Monday, March 14, 2016

The Birthday Girl

Guess who is celebrating today?  
Let's have some music....listen HERE!
I love music and LOVED dancing when I
was younger.  About the only dancing I 
to do now is around my kitchen by myself.  lol! 
It's a gorgeous day and I have had my beautiful
family with me the last few days here in Branson
MO.  My son had the ice cream cake above waiting
 when we stopped by the hotel he was staying
in the first night.  He had work here and will be
here the next few days with us.  Our daughter and
her fella came down on Friday night for the weekend.

This was my birthday card from my sweet and beautiful
daughter.  I am so blessed to have such wonderful 
children...yes, I am!  And a great hubby, too! 

This is the scene that greeted me when I opened the 
bedroom door at the condo this morning.  My wonderful son
stayed up late and decorated after BG and I had turned 
in for the night.  

And while I sat on the deck enjoying the beautiful weather,
my son fixed breakfast for us.  Awesome!  

After eating, I enjoyed looking through the magazines
he bought for me.  What a relaxing day and I've 
thoroughly enjoyed being spoiled!  We will be going
out for dinner later.  There are so many places we love to
go, that it will be hard to choose. 

Spring has arrived here and the redbuds and other 
spring trees are blooming.  It's just beautiful and the 
weather is wonderful.  I think I might have mentioned 
the weather a few times already, but it IS just so perfect!
It's such a beautiful day to celebrate 
a birthday in Branson!  I am so blessed and thank God 
for all my 70 years and for my precious 
family that loves me.  I love each of them so much!

I am thankful, too, for all my blogging friends. 
I will keep comments open, but feel free to skip on
out without commenting as I haven't had time to do
a lot of visiting and commenting lately myself.
We'll be here a few more days and I'll catch up with
everyone when I get back home.  Take care and 
have a great week!

xo The Birthday Girl 


  1. "Happy Birthday, Cheryl" and Congratulations on raising such nice kids. There's no greater gift. Hope the kitties have a few extra cuddles for you when you get home. Deb

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHERYL!! What a lovely time you are having celebrating your 70th birthday with your family. I wish you many more healthy happy years to come. Blessings and hugs, Pam

  3. Happy birthday Cheryl. What a wonderful surprise form your loved ones. I love the card from your sweet. Isn't 70 the new 50? Blessings to you sweet lady and your family, xoxo,Susie

  4. Happy Birthday swet friend!!!!!! How wonderful everything looks for you, that cake too, yum!!!! Hugs Francine,

  5. Happy Birthday Cheryl. Ah to be 70 again. According to my blog title, 70 is the new sixty so enjoy. Looks like you were thoroughly spoiled on your special day. Milk it as long as you can and just have a wonderful day and year.

  6. Happy Birthday Cheryl . . .
    70 is a fun milestone . . .
    It is wonderful that your son, daughter and husband treated you royally.
    Lovely card and message . . .
    Happy day and year!

  7. Happy 70th Birthday dear girl and have a wonderful year too. Now we are the same age; so that's a celebration too. I need more friends my same age. I loved your sweet daughters thoughts and the cake looked so yummy. What an awesome son to do those things for you too. Yes, I can tell you are greatly loved. To top it off I am so happy. You are celebrating at a place you love and to have the weather so perfect is a huge gift.
    Sending Birthday wishes, love and hugs your way!

  8. Happy Birthday sweet friend. Looks like your family made the day extra special...just like YOU! Birthday hugs coming your way, Diane

  9. Happy Birthday! You must have fantastic genes, for you don't look your age!

  10. Happy Birthday, dear lady! Your family is fantastic...what a great celebration. They adore you. I love reading the birthday cards I get, sometimes my kids find it easier to put things in writing and the cards are keepsakes.

    70 years it!


  11. Happy Birthday to YOU.... What an awesome birthday you had... That card from your daughter is SO SO SO special... That is something you will keep and enjoy forever. Our kids need to realize how important little things like that are to us....

    I know how much you love Branson---so with the family there, life has to be awesome for sure.....

    You're just a KID at 70.... I'll be 74 in August..... Yeah for the 70-year-olders.


  12. Happy Birthday and Many More. It looks like you are having alot of fun.

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you.You deserve to be treated like royalty and it looks like your family is doing that perfectly.Wishing you many more years to celebrate.

  14. Happy birthday C! Love your party and the magazine gift as they have gotten so expensive I hardly buy them.

    Funny your in Branson, I spent time tonight searching for an RV park there. We have a wedding to attend at Big Cedar Lodge, rooms are expensive there, besides take the camper and we can stay longer.

    Enjoy the beautiful weather.

  15. Birthday blessings to you, Cheryl!! I am glad that your special day was full of memory-making moments!!

  16. Happy Birthday Cheryl! Looks like you had a very special day!


  17. Happy Birthday, and what a beautiful place to be to celebrate.. I am now humming Celebration .. I dance by myself to... love the cake and ice cream cake is my favorite. love the colors of the balloons to.. have fun, see you when you get back home. I just cme here from Corner of a Cats mind and she is 70 tody to. welcome to our world of life after 70

  18. Happy Birthday belatedly! (I should have read your post yesterday!) Seventy is a great age; I will be seventy-one on April 15th, and it just gets better and better. Sweet gifts. Have a most blessedly abundant and abundantly blessed day!

  19. 70?
    No way Cheryl...only a look mahvelous darling! Hahaha!
    Glad you got spoiled!
    Linda :o)

  20. I am not skipping out on a chance to wish one of my favorite bloggers a HaPpY BirtHdAY! So glad that you are celebrating with the ones you love in Branson, too.

  21. Oh what a sweet post, Cheryl! Happy Birthday! I would have never guessed 70 either! The card from your daughter almost made me very precious. It is very evident how much she loves her mama! It is beautiful here as well with spring popping up everywhere. Enjoy your week!

  22. Happy Birthday! I turn 70 on the 11th...yay for both of us! What a super sweet family you have, glad you had a wonderful day.

  23. What a wonderful birthday you had, Cheryl! Your family made it so special for you and extra happy foryour 70th birthday! Lots of happiness and good health in your new decade. xoxo