleep over my laptop.  

Happy Thursday to you!
xo Cheryl


  1. Good Morning, Wow, the tree has really grown. How sweet that your Dad planted it. I love the gorgeous blue bird picture and of course, the kitty cats melt my heart. So sweet that they are buddies! I love the table and chairs and the little cart at your daughter's home. Wishing you a very nice day.

  2. Good morning! :)

    I was catching up with you when I noticed that you had posted again. I hope you don't get any tornadoes. They scare me to death! I was lucky to have a basement when I lived back there too.

    I love the red table at your daughter's house. It's such a great color and really cheerful. Makes me want to paint something :) Love that cart too.

    The tree your dad planted for your mom is gorgeous. I think it's a wonderful idea to plant a tree for a loved one.

    From your last post... I'm glad your son got home safely. And yes, I do the same thing with mail. In fact, I just went through 3 piles and am trying to be good about going through it as it comes in.

    I hope you have a beautiful tornado free week, my friend :)


  3. I love when folks plant a tree in remembrance. That one looks like a perfect climbing tree. So glad your son made it home OK. That was some pretty scary weather. Interesting about the super buddy cats.

  4. We have had quite the weather here this spring haven't we? Thankfully no damage at our house, just lots of rain! Blessings my friend!

  5. I was so glad to hear you are alright!! Those sky pictures look horrendous! And even more scary that your son was out in that. I think I would die of fright before I ever got home. So glad you have a basement! What does he do, that he went to California to work? Your bluebird picture is perfectly beautiful! I have never been able to get a good shot of one. But we do have goldfinches, and I got a couple blurry shots of them this week. Kim did a wonderful job on the table, and painted it match her chair cushions. This is a beautiful scene, I wish we had a porch! I cannot BELIEVE how huge that tree has grown!! Those cats are so cute! That is just how ours were when we bought them. Then Sunny's brother died, and he has never been the same.

  6. Yes, I absolutely would not live in a house without a basement if I lived in MO...or the surround areas where storms seem to hit so bad. The photos of those storm clouds are something else...WOW! Sad to hear about the flooding in Branson. And that little red table....IS ADORABLE! How perfect it looks between the white wicker bargain rockers! Our bluebirds left a couple of different times this spring without even laying an egg...something keeps chasing them out of the birdhouse after they build the nest. We do have many finches and a Scarlet Tanager that keeps trying to get into the kitchen through the closed window on a several-times-daily basis! I tell you, the bird is beautiful but not very smart!!

  7. I enjoy watching the weather and these storm clouds look ominous. The raw power in a storm like that is amazing.

  8. Those shots your son took are breath-taking....sounds like a good weekend at your house!

  9. so sad to hear about branson. Those photos of the storm show how fierce it was near you and your son. scary actually. what a charming cart your daughter has to display her flowers. those two cat buddies are cute together.

  10. Oh that weather is scary. I am sorry to learn that lives were lost. Sad. No AC? Are those guys numb? I have never heard of such a thing. Crazy.

  11. the tree is wonderful and mazing at 40 years old and the cloud is scary. love the red table.. I wonder if the cats are dad and son.. Jo in Africa has 2 that look just like these, the dad and the son and they are always together, sleeping, walking whatever they do.

  12. Your mom's maple tree is beautiful. Beautiful stormy skies! Love the pair of cat friends! Too cute. blessings ~ tanna

  13. Those lost folks were from a nearby town. I know they found two of them, but not sure about the third. Your mom's tree is beautiful. I would like to plant a pretty rose bush or something on my mom's grave, but I don't think it is allowed. I'll have to make do with fake flowers. Have a storm free day= I see we have more to the west going through.

  14. Whoa... those are some pretty powerful looking clouds, and I'm glad that your son made it home safely.
    My heart goes out to those that have been affected by the storms and tornados.

    Cute, cute red table.. it's certainly bright and cheerful and looks like a perfect pop of color on her summer porch.

    That is a gorgeous tree that your Dad planted. Such a sweet thing to do.

    Enjoy the rest of this weekend, dear friend.


  15. Oh Cheryl...I always love reading your blog. The tree is so beautiful! It truly is amazing how fast the grow! And oh my goodness your son really went through some ominous weather. I'm sure you were worried until you got that phone call he was home safe!! I know, when my son and his family were flying home from FL and there was bad weather. I followed them on "flight tracker"... oh my goodness, I'm not sure I'll ever do that Biting my fingernails until I got the text that they were on the ground!! LOL I guess that's why they call us Mom,s! And I Love that table and wicker chairs!! I could certainly see myself sitting out there enjoying a spring breeze!!


  16. WOW ... the storm photos! You may know, that our community was hit by a F3 tornado on May 16th. This tornado is now in the Wisconsin record books. It is the largest E.V.E.R! It is by the grace of God when looking at the damage, only one person died. It hit an RV park. Because it was a Tuesday, most of the people where at their homes, not at the RV vacation home. The RV's are twisted like soda cans. 3 of my Meals on Wheels people where in the path of the tornado. They all are alright, but their homes are damaged big time.

    Stay Safe my friend and it is always fun to catch up with you.

  17. I love the photo for the tree. It's beautiful. Watching it through the years had to be rewarding. Memorial Day decorating has been a huge tradition in our family. We didn't get to do any since we are on our mission. A sweet cousin of mine did my parents and brothers graves for me this year.
    I am happy your son was safe in his traveling. I remember my daughter worrying about the tornados when they lived in MO. I worried about it too. So sad when there are casulities from bad weather.
    I love the photos of your daughters new place. The wicker chairs to look comfortable.
    The shots of the cats and that beautiful bird are awesome. You are really quite good at photographing.
    Blessings and hugs for this one!

  18. I can relate to the "falling asleep over your laptop" thing!

    Whoa! That sky! Ominous indeed! I am thankful that you and yours are well . . . and sad for those who lost loved ones in this recent weather.

    I read an article a few days ago that said that cats are not social creatures and are quite content to be alone. Well, I think those two yellow cats did not read that article. So sweet!

    Happy June to you too!!

  19. Happy June to you as well, Cheryl, and sounds like it got off to a good start except for the car issues. That cloud did look ominous and glad your son traveled home safely. Cookout on the BBQ sounds good and we miss not being able to do that as we now live in an apt.

  20. Hi Cheryl, I too seem to stay SO busy... Where does the time go????? It's already June 6th... Where did May go???? ha ha

    I always think of you when I read and hear about MO storms... Glad your son was okay... SCARY...

    I love visiting old cemeteries ---and often wonder what the history of all of the old trees was... NEAT about the tree your Dad planted in memory of your mother... Love it.

    Sounds like you had a great weekend with your kids over Memorial Day.... SO special....

    Have a wonderful JUNE, my Friend.