Monday, September 21, 2015

Weekend Adventures

We had such an exciting weekend that I'm sure you will be perfectly envious when you read about it.  lol!  After a late breakfast Saturday, BG and I, that's an exaggeration on my part...slowly climbed into the truck and headed off to the home center in the Big Town for some more drywall and electrical supplies.  Along with a few other things BG needed. 

We had some questions and waiting for anyone to show up to help us took some time.  Lots of folks there that day.  We spent a good 3 hours or more there. 

By the time we were finished and ran by another store, we were hungry again.  He told me it was my turn to choose where we ate, so I chose the Golden Corral.  Remind me to not do that again.  There is too much food there to tempt a weak person like myself.  What I chose was very good.  Fried fish with lots of veggies and one of their yummy rolls.  I skipped dessert, although the chocolate covered strawberries were very tempting.

On the way home, both of us talked about how much we hate walking around those huge stores on concrete and how much our backs were hurting.

It was late afternoon when we got home and the first thing we noticed in the house was that it was too warm.  After checking the a/c we looked at the vent and saw that the coil was frozen over on the fan up in the attic.  A quick call to a friend who works with air/heating units was made and he suggested we just leave the fan running all night and see what happened.  I have to admit the a/c filter was very dirty and that seemed to be what the problem was.   Everything was fine the next morning when we turned the a/c back on.  Lesson No. 1 learned was not to let too much time lapse between filter cleanings.   

After we got a floor fan out to help keep cool, I noticed our kitty, Sissy, wanted to go outside.  She is the only one we trust to let outside as she almost always comes to the door after a short time and rattles the door knob signaling us that she wants back inside.  Well, this time she didn't come to the door.  I was sitting with my feet up and my bad ankle throbbing from the day spent walking all over the home center and the last thing I wanted was to have to keep looking for Sissy. 

I decided to sleep on the couch and hope to hear Sissy rattling the door knob before too late in the night.  She can't meow very loud and most of the time just moves her mouth and doesn't make a sound.  I found myself getting up throughout the night and going outside to call to her to come inside.  No luck.

BG found Sissy the next morning.  She had had her Big Adventure and was ready to come back inside.  Probably because she was hungry!  Lesson No. 2 learned was to not let her go outside that late in the day ever again.

Today is almost over as I write this.  It has been another one of those days.  I had to scrub the kitchen floor because someone tracked some unknown substance all over it.  It was bad enough that I scrubbed it twice.  I vacuumed the house as well as scrubbed the kitchen and bath.  Maybe tomorrow I will get some fall decorating done.  Fall officially begins this Wednesday!

Happy Monday/Tuesday to you!
xo Cheryl


  1. Hope all the pains and aches have gone now. You had a busy day and certainly did not need the cat to do a walkabout! Love the sunset shot.

  2. I know Sissy put a big scare in you. Shame on her but if she could talk, I bet she would have a tale or two to tell.

  3. I hope the aches and pains ease . . .
    I would have been freaking out with worry about the wandering kitty . . .
    Remind me . . . his old is she?

  4. Oh yes, I identify with the hobbling over hopping. Oh the hours we spend fretting over pets! Glad that Sissy finally showed up! She obviously has no regard for your mental health! =D

  5. Can't cats drive you nuts?! I am glad that Sissy returned, healthy and happy! (Were you like the proverbial parent who is so relieved to see that their child is alive that they want to kill 'em?)

    I guess we all have days like that. Hope your next ones are smooth sailing!!

  6. Glad Sissy is back. I had a cat like that! He died of old age.

  7. the most i can do in a store is 1 hour, 3 would have me down for days.. i just came back from Wynn Dixie and was only on their 20 minutes and my hip feels like i am sitting on a hot coal... i just LOVE old age.. hope yours is feeling better and so glad your kitty came home ok.. and that your AC was just the flilter

  8. I love to go to Lowes or Home Depot, but you are so right about walking and walking and looking and ending up with a sore back...happens every single time we go. Glad Sissy came back!

  9. Wonder what that girl was up to? So glad it wasn't interesting enough that she finally came home. Cats are nocturnal so she might have done some hunting.
    Hope you are all healed up now. That was some sunset you got to enjoy.

  10. Aw, you worry about your cat just as you would a child, Cheryl!
    I don't know how you resisted desert, you must have great discipline.

  11. You have beautiful pictures. Some of those shopping trips can be longer than we intend,but I hope you still had a good day.

  12. That is one beautiful evening sky. It has been nice and cool here this week and the A/C has hardly come on, Next week it may be scorching hot again...that's the we roll :) Glad Sissy returned safe & sound :)

  13. too funny. the home depot's and lowe's and places like 'em get me exhausted from the hard floor and lighting, too. (plus all the handy stuff for a non-handy person just wears me down.) :)

  14. I get worn out at the building/do it yourself stores...or any store for that matter that has the concrete floors. But at them, there is so much to look at and drool over, then there are the decisions to be made.

    Glad your kitty was there for BG to find!

  15. Hi Cheryl~

    I can feel your pain, those big stores just kill my feet!! It sounds like quite and adventure, 3 hours in one of those stores is enough to drive a person mad!

    Can I just tell you how much I love the picture of the sunset and the water . . . oh, be still my heart!!

    When I worked, we used to have an AC that used to freeze up all the time, it was crazy, if only I had know that it was just a filter, life would have been much cooler!

    Silly furry friends! Why is it that we worry so about them!? I was very relieved to hear that the adventure brought her home safe and her picture!

    I'm looking forward to more pictures of your project ... ;0)


  16. It looks like you had a very busy weekend shopping and repairing. I love the Golden Corral too but I don't think that I could pass up the desserts. I love that your kitten is kind of like kid; you stay up to make sure they get back home safely; loved it.
    You work too hard and I think you need more restful moments again. Blessings and hugs!

  17. Sorry you had such an adventurous Hope your ankle is feeling better. And so glad your air is working again. I don't think I'd make it any more without the air! That little stinker....going out prowling all night and worrying its Mom! Lol


  18. hahhaa...your weekend sounds like ours, most of the time. And, I hear you about walking for very long on concrete floors...our feet hurt...our backs hurt...and our feelings hurt...LOL
    Hoping your ankle is better soon.

  19. Your weekends sounds like one of ours, Cheryl, when DH and I go shopping we both have to come home and nap! lol Most times he looks at me and says, "getting old is not fun at all." it is hard when you have a young spirit in an old body!.~smile~
    So glad sissy came home safe, maybe she had a late night date "wink"!
    I am having a hard time getting my fall decorating done, as it has been so hot hear, and my flowers are still in full bloom!
    Enjoy your week, hugs, from me to you,

  20. I am so very thankful you found Sissy....too much harm can come outside. Somehow when it rains it pours....a busy weekend with household chores...however, there is something to thankful for with all the normalcy of that! Wishing you a lovely beginning to fall Cheryl..gorgeous sunflowers!!!

  21. Sounds like an adventurous weekend - but not the fun kind! So glad Sissy finally came back home. Whew.

  22. Those concrete floors are hard to walk on...also country roads with too much of a crown so you walk uneven. You should be on first name basis with the people at the home improvement store:)