Friday, March 25, 2016

Names...and other things

"What's in a name?  That which we call a rose
 By any other name would smell as sweet."
~Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet)

My hubby went to the grocery store for me recently and when he returned he told me that a woman, and he couldn't think of her name, said to tell me hello.  He said it was Scrooge's wife.  Well, I immediately knew who he was talking about.

That started a conversation over dinner after I made sloppy joes from the hamburger he had gone to the store to purchase for me.  I have never heard Scrooge called anything but that and I'd be hard pressed to recall his real name.

We started thinking about all the folks we know in our small town with colorful nicknames.  There is Dragon and Gator also Critter, Scoop, Punky, Snooky and the funniest nickname to me was one who is now deceased but was called Cabbage.  

One of my classmates starting calling me CQ, which were my initials, in high school and it became my nickname for a few years.  Do you have a nickname?  Do tell!  

The only one in my family who has a nickname now is BG.  The "big guy" was coined by our son.  BG was also called Shorts by his uncle because even though he is 6' 2" tall, he is the shortest man in his family.  lol!  

 Wanna nut?

I'm not planning a big Easter meal this year.  We'll be working at The Project as much as we can this weekend.  BG is wanting to get back at the wiring.  We plan to meet our son for dinner Sunday if he can't get away to come in.   

Some have asked about the rental house, so for new readers The Project is my name for the rental house we bought a year and a half ago.  We found it needed a lot more work than we anticipated, the worst being the wiring nightmare my hubby found.

Many things have been ticked off the list.  The deck was mostly replaced, the bathroom completely redone, the hardwood floors (except for the "spare" room) have been stripped and varnished.  A lot of the painting is done and light fixtures replaced.  The spare room will be carpeted and a bedroom needs to have the walls sanded down.  That is the room that BG has put a new breaker box in behind the door, so we're not going to stir up dust by sanding until the wiring is done.  About 3 rooms still need painting but that won't take long, also a few other little things remain to get done.  Painting and a few little repairs need to be done on the outside, but that will keep until we have the time. 

We've had a carpenter do a little of the work, but the rest is done by us with my DIYer BG doing the majority.  Since he is still working full time and is not so...ahem...young anymore, it is taking a bit longer than we'd hoped.  It's work awhile, then take a break, then back to work again.  It's not something we need to be in a hurry for since our daughter is the one that will be living there.  She has been too busy with work writing grants and taxes and such to think about moving.  The boyfriend takes up the rest of her time.  :)

Speaking of nicknames, I'm sure the folks in our community are calling us Slowpokes.  We get asked frequently what we're doing with that house!   

Have a blessed Good Friday,
xo Cheryl


  1. I knew it had a been a while but not that long.. just keep thinking how much it would have cost if BG did not do it himself.. i don't know what others call us, but i have a nickname my dad called me. i wanted to be a boy and he started to use Sam but made it Samar, and since i had threatened to change my name from Sandra to Maggie as soon as i turned 18, Samar it was. the only person that calls me that now is Bob, when he met my parents in 1985 he heard them call me that and it stuck. we get odd looks when he calls me Samar in public... he and i use names from people in our neighborhood and at the YMCA when we don't know their real names. one at the pool is yellow croc... because he wears yellow crocs, one is Mrs Yvonne because his wife is Yvonne and we don't know his. there are more but you get the gist of it.

  2. Cheryl, I call my Ted...Teddy Bear or Huckleberry...and some times I say, "you are my best friend Hoke." LOL.. My nickname is Susie..My father reached to pick me up when I was about a month old and there was a hot water bottle in my crib and he said , "oh you burned me , you little Susie Q...the Susie has always been my name. I was in first grade before I found out my name was Margaret. LOL. It does take longer to finish when you are working already and we get a bit more tired as we age. It will al be great when it's done. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
    p.s. hope you have a happy Easter.

  3. no nicknames i wish to reveal other than 't'. :) have a good weekend. and good luck to your handy hubby.

  4. Afternoon Cheryl, funny nicknames are, my poor little dog has so many. Wishing handy hubby luck.Happy Easter Francine.

  5. Cute post and Happy Easter to you and the family... Glad to get the update on "The Project".... Sounds like you ARE making headway --slowly but surely. Nicknames are so funny.... Right now, the thing that I am thinking of is NOT people --but areas around my small town where I grew up in Big Stone Gap, VA.... Two different train depots were in that small town.. SO--the area west of BSG was called the L&N... The area east of BSG was called the Southern..... BUT---there are some little areas with their own names (such as Frog Level, Italy Bottom--pronounced ITLY Bottom), the Wildcat, etc... EVERYONE knew what someone was talking about when the different areas around that little town were discussed.... How funny is this!!!!

    Happy Easter.

  6. I'm not cooking this year, we are going to a brunch a few towns over. We had nicknames when we young, but nicknames didn't seem to stick with our own children.

  7. Hi Cheryl, I have enjoyed catching up with you this evening. My nickname is Shorty because I am the shortest of my brothers and sisters. It just stuck even my kids call me that part of the time especially if there are to many mom's around. We have sure had some crazy weather. Have a wonderful Easter. Hugs and Prayers from Your NW Missouri Friend Shirley

  8. Hi Cheryl~

    Oh my gosh, your post made me laugh out loud! We are a nickname family! My nickname is Myrtle, not sure why, my husband has always called me, Myrtle, maybe he thinks I'm a slow poke! If he's in a hurry, he shortens it to, Myrt. A friend of ours calls my husband, BB, and we call him, Shane Wayne, his name is, Shane, but when my son worked for him years ago, he would bring his shot gun to work, and shoot the limbs off of the trees if they were in the way. They were building a road in a really remote location so no one was hurt! Hence the name, Shane Wayne. My niece is, Shelley-Belle, my grandson is, KB, one of my granddaughter's is, Bugs.

    When my husband worked, I swear everyone had a nickname! Anvil head, One Ton Son, you get the gist . . . the list goes on and on, my husbands nickname was, Bull Dog. Fun post!

    You are really making headway on the, project. It will be done before you know it!

    The rose is just beautiful! I can't wait until we have some color in our yard!

    Have a wonderful Easter!


  9. I loved reading about what you are up too. I love that your almost through with the project. Sorry, about the wiring struggle. Many years ago we had an old farm home that we bought and ended up with having to re-do a number of things. My hubby was nervous the whole time we lived there for fear that the electrical wiring would need to be completely re-done. We were blessed that it didn't.
    Wishing for you and your son a really lovely Easter. Hope you have a few moments to relax.
    Ok, we have had some nicknames in our home. Our # 3 son's name is James and we was called him JJ. Our oldest daughter's name is Christina and we called her Chrissy bug. Our 2nd daughter's name is Jenni and we called her Jenni, the Poo. Our youngest daughter's name is Tiffani and she was called Tiffie two shoe. Weird I know. It was just names we used at home. Our oldest two didn't really have nicknames.
    I thought the ones in your town were unique and fun. Happy Easter to all! Hugs~

  10. the project shouldbe finished soon so that will be good. While norsing I was oftten called by my initials and occasionally the girls after 55 years still would use them. M.R.D. (Margaret Ruth Douglas) I was the onnly nurse in my set that they usd the intiials to use as a nickname but I do not know why! HAPPY EASTER and have a great week ahead.

  11. I always smile when you refer to BG. That is what I called my Great Dane for he was also a big guy. I had the name Greenie in high school. Right before spring break, my crew all decided to dye our hair different colors like Easter eggs. I dyed mine bright green with food color and was the only one to do it. I was so gullible.

  12. Whatever you find yourself doing on Easter,I trust you will have a good day.

  13. LOVED hearing all the interesting nicknames. Made me smile. Have a HAPPY EASTER whatever you do. I've been in bed nursing a 103 fever and a chest full of congestion for the past couple days.

  14. Nicknames . . .
    We have a few, (several in fact) around here . . .
    I'll leave it at that . . .
    Fun post . . .
    "Scrooge" has been made quite popular!

  15. Sometimes it's nice to go out to eat on the holidays. I'm sorry about your rental but it sounds like it's going to be great. My hubby is a lot older than me and returned to the farm he grew up on a few years ago and it's taking us forever too to get it done. It just takes time.

  16. Sometimes it's nice to go out to eat on the holidays. I'm sorry about your rental but it sounds like it's going to be great. My hubby is a lot older than me and returned to the farm he grew up on a few years ago and it's taking us forever too to get it done. It just takes time.