Thursday, May 18, 2017

A Busy May

The flowers are mostly planted, the back patio cleaned and the storage shed was cleaned out over the past weekend.  Our daughter helped her dad with the shed while I was planting.  

We had a little scare when BG tripped in the shed and fell out onto the concrete narrowly missing the back of the wagon that was backed up to the door.  He has a nasty bruise and scrapes on his arm and he said his knees hurt, but otherwise he is okay.  He's a tough guy and kept right on working.  He wanted to get the job done.  Such a fall would have sidelined me for a good while, I'm afraid.   

Our son drove in on Sunday for Mother's Day.  He brought me the gorgeous orchids and daughter gave me the vase full of candy with beautiful roses.  I haven't had orchids before so I welcome any advice on how to keep them healthy. 

Last year I had 2 tall black pots on each side of the large window on the front patio but ended up giving them to our daughter.  I looked and looked for another pair this spring, but couldn't find a matched set so I ended up buying a couple in light tan and Kim spray painted them black for me.  They turned out nicely.

It hasn't been all work and no play since I was here last.  Kim and I drove to the Big Town one evening for a little shopping and stopped in at the Olive Garden.  We had salad and breadsticks and split an order of Shrimp and Chicken Carbonara.  So good!  

I also had to go to the Big Town this week for another eye injection.  The good news is that the doctor told me my eye was much better but the bad news is that I need to go back in 2 months for another injection.  I have a feeling that one still won't be the end of it.

After the appointment, I drove to the Mall and ate lunch at the Cafe Court and then browsed around in Barnes and Noble while waiting for my dilated eyes to clear up a little better before I started home. 

We have had a lot of feral cats come and go at our house.  I snapped a pic of this pair while looking over the retaining wall on the back patio of our walkout basement.  We named them Ginger and Butterscotch even though they are both males.  They are a funny pair, very loving to each other and you rarely see one without the other next to him.  

I see the patio is getting dirty again in this photo.  The wind has really been blowing hard the last two days and the debris ends up on the patio.  Those are a few of the pots I have in the back.  

It's also been very hot lately.  I discovered just how hot the other day when I went to the doctor and the a/c in my car wouldn't come on.  It just blew hot air.  I have an appointment this morning to get it fixed.  Then later in the day I'm getting a much needed haircut.  That's one appointment I'm happy to have.  

And that's pretty much the story of my exciting ordinary life the past week or so.  A lot has gotten done outside.  We planted 2 raised bed gardens and that is probably all we'll do.  The deer usually devour everything we plant, so we've cut back on the veggies.  I do hope they leave my tomatoes alone, we always look forward to home grown tomatoes. 

Happy Thursday to you!
xo Cheryl


  1. deer are notorious for using fresh flowers and veggies as salad. the feral kitties are sweet. the orchids and candy vase are nice too. hope your eye does better than you expect.

  2. You have been VERY busy, Cheryl. The only advice I have for the orchids is not to overwater them. Don't ask how I know. ;) Wishing you well on your eye. Glad BG didn't get hurt more with his tumble!! blessings ~ tanna

  3. Cheryl, I hope the deer do not eat your gardens....that's work...there stuff in the woods for them. LOL Your flowers all look so pretty. You gave the cats purr-fect names. I like their color. I hope your Mr is okay..some times things don't show up till later, from falls. Oh Yum, you were wise to share that meal. I wish I could take Ted into sharing. :):) Cheryl, I pray your eyes will be fine after this last shot. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie
    p.s. the wind's been nasty here too and tree trash always ends up on the porch.

  4. so glad BG is ok, it is so scary when that happens and I am with you, out of commission completely when I fall... that is the coolest vase ever. my first viewing of a candy dish vase. no advice from me on orchids, someone gave me a potted one when I retired, it lasted about a month if that. they do require knowledge I think

  5. That's good that your hubby is ok... must have given you quite a fright

    Lovely flowers. I love this time of year, when we can get annuals planted and enjoy the perennials all season long.

    Looks like you had a nice Mother's Day, and you have a great family that loves you very much.

    Have a great rest of your week.


  6. Hi Cheryl, Thankful your husband is ok but I know that fall would have sidelined me too. Sorry you have another injection but thankful it is helping. Cute cats in the picture...funny they are so attached to each other. Your flowers are so pretty and such a nice Mother's Day you had. Like you, I've never had an orchid before. You two take care and enjoy the day.

  7. What a beautiful color combination in that first picture. I love petunias and have some pink and white variegated hanging baskets. So glad BG's injuries were not worse...that could have been disastrous for sure. Yes, we have have some hot weather for a few days too but is to cool off again for the weekend...back down to the high 70's. Enjoy the rest of your week, Cheryl!

  8. Good morning Cheryl! So glad to see a post from you, and that everything is alright. What a close call with that fall! When they dilate my eyes, they stay dilated all day. The cats are beautiful!! Do you feed them? We love olive Garden! There have been none around here, but they just built one a half hour away. Your flowers are all so pretty. I know you cannot wait to pick the tomatoes! Yes, it has been 90 here yesterday and today!

  9. Hi There, We just got home from a 10 day trip to the beach in NC and then to FL for a wedding.... Sounds like you had a Happy Mother's Day.

    I know I've mentioned this but we love Olive Garden also... My favorite dish is the Chicken Scampi.

    Glad your hubby is okay... Falls scare me... That is why I seem to walk with my head to the ground --trying NOT to fall...

    My hubby has Macular Degeneration and has to have the eye injections... He goes every month ---but this past time, his eyes were doing better --so he doesn't have to go back for 6 weeks.... YEAH!!!! Hope your eye problem continues to improve.


  10. So glad BG is Ok. Men are so tough. I see a ball player driver a 95 mph baseball off his shins and barely frown. They would have to carry me home. Maybe men could handle childbirth.
    Really cute kittens, they must be siblings.
    Hope your eye injections are more successful than you expect.

  11. Hi Cheryl~

    What a scare with BG! I'm so glad that he's ok and no lasting damage. Isn't it great to get sheds and patios of my favorite feelings!

    The pots look great! I'm so glad that spray paint is so popular, it sure has saved me lots of money and time.

    Cute little cats - I just love the names, they look very sweet. My DIL brought home a sick little kitten from her mothers house a few weeks ago, and has nursed him back to health. He's an adorable little Blue Point Siamese, and he is just as cute as a button! So glad there are people like you who love and take care of them!


    P.S. Love that you get to share so much time with your daughter!

  12. Glad to hear your husband is okay.

  13. Sounds like you have had more than enough excitement with a gal by BG and all. The flowers are lovely.

  14. Wow, you have been a busy girl! I am sorry your sweet husband got hurt; I hope he is OK. He is just like my husband; he would have finished the task too. I too would have quit for the day and probably longer.
    Loved all your photos and the two new black pots look great. I would love find some like these.
    Your lunch looked so yummy! Now i will want to go to Olive Garden soon. I really like the photo of the two cats; so cute. I really liked their cute names.
    It looks like you had a great Mother's Day. I got some lovely flowers and chocolate for Mother's day too.
    I am happy your eye is doing better. I can't imagine receive shots in them; you are so brave.
    Blessings and hugs!

  15. Good to hear about your husband...

    You are way ahead of me with planting pots. I'm having bouts of exhaustion and I guess that will come and go. I have to accept the pile of laundry and less than attractive backyard. Hard, but a fact.

    Love that you had a good Mother's Day with your son coming, I LOVE Olive Garden. The one we go to in Michigan is very nice.

    Take care of that eye and keep up the good stuff!!!

    Jane x

  16. I love Olive Garden!! Their pasta fagioli and breadsticks and salad are PERFECT! That's all I ever order. I need to branch out and try something new! Looks like you had a wonderful Mother's Day! Praying for that eye!!

  17. I know it's the same way in other places, but you and I both know that in MO we can have the air on , heat on and window down all in one day. The flowers are so pretty, btw.

  18. You have been busy! I feel like I don't get anything done but am busy all the time! Olive Garden sounds delicious.

  19. Hello,
    I do like that photo of Ginger and Butterscotch. Sweetness!!
    Take care my friend and keep us posted on the orchid, I would love to know more about keeping them as well.

  20. Glad your hubby was OK! What a scare. Men's bones are nto as fragile as woman's for the most part, but a bad fall can result in broken bones. Glad your eye injections are working well too.

    It is still cool here--today in the 50's but we had snow last Friday. We did not get much but some areas had three feet of snow! I'm fine with cooler weather as I dislike hot weather but hope it will stay above frost so our flowers can grow. I've been planting the last few days.