Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Birthday and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

A favorite author of mine, Gladys Tabor, said in one of her books that May was a magical month.  I can agree with that, but it is also a busy month.  There is a lot to do outside and inside as well.  Errands to run.  Special occasions to celebrate. 

Gardening begins in earnest, especially flower gardening.  I finished up planting my perennials Thursday and transplanted a few May Night salvia.  I hope they do well.  The perennials I planted in the new extended bed included a couple of Cone Flowers, Shasta Daisy, Bee Balm, Coreopsis, and the transplanted Salvia along with the Cat Mint I'd already planted a week or so ago. 

Yesterday was the day to go through the stacks of papers piling up in the kitchen.  Does this happen to you?  Tell me I'm not the only one.  :)  I don't know why I let them accumulate before I go through them.  It took a while to get through it all as magazines I hadn't gotten around to looking at would sidetrack me for awhile.  I get free subscriptions to a couple of magazines and I found about 5 in my stacks that I hadn't looked at yet.  

The rest was mostly junk mail that I need to shred or burn.  We are bombarded with credit card offers and, of all things, hearing aid advertisements as well as other stuff we don't want or need.  I don't need credit cards and though my hearing isn't as good as it used to be, I'm not quite ready for a hearing aid.   

I love river towns and count myself fortunate to live near several.  Above is the Missouri River and it is quite full now.  The weather people are saying we may get some severe weather in the afternoon and evening as I write this.  

They say we may see baseball size hail and 80 mph winds along with possible tornadoes.  I'm praying they are wrong about of this.  To my Missouri friends and others in the path of these storms...please stay safe!  

Our dear daughter had a birthday this week.  Happy Birthday, Kim!  We took her out to eat and Kim and I had the grilled pork chop with a salad and loaded baked potato.  BG had a ribeye and his beloved french fries.

The first photo was a shot of the sky when we came out of the restaurant.  We went back to her house for dessert.  Her assistant at work had made a cake to share with all the teachers and Kim brought the leftovers home.  It was so good!  She had 2 beautiful bouquets of flowers on the table that she had gotten, but I forgot to take a photo.  

Our son will be coming in for the weekend.  Hope he gets here before that bad weather starts.  He just returned yesterday from a week of work in California and was so glad to get back home.  We'll be glad to have our family all together for the holiday weekend and we're planning on grilling, card playing, movie watching and just relaxing.  And if the weather is nice, some patio sitting and enjoying the beautiful outdoors. 

I haven't been to the cemeteries yet, but the flowers are in the car and ready to go.  In our area, we decorate the graves of our loved ones as well as those who gave their all in service of our country.  May we never forget.

God bless each of you this Memorial Day weekend...stay safe!



  1. Cheryl, Happy birthday to your daughter Kim. So nice that you and your husband took her out to celebrate. It will be fun at your house this weekend. I love family time the best. Blessings to all of you, xoxo, Susie

  2. Happy Birthday to Kim!! So glad you will be enjoying your family this weekend, Cheryl. Just the best thing in the world. I love that shot of the river and the sky! So beautiful. May we never forget! Have a wonderful weekend! blessings ~ tanna
    PS Hope they are wrong in their weather predictions!

  3. May IS a busy month! Sounds like yours has been a good kind of busy. Happy birthday to your daughter and I hope that you all enjoy the weekend! (Without any weather craziness!)

  4. Happy birthday a little late to Kim... the food looks yum to me... praying now that storm will not bring those big hails stones to you... and that you and yours will be safe... we get all the things you mentioned except I don't get magazines, bob gets 2. anything that comes in the mail, goes straigt in the garbage as soon as he brings it in, I scan junk mail and drop, I open cards or anything else and scan and drop. if it is something important it goes in the stand up file on the counter top.

  5. Sure hope the storm doesn't live up to its hype. Stay safe. My desk gets my untended mail. Wish the roll top worked.
    How nice that your family will be all together for the weekend. How nice to put flowers out on Memorial day. Have a great and safe one.

  6. I do hope you will have a wonderful weekend, Cheryl. Please let me know how you are soon, these storms are worrisome! We have the same forecast. Your sky pictures are gorgeous! So is Kim a teacher? How wonderful! Yes, we get lots of mail for hearing aids!! In fact, I will do a post on it at some point.

  7. Hi Cheryl! We live in a suburb of Kansas City and we sure have some of that stormy weather this afternoon. Around noon it looked liked night time it was so dark and the thunder and rain is still going now at 4:30. I can understand the build up of paper you get! We both turn 65 this summer and for two years now we have been getting multiple, daily mail trying to sell us SS supplemental or replacement insurance. I swear the whole world knows we are turning 65! We also get the mail for hearing aids as well as for cremation and burial plans! Geez!!!

  8. Boo hiss on any hail or tornados. I love loaded baked potatos...can make a meal out of them alone. Have a wonderful weekend! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  9. Yes, stuff accumulates here, too. I found an address one time that I wrote to and it stopped the credit card offers...and a lot of other junk mail. Mostly now it is just local junk mail, and I don't mind that.

  10. Beautiful photos.I love sky shots and that plate of food looks good enough to eat. Yum!

  11. Sounds like you've been busy. Happy Birthday to your daughter.

  12. You sound like a happy's a good feeling to get those plants in. I'm still chugging along. I'm going light...the front of our city house is undergoing changes, and I'm at the lake most of the time. A little bit at each place sounds logical, right?

    You had a great celebration with Kim. They grow up so fast, as often as we hear that!!

    Hope you are having a great holiday weekend, Cheryl,

    Jane x

  13. I am loving our May right now; it is just lovely. I love your first photo; just beautiful. Thanks for listing all the different flowers so I can make a wish list.
    I'm like you I don't like going through stacks of mail and all the junk mail.
    Happy Birthday to your sweet Kim. I enjoyed hearing about the celebration and the dinner.
    I certainly pray you don't get any severe weather; it sounds awful. I worried all the time when my daughter was living in Missouri. I hated the Tornado season.
    Your planned weekend sounds so relaxing; can I come for a visit. I would love a weekend like this with my kids. Of course, if they all came; it wouldn't be relaxing.
    We are heading up to Idaho for our two grandson's graduations. They are both graduating at the same tome at different schools so my husband and I have to split to go to them.
    Have a awesome Memorial Day Weekend! Blessings and hugs~