Monday, March 7, 2016

Ponderings and Plans

While standing at my window this morning, I was thinking how most days seem so much the same.  But, as I continued to stand watching the birds at the feeders and noting that a couple of ducks were on the pond, I realized that out my window is an ever-changing scene.  

The grass is getting greener with each passing day.  The sky may be cloudy like today, but the next might be clear and bright, or filled with fluffy clouds in a beautiful blue sky.  

The maple tree may be filled with cardinals one day, waiting their turn at the feeder or the pesky starlings may swoop in to gobble up any food they can find.  I'll open the window and clap to scare them away, but they'll fly up into the tree and wait for me to leave so they can get at the food again.

The sounds of nature are also ever changing.  I am hearing the crows cawing as they fly overhead.  I might be in the minority here, but I like hearing them.  Their cawing reminds me of my years spent on the farm where I frequently heard them.

Soon, maybe this week the weatherman says, we will start hearing again the sound of rain and thunder.  We've had some very nice spring-like days.  The nights are still cool enough to have the furnace on, but I love to open windows when I can to let fresh air into the house.  

The greening grass is not the only sign of the changing seasons.  I found this sweet little crocus in full bloom while looking around the yard.  It was a little gift to see when at first all I was noticing was the work that needed to be done.  

Hubby and I worked awhile in the yard yesterday cutting out volunteer trees and shrubs growing where they are not wanted.  We cleaned out the peony bed.  I wanted to do more, but when I first start on yard work I have learned it is wise to take it a little at a time until those unused muscles have gotten more used to the work. 

Speaking of changes....

I know I've been getting behind in blogging and commenting lately due to several things including another phone outage which means I can't get on the computer.  Someone had cut into a fiber optic cable. 

When I have had time to peek at my blog list, I've noticed several who haven't posted in quite a long time.  I always worry if something has happened to them.  Even if you haven't met the blogger, you still feel a loss when they aren't part of the blogging community any longer. 

One thing that never changes for me is my love for Branson.  It is my favorite go-to spot in all of Missouri.  I like the Lake of the Ozarks and we spent lots of weekends there when our children were young, but Branson just has something special that appeals to me more.  In spite of the traffic during the tourist season.  

Maybe it's the condo where we always stay.  It's like a home away from home to us, and it's relaxing there.  The view in the photo above from the deck is one that we'll be seeing soon.  We'll be there for around 5 days this month to celebrate my birthday.  Can't wait!  

This isn't a very good shot as it is so far away and it was a cloudy day too, but I just had to drive to the lake not far from us the other day to check on the bald eagle nest.  Yes!  I see that white head!  Do you see it, too? 

I ordered myself a birthday present and it should arrive tomorrow and I'm excited to get it.  Bet you can't guess what it is that I'm so anxious to get!  A new vacuum.  Yes, I can't wait to get a good vacuum.  It's a job that I have to do fairly often as I have too many kitties in the house and you know what that means.  My last vacuum isn't all that old, but it doesn't seem to be working as good as it should.  Having kitties means needing a good vacuum. 

Our plan is to get the rental house finished soon.  If BG can get the wiring figured out.  He has to get into the attic and it's hot in the summer and cold in the winter, without electricity there is only flashlights to see with.  There is also loose insulation covering the wires so that makes finding them difficult.  

He will rarely hire work done that he can do himself.  I appreciate that he likes to save money, but in this case, I wish he had hired someone to do the wiring.  I try not to say anything.  Too often.

Where did the day go?

I have worked on this post off and on all day.  My daughter was off work today and visited for awhile.  The phone has rung too many times.  Needy kitties wanted attention.  Not that they don't get it, they get plenty of attention!  I have to stop and gaze out that window in the first photo every now and then to see what's going on in the back yard and Back 6.  It's now time to fix dinner.  I have ground beef, so I think I'll go make some chili.  What's on your agenda this week?  Hope it's a good one!

xo Cheryl


  1. I really enjoyed this post! Lovely things happen in spring. We're having weather in the 70's here in NC and the promise of 78 in a couple of days. Love it. Lots of sprucing up going on here. We have a new chicken house - quite fanch-schmancy - and a new deck. Today I started cleaning out my kitchen garden. Plans, purposes, pursuits, all spring-related. Sending blessings for a beautiful week!

  2. We worked in the garden all day Saturday. We unloaded 4 loads of manure. After swing the shovel I was sure I wouldn't be able to raise my arms Sunday to comb my hair. ,However Sunday we went back out to work, I got several beds ready. Also put in 5 rows of potatoes. We ate soup at 3:30 and called it a day! Not as young as we use to be.

  3. I enjoyed my 'visit' to your house today.I bet that window hold a never ending source of entertainment put on by nature itself. My weeks all seem to be much the same,drive the school bus,take care of household duties and perhaps a few coffee visits with friends.

  4. how did i miss you getting back to blogging i thought you were taking a break? sorry to miss that. i have had a cold. i have been down for the count ... still having the not much energy lately. sneezing coughing, no fun at all. ready to be healthy again. love your blooms. so pretty!! hope you are well. ( :

  5. Hi Cheryl~

    What a gorgeous view out your window, I'm afraid I would be looking out the window most of the day! Yesterday, we got lots of rain, but today, it was very nice. We are in between storms, tomorrow it will rain again . . . I hope, we need it. My husband fights with the Starlings all summer! He just hates them, they get into the shed and make nests and "poop" all over everything, they're a real pain! I'm seeing a little more green everyday, but we still have a few weeks to go before I will go out and play!

    I feel the same way about blogging. I was looking for a recipe, so I was looking at old posts. So many wonderful people that I used to comment back and forth with are no longer blogging. I did find the very first comment you made on my blog, I think it was 5 years ago!! I know that people are very busy, but I still worry about them. I have thought about the friend of yours who was killed in the auto accident, that just broke my heart... :0( I think that other social media has taken over, I know some people who used to blog, but now, they do Twit*er, Face*ook, or just lost interest. I don't think blogging isn't that instant gratification that some people need. My sister used to blog, but was always so disappointed when she only had a few comments. I blog for me . . . I love comments, love to make new friends, but at the end of the day, this is my journal. I better get off my soapbox!!

    I love new vacuum cleaners! I have a big black dog who loves to leave his hair all over my floors, so I certainly know what you are talking about. I have had a, Dyson for about 10 years and I love it. The older Dysons are better than the new ones, so I hope it will last a little longer.

    My husband is the same way - if he can do it, he will, even if when I want it hired out! At least we know that it's getting done the right way?!

    We had taco soup tonight, yum! We are on a diet (that is a never ending story for me . . .), so I am trying to keep it light. Supper is always a challenge for us, mostly I get tired of trying to decide what to make!

    My week should be pretty quiet, but that will change . . . it always does.

    Have a wonderful week, enjoy Branson when you go for your birthday! I will get there one day, it's on my bucket list!!


  6. Would you please review your new vacuum cleaner? Such things are very important to me! I just retrieved a large drawing pad tucked behind a dresser...oh my the dust kitties. It means that I need to move furniture, which I am not eager to do. It'll be a quiet week, I think.

  7. Cheryl,

    Your post sounds so like it was written by the late Gladys Taber. I just started reading one of her books and I couldn't get over the similarity of your wonderful descriptive views outside your window! :)

    I know spring will be here sooner than I'm ready. I'm enjoying this little bit of a lull! :)


  8. Like you I have a particular window at home that I look out from and you are right, life out there is ALWAYS changing and it is lvely to watch the changes.

  9. Re the crocus: Those first signs of spring color are just, oh, some breathtaking!

  10. Sometimes we need to just take the time to appreciate the 'sameness' of our days. Hope you love the new sweeper.

  11. Hello, you have a lovely view out your window. I am excited about hearing the new spring birds singing in the morning. We are slow to see any bloom here, maybe soon. The eagles nest is cool. I think spring has sprung. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  12. Happy Birthday to you...and a new vacumn cleaner sounds like a good investment. It will make things easier and that's always nice. We are retired and every day is different. Hope you have a beautiful week! Hugs, Diane

  13. I loved rambling and meandering through your day and mind and thoughts this day. i agree, everything changes every day. i am a nature watcher in our back yard. i stand in awe each morning and watch the sky change and with the rising sun in a different spot each day it changes a different thing. we don't have drastic change here because it is Florida but there are subtle changes. like you love Branson, we love Ormond Beach on the opposite coast from us.

  14. Hi Cheryl. How nice that spring is showing up on your doorstep now. I spend a lot of time looking out the windows too. LOL Mostly looking for the deer on the hill or birds at the feeders. I hope you have a fabulous trip to Branson for your birthday. The photo of the sunset is gorgeous. Take care and have a great week. Hugs, Pam

  15. sound like me...where do the days go? I should work on my blog posts this way...a little at a Then I'd probably get more of them up. I've heard nothing but wonderful things about Branson...Tom and I never made that trip, as many times as we talked about it. So..I'm sure you will celebrate a wonderful birthday down there!! I did see the white on the bald eagle! How blessed you are to see one!! Ha! Ha! I'm still waiting to see my first robin!!


  16. Meatloaf is on my agenda today...looking for low carb recipes. We love Branson too, but have never stayed in a condo. I think I need to check into that, because your view is gorgeous! Have a nice week. We are getting a bit of rain and I imagine you will be seeing it also soon. I hope it isn't the 9 inches predicted.

  17. I'll bet you will be getting some of the rain threatening us both. If it keeps this up, we will be mowing in no time.
    Like you, I enjoy watching birds eat. How fortunate you are to have a close by bald eagle. Wow. I have yet to see one in nature.

  18. Love the signs of Spring popping up, so pretty...enjoy your Birthday trip, have fun.Blessings Francine.

  19. Cheryl, I know what you mean about missing too. I hope you get to go on your trip and have a great time. I love that you can see an eagle...I would truly love to see one. House wiring in an older home is definitely something I'd hire out . Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

  20. Don't you love it, a living, breathing, growing, changing, moving nature right outside your window. So much to be grateful for. Thanks for reminding us to take notice.

  21. Don't you love it, a living, breathing, growing, changing, moving nature right outside your window. So much to be grateful for. Thanks for reminding us to take notice.

  22. I think we share the same curtains. I too think it is a loss when someone stops blogging.

  23. I think we share the same curtains. I too think it is a loss when someone stops blogging.

  24. I have a big window next to my kitchen table and I love to sit in the morning and watch the birds, squirrels and rabbits, and even an occasional deer, go by. We will usually have lots of snow in our backyard at this time but it has been unusually warm. That is worrisome as it is so dry and the fire danger increases for the forests. WE need some winter weather before winter disappears!

    Have a wonderful time in Branson for your birthday, Cheryl! It's nice to have a favorite place to go to celebrate. Enjoy your new vacuum too!

    Two bloggers I know passed away in the past two weeks--it's very sad.

  25. New vacuum for your birthday present? lol You can do better than that! lol I vacuum the downstairs everyday, having four dogs and one kitty it's needed. Please let us all know if you like your vacuum! I know what you mean about everyday almost seeming the same, but yet they are not. Monday thru Thurs is the same old thing for me and I come alive on Friday when hubby is home for the weekend. I'm still trying to find myself and my purpose. :)
    Love the bald eagle photo! I just heard on the news someone killed 13 bald eagles! makes me so sick! I hope they find who did it!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  26. I new vacuum for your birthday; fun! That means work for you; but perhaps easier work. I loved your thoughts about looking out your window at the changes that are always in transition.
    I love the vacation you are taking. My husband and I always enjoy those mini vacations away like this one. Although we don't get very many of them. I think Branson looks like such a fun place to go and I hope someday to actually go there.
    We need to get out and do some yard work; but we are suppose to get more bad weather next week.
    I do hope you have a lovely Birthday Celebration; it looks to be a great one. Wished for blessings for you and your family~ Hugs!