Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Flower Gardening and Stuff

I have been having fun watching the flowers grow.  Each day I can see a change.  We've had more rain, so I haven't had to water much the past few days.

One of my favorite flowers is called Angelonia which I discovered a few years ago.  It is the purple flower in the back of the pot above.  It is sometimes called Summer Snapdragon and comes in other colors such as pink, white and mauve.  

I like it not only because I think it's pretty, but it has a high tolerance for heat and humidity which we have in abundance during the summer in MO.

That it is low maintenance is another plus.  And deer resistant, too.  It needs sun but will tolerant some shade and it will bloom all summer into fall.  Love that. 

I have been watching the birds as well as enjoying the flowers when I sit on the patio.  Not sure why, but the goldfinches have become scarce.  I haven't seen many at the feeders in several days now.  The robins, cardinals, bluebirds, blue jays, and many others are still around.  

I was excited to see the first coneflower bloom.  It is one of my very favorite summer flowers.  I hope I do a better job this year in keeping them dead-headed.   Also my Stella de Oros.  

I was reading up on transplanting the Stellas and found that the correct spelling is the above instead of Stella 'D Oro which many use including myself in the past.

The other coneflower bloom looks like a boo boo occurred.  It looks like it was meant to be two instead of the one.  

About transplanting Stellas and also some salvia that are getting choked out by some knockout roses - I read that I could still transplant in May before it gets too hot or wait until fall.  I will try it this week and hope they will take off in their new location.  Some said that the salvia will pout if moved in the spring, but will usually come out of it and do well.  

My thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the terrible bombing in Manchester.  When will this ever end?  

Also, two of my blogging friends have recently lost their fathers.  My heart goes out to them and their families.  It is never easy to lose a parent regardless of their age.

We had a nice, lazy weekend.  Everyone was tired and ready for some down time and we rested for the most part.  BG and I went to my daughter's for supper one evening and played a game of Phase 10.  I always tell them I'm going to win, and I did.  :)

My laptop was taken back to the computer doctor.  I haven't been able to do any photo editing in PicMonkey, it was always telling me that the Adobe Flash plugin wasn't working or crashed and also my mouse would freeze and I'd have to turn the computer off and reboot.  It was driving me crazy.  And that meant I needed to clean off my desk where the desktop is if I wanted to get online.  Well, I do have my iPhone and tablet, but I hate trying to type on those tiny little keypads.  ☺

I talked to the computer doc yesterday and he said I didn't have any viruses on it but my laptop is just getting old and he doesn't know if it will last much longer.  He tried to sell me a restored laptop the last time I was there.  Which was just a short time ago.  I really didn't want to think about laptops right now as I have no clue what kind to get.   

Supper last night was simple.  Goulash and a buttered slice of bread.  A new favorite bread is Sara Lee's Artesano.   We love it.  For those who still eat white bread, have you tried it? 

Happy Tuesday to you!
xo Cheryl


  1. Hi Cheryl! Beautiful flowers! And I see the robin is keeping an eye on them. Are you putting them in the front, back, or side?

  2. Your flowers are so pretty. We try to buy deer resistant plants also. Cute photo of the robin; we enjoy watching the squirrels and birds. We have had over 3" of rain in the past couple of days. So nice not to water the plants! Have a lovely day.

  3. OMG, yes! We love Artisano!! So much, I have to restrict myself from buying it. LOL!! Beautiful flowers, Cheryl!! Hope the deer do pass them by. ;)
    Manchester. Tragic. What is wrong with people?
    Good luck with the computer thing. Just overwhelms me sometimes! blessings ~ tanna

  4. Where do I find this bread? Freezer section? Bread aisle? My daughter and I were shopping at Wal-Mart and can not find many of the items we used to find there. Probably have to fo to a regular grocery store, but I will look for it on your recommendation alone.

    Manchester...that someone purposely targeted young girls is particularly sickening. It will never end in this foul old world. Maranatha, Lord Jesus!

    1. Vee, the bread can be found in most grocery stores, at least in my area, and I found the last loaf at WalMart. Just look for the Sara Lee breads and it should be there. Let me know if you like it!

  5. I think I need summer snapdragons! They meet all of my criteria for the perfect plant! :)

    Ugh. Computer problems are so frustrating. I have been having a few of my own this morning, so the frustration is fresh.

    Agreeing with Vee's comment directly above mine. The world just gets darker. Praying for His light to shine through His people. Jesus is the only answer!

  6. Your flowers are cheery and beautiful, and so nice that you have found deer resistant varieties.
    The deer certainly can be a menace!

    I think I did try the bread you mentioned, but can't remember for certain. I'll have to give it another try :)

    It is heartbreaking about the evil unleashed in Manchester. Praying for all.


  7. since I am off white flower I can't try the bread but I would if I could.. white bread is a food I love way to much.. cool on the twin coneflowers.. sorry to hear about the death of the fathers and my heart aches for those involved in the latest bombing in London. scary world we live in, but still full of beauty as your post shows us

  8. I pay $14.99 per month for Cox Tech Support. I hate to add that to my finances, but it means that I can get USA computer techs to clean up my computer 24/7. And since I post every day, it is vital to keep it clean and running.

  9. I love Angelonia but my garden store hasn't had them for a few years. Guess I could try seed. I am now addicted to dirty bread(whole wheat) though I have tried French Brioche lately that is super and not particularly healthy. I'll look for Artesano and give it a try. I do like bread.
    My heart aches for Manchester.

  10. Your flowers are gorgeous. A flower that doesn't need constant tending is one I like.

  11. Saimese Twins on the coneflower.... ha ha ..... I love low maintenance and deer resistant flowers... You found a perfect one. My hanging baskets are Begonias --and they are low maintenance and love the hot sun --and they bloom all summer... Love those little flowers...

    Sad about what happened in England. Prayers for those people.


  12. I was sure that was angelonia. I think there is a fragrant version. I grew some on year.

    I wonder if the double flower was because of frost. I read that is what causes double fruits on trees....frost while in a certain stage of bud.

    Beautiful pictures of birds and flowers. I am getting hungry for goulash and have hamburger thawed...now lunch is planned.

  13. I learned about a new flower today. Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures.
    My husband has been craving white bread. I will try that Sara Lee's Artisano.
    Even with the boo boo, there is beauty in the second one there. Enjoy those flowers!

  14. Gorgeous flowers and color combination! We have been having tons of rain here and mine have needed very little watering...yay! Yes, my heart hurts for the people in Manchester...the ladies above are correct...Jesus come quickly! I hope you enjoy a nice long Memorial Day weekend!

  15. Beautiful flowers.

    I simply cannot type a single sentence on phone without a mistake or two!

  16. Hi Cheryl, I am not familiar with Angelonia, it sounds perfect for my garden I will be checking around here for one! Your flowers look beautiful, I think the finches must have moved to my place as I am seeing more this year than usual!
    So sorry your computer is sick, I also don't like typing on the small key pads!
    My heart does go out to the families in manchester, hope and pray that something will soon be done to stop this menacing threat to peace1
    Have a nice Memorial Day weekend,

  17. I really enjoy reading your posts on the flowers and plants that you have and what you are doing with them. My hubby and I are always looking for flowers that we can try in our yard. We probably won't get much planted this year but I like the infor you gave on this one.
    I love birds so I am hoping that we will get a bird feeder and encourage a few more to come for a visit. I also want a bird bath too.
    Your weekend did sound so relaxing. I like the game Phase 10; so fun.
    I too pray for all those affected by the bombing; it is all so very sad. It is a sign of the times and I hope the 2nd coming of the Savior is sooner than later. Sending loving thoughts and hugs your way!