Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Beautiful June

"I wonder what it would be like to live in a 
world where is is always June."
~L. M. Montgomery

If, according to Gladys Taber, May is a magical month then so, too, is June.  It is a beautiful time of year and makes me think of that song from the musical, Carousel...June Is Busting Out All Over.  

The flowers are growing by leaps and bounds.   At least those in the pots are, the newly planted perennials have just begun to look more alert.  Three of the four Salvia that I transplanted are doing well.  Not sure the other one is going to make it.

The skies have been beautiful with white fluffy clouds lately.  I love days like this and it makes me want to hop in the car and take a drive.   

I love all the different colors of flowers from the pale pinks to the vibrant purples and yellows.  

There used to be a woman who lived in this town that would only plant white flowers.  She lived in a white house, drove a white car and wore white clothing.

I love white and one of my favorite shirts is mostly white, but I need more color in my life than just white.  I'd definitely be bored to death with nothing but white flowers.  But to each his own, as they say.

This is also a special month for many as a lot of weddings take place in June.  BG and I were married in June.  Our son has a special birthday coming later this month.  A lot of special days are celebrated this month.

When I was a youngster, school always ended in May and June was the beginning of summer vacation for me.  Three whole glorious months!  I loved summers on the farm.  

There were no tech games or devices in those days and we had to make do with swimming in ponds instead of swimming pools.  We had horses to ride and woods to walk in and roller skates that clipped on our shoes to zoom around the basement when the weather didn't allow outside play.  

Of course, we had chores to do when we were old enough.  I remember bribing my little brother with the promise of a nickel or dime...which would buy a candy bar or soda back in those days!...if he would dry the dishes as I washed them.  

Most times, ornery me wouldn't pay up but he never said a word and would fall for my bribe all over again next time.  ☺  Well, maybe not every time! 

I could reminisce for hours.  It's fun to revisit the past once in awhile, isn't it?  At least, the good times...sweet memories.

I try to put unpleasant memories...and most of us have at least a a box and only open that box on occasion when I want to examine something.  It's not that I'm hiding from them, but those days or moments are in the past and reliving sad or unhappy times is just not that helpful, in my opinion. 

Our sunsets have been gorgeous this spring.  The sun has moved over to the right and isn't setting directly in front of our house as it does in the fall. 

The windows in the kitchen and dining area faced west in the house on the farm I grew up in, and I remember watching many sunsets from them.  

It was where I began my lifelong love affair with sunsets and nature and skies with fluffy white clouds.   

I hope you are enjoying the beauty of this month of June, too!

Happy Wednesday to you!
xo Cheryl


  1. I love the month of June too. We have many birthdays and other celebrations. Maybe not so much this year due to our mission. However, all of our childeren are coming except for our daughter who lives in Australia for our 50th Wedding Anniversary. I am so excited to see them all and celebrate this wonderful moment with my love.
    I really enjoyed your photos today and I like color too. I really like the rose with the dew drops on it. You do take awesome pictures.
    Have a sweet week dear friend! Blessings and hugs for you~

  2. It went from being cool to being very hot here. My plants are already suffering even though I water them multiple times a day.

  3. I totally agree with you about not re-visiting past bad memories unless we have to. We always need to be present in the present! Of course my favorite picture is the gorgeous sunset!! Yes, I always had a skate key on a cord around my neck, and put my skates on over my saddle shoes. your flowers are gorgeous, and I'm glad they are not all white!

  4. Cheryl, I am sending you a big squeezy hug...some things you mentioned rang true for me also. Better to enjoy good memories, we know the bad but have to forgive. I laughed about you rooking your brother into helping for a dime. LOL. I too love June..we used to get out of school at the of May and go back after Labor day. Hot dog what a wonderful summer. Catching lightening bugs and butterflies. Eating green apples. Tag and hide & seek. Running, running, running, all while barefoot. Oh what good energy. :):) Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  5. Well today the sun is shining and it has been a sweet blessing. I climbed the ladder to trim off the spent lilacs and spent happy time on the deck. It's not as rosy as your corner, but doing well for mine. ☺️ Must tell you some good news if I can remember!

  6. I can't imagine a world with only WHITE flowers. The colors are part of their allure. The bribe was a clever way to get help, indeed. but you should have paid up. lol

  7. So much beauty right now.I couldn't possibly be happy with only white flowers around.I NEED color and lots of it.Beautiful shots of your flowers and the sunset.

  8. Hi Cheryl~

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane . . . I loved it, and have many of the same memories. Did you every lose the key to your roller skates? I did! What gorgeous photos! Oh my goodness, I love the pink flower with water drops on it, it's just beautiful! And that sunset, oh my! I'm so glad we share our love for sunsets and fluffy white clouds... :0)

    I also believe that bad memories are best left's way better that way.


  9. Wonderful shots. Can't express the beauty of the flower with the rain drops on them:)

  10. Beautiful photos of your flowers and the sunset. June, July and August were always school vacation for me, as well.

  11. I think it is wonderful to have so many different colors in flowers and would not want to be restricted to only white.

  12. In our hot humid state of Florida June is not my favorite, but Feb is. much like your June. Your June is looking fab and beautiful and green and lots of pretty flowers and I love sunsets and sunrises to. it is the little things that count, the free things ..

  13. June is a wonderful month. I am having a windows open day, and it reminds me of childhood. Such sweet memories. xo Laura

  14. Haven't those blue skies been a delight after a month of grey? Just makes you want to get your hands dirty in the garden. Only thing prettier might be that orange sky in you last picture. Beautiful.

  15. Your pictures are just GORGEOUS!!!!!

  16. A lovely post. I agree, June is a lovely month. May is my favorite, but June is right behind. ;-) Lovely photos too!
    How interesting about the lady and white. I would have liked to have seen her white garden. ;-)
    Have a great weekend.

  17. Great thoughts. I agree wholeheartedly about color and taking those unhappier thoughts only to examine. Don't get bogged down in them.

  18. June is a great month, I agree Cheryl. It was the month we celebarted my late father's birthday and Fathers Day soon after. Like you, I also need more colors than white, which ironically is all the colors together I have read.

  19. Hi, Happy Anniversary this month... George and I were married in June also (23rd)..... Yeah for JUNE.....

    It's hard to pick a favorite month, isn't it? There's so much good that comes from EACH of them.... I love March/April when the new flowers start blooming.. BUT--I also love May/June when the Roses bloom... Then comes the Day Lilies and the Lilies.... HEY---I just love all of the months when things are blooming....

    Great group of pictures...

  20. Ahhhhhh, you know Gladys Taber! Lovely...

    And you take gorgeous photos! Also lovely...

    Gentle hugs, Luna Crone