Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wednesday Bits 'n Bobs

Fall is on the way, but you wouldn't know it to look in my house.  Not one fall vignette yet in sight.  I bought a new magazine that's full of autumn eye candy to  read while we were on vacation.  It has lots of beautiful fall pages and I've looked at them again.  It has got me thinking about bringing up my boxes of fall things from the storage room.  I did buy a couple of new fall things on my last trip to the Big Town, but they were more for setting the table.  When I get them unwrapped and washed, I'll try to get a photo to share.   

Is it just me or is anyone else noticing that blogging has slowed down for many bloggers?  I'll include myself in the slow lane.  It was a busy summer and I look for a busy fall as well.  Actually, it is not so much that I'm busier than ever but slower than ever.  It takes me longer to accomplish what I used to be able to do in half the time.  Maybe a few of you can relate?  Have I said this before?  I believe I have.  lol!

I also got a book read while on vacation.  Diana of Nana Diana Takes a Break blog has written her very first book, The Mystery of Lucy and the Dark Woods.  I had a copy for quite a while, but never seemed to get time to read it.  I just knew that once I started it that I wouldn't be able to put it down until I was finished and I was right.  It is a very good book for a first time author.  I loved it!

It has come to my attention that Rainie and Rambo are both boys.  Not a boy and girl as originally thought.  It's not that easy to tell when they are very young, but having looked a bit closer now it is obvious I was in error.  New name for Rainie...Romeo.  They are both such loving little guys that they could both be called by that name!  I rarely sit down with the laptop without having one of them jumping onto my lap.  I'm still hoping to find a home for them.  The photo here is an older one, so they are actually bigger now.  It's hard to get a good shot of them because of their color.

The presidential candidates are nothing if not good for a few laughs this September.  I nearly spit out my iced tea the other day when I read what Bobby Jindal said about Donald Trump's hair.  That it looks like a squirrel is sitting on top of his head.  lol!

I don't like to post and run, but I have to make a little run to the Big Town this afternoon, so I'll be visiting tonight.  Well, after I've checked in to see if that really looks like a squirrel on top of a certain head that will be debating tonight.  :)  This promises to be an entertaining debate whether you have an R or a D beside your name.  Will you be watching?

Happy Wednesday to you!
xo Cheryl


  1. i think the down turn in blogging is due to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram, about a dozen of mine that i follow post on FB all day and once in a rare while on their blog. about half of those gave up blogging and only do Facebook.. that is my theory. after all the talk about the squirrel, the Big T had something done to his hair, it is a little better than it was. i programmed the debate for bob, i can't stand to watch debates, they are all liars and none of what they say is the truth. 3 hours of lying it to much for me. i will not watch the D debate either. also every news channel runs and runs and runs it over and over... off the soap box now. to funny on Rainey is now Romeo. they are so cute.

  2. That is hilarious what that person said about Trumps hair!!

  3. I still have my spring décor out...soon though I can get it all together for fall. I have gained much headway today. But I am wore hand and feet hurt. ...from staining the deck and pulling weeds and trimming trees. Too much for one day. My squat muscles really hurt to sit down or stand back up. yikes. I love your pretty cats...they are getting along now...but being two males, they may start to spray to mark their territory. I hate politics...but I absolutely vote after reading their points of view..they all promise... Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. I have noticed the slow down also. Personally I have dropped off to once a week. Everything runs its course and I hope that is not the fate of blogging. I am not a Facebook person so I will keep cranking out my weeklies and visiting those still doing the same. Those cats are adorable and sexing a cat is really tough. Many a male cat grows up with a female name.

  5. I like the idea that Trump has a squirrel sitting on his head.Funny! I totally understand that everything seems to take longer.I can't believe this,I';m not even old yet. What will happen when I do reach old age,whatever that may be. :)

  6. at times throughout the year i do slow down on blogging but i enjoy it .... love sharing. i think it is interesting to see what folks are still around. & which ones have taken the hike. love your fall flowers. i have slow down this week. i have a bladder infection & the antibiotics are kicking my butt. i don't get sick often ... thankfully. have a nice one. ( :

  7. Yes, everyone in my group of bloggers is in slo-mo including me! The boys are pretty cute! I hope that someone will take them for their family. Two males don't do well together, do they? Yes, we'll be watching tonight and how, if we can stay awake!

  8. oh, I am so, so slow compared to just a few years ago. I kept hoping I would feel better and speed up but it is not to be. Not that I am really sick...I just suffer from 'tiredness.' LOL Every evening it hits and I could just sit and sleep. Funny about Rainie being a Romeo instead. Yes, it is kind of hard when they are little...I am so glad I am not the only one. Yes, we will be watching the debates....

  9. Hi Cheryl!
    Yes...I have been struggling to find the time for writing posts....some come easier than others!
    We are enjoying some lovely summer weather here...had Miss V in the pool today!
    Enjoy the rest of your week...
    Linda :o)

  10. Yes, indeed...I have been in slow mode myself. When I compare the number of posts per month to last year's number, I realize just how much I have slowed down.

    Like you, I am also in slow mode with my autumn decorating. A bowl of apples on the kitchen table and that's it. This evening we went out to buy some pumpkins/gourds and when we got home, I lit a pumpkin I am on my way. :) I'll be waiting to see your autumn touches!

  11. Yes some bloggers have slowed down, it is par for the long as they don't quit completely:) I don't watch debates way too boring and to talk about politics for a whole year plus until we can vote that is just crazy. I am not decorated for Fall yet either...soon maybe...sometimes I wait for the actual day when Fall begins...I know I hold onto summer too long:)

  12. Glad that you got the kittens sorted out :)
    Romeo is a good name.

    You are not alone... it does seem that a lot of us bloggers have slowed down. Life gets busy, and time is precious, and lots of other things seem to call us away from the computer.
    For me, I've enjoyed nesting in our new home, crafting, reading, canning, etc... , that leaves less computer time :)

    Looking forward to seeing some of your new Fall stuff.

    Smiles :)

  13. Hi Cheryl!

    The kittens are adorable, they are sure cute little boys!

    I have felt the same way about blogging, I am slower and it really does take longer to do everything . . . including posting a blog. But, I will continue to blog, even if it is once a week or once every two weeks. I have a Facebook account, but don't look at it very often, blogging is way more personal to me.

    Fall really did sneak up on me this year, I'm not sure I'm ready for it! This morning when I got up, it was only about 40 degrees, and our high was only 55 today, so Fall is in the air. I'm hoping to get a few Fall decorations out before too long... :0)

    Can't agree more on the hair looking like a squirrel, that's funny!! I will be paying close attention to this election.

    Have a great week!!


  14. I think the names you have are perfect for the kitties! Very interchangeable. Not being much of a cat person only because my entire family and I are ferociously allergic, I have to say that pre black cats are my fave! :)

    Blogging does go a bit downhill in the summer with outdoor activities and vacations, And then in the winter I'm so bored---I live in the Midwest and it's simply much better to stay indoors most of the time! So I love to blog then.

    Trump--his hair has aggravated me forever. It's the white rings around his eyes that are so odd. Makeup? Love to rub it and see what he's hiding!!!

    Jane x

  15. Romeo is a lovely name for the kitty. Yes I haven oticed some bloggers have slowed down although for the moment I haven't done so. My problem is not making posts but doing so much commenting although a lot of bloggers do not do a lot of this. I love having comments and toknow what people like ordo not like. I amsure someday, I also wil slow down but not yet aslong as people find mu blog interesting.

  16. I have slowed down to three times a week and I have noticed that others have slowed down. I know that I want to spend less time on the computer and more time doing the things that I want in life. Right now I am heading out the door for a walk. Have a great day. xo Laura

  17. I believe I do see a resemblance in your squirrel photo :D. No debates for me as I was out to dinner with my niece who flew in for a brief visit.
    I'm sure I can see the highlights for the next several days.
    I hope you are able to find nice homes for your kitties.
    I have definitely noticed the slow down in blogging. I think some bloggers have left altogether in favor of Instagram. I can see how that could happen, but I miss some of them.

  18. I guess it's a busy time for most of us. I have a slower connection so I've been forced to slow down! lol Enjoy your day! Hugs!

  19. Such sweet kitties!!!!! Love the flower picture, pretty. Love this time of year!!!!!! Blessings Francine.

  20. I agree....blogging world has slowed down... I even feel guilty about not being able to blog more often!! However....this season of my life has me overwhelmed with being on the go! Hoping that I can get settled down (after my cruise next week) and get back into my daily blogging. I truly miss my friends when I am away... Sounds like you're ready for the Fall season....I know I am!!

  21. Yes, I think blogging has taken a back seat to FB, Pinterest, and Instagram. I am blogged out but I still enjoy visiting and commenting at the blogs I follow although I have fallen behind on that too. We have been busy with stuff so not much time to spend on the computer. Your two kitties are sweet. Didn't watch the debate, it's such a crazy sideshow I can't take them!

  22. Blogging usually picks back up as the holidays approach, what with all of the decorating and such going on but I can certainly understand that lives get busy and sometimes more important things taking priority. Your kitties are really growing and are just precious! I did watch the debate and I agree that it was quite entertaining to say the least :) Have a good weekend!

  23. "The Kids" are so cute . . .
    Love the name changes . . .
    Because of " the discovery!"

  24. Hi Cheryl ~ yes, I've noticed blogging has slowed down a bit again. Not sure why.
    Didn't know Nana Diana had written a book!
    Just now started with little bits of fall decorating. I'm finding as I get older, less is more.
    The kitties are so cute! I know how active they are at that age.
    No, I don't watch the debates. I'm not into politics and I really dislike stressful stuff on TV like that anyway.

  25. I can definitely relate to doing things slower!! I usually only post on my blog every other week or so, so that is my slow pace for that!! It works and doesn't stress me out. Your kitties are adorable! My husband and I are looking for a pair of kitties to adopt. I have one on hold at a local shelter because she is not old enough yet. I would grab your two if I was closer! I love Fall but just not feeling it enough yet to start decorating. It is supposed to be cooler this week so maybe then.... I find all the presidential stuff completely annoying...just like all the squirrels in my yard!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

  26. we've had a lot going on and I've neglected my blog, and I don't even have a FB or any other social network I did watch the debate. It's very entertaining and I have to be educated so I'll know who to vote for, because this country needs serious help!
    your kitties are adorable!

  27. I know exactly of what you speak! I have gotten so slow it is pathetic. I used to easily be able to read 200 pages a day in my proofreading job and now I have trouble getting through 100. I am constantly running out of time it seems. However, I tend to have trouble staying under the speed limit when I drive!

  28. I know exactly of what you speak! I have gotten so slow it is pathetic. I used to easily be able to read 200 pages a day in my proofreading job and now I have trouble getting through 100. I am constantly running out of time it seems. However, I tend to have trouble staying under the speed limit when I drive!

  29. I know exactly of what you speak! I have gotten so slow it is pathetic. I used to easily be able to read 200 pages a day in my proofreading job and now I have trouble getting through 100. I am constantly running out of time it seems. However, I tend to have trouble staying under the speed limit when I drive!

  30. This has, indeed, been a busy summer. We have building going on, repainting furniture, new sofa and all that that entails...we haven't traveled anywhere at all this summer. Just too busy trying to get the little building finished before cold weather. Talk about doing things SLOW...oh, we are sooo slow...we work 30 minutes and need to rest 45.....Oh, well, it will get done. Son has been able to help the last 2 days (he has a full time job) and things have really moved along.
    I haven't put out one fall thing and probably won't...I don't decorate much for fall...a few pumpkins and candles and that's about it. I would like to make something for our front door...not a wreath...I have a great little basket to fill with fall things....probably use that.
    take care...xoxo

  31. Wow, it is time to get the fall things out and put them up. The last couple of months for me has been non-stop and my blogging way down. I certainly fit in the category of slower in doing everything.
    Your kittens are so adorable and what fun names they have. I wish i wasn't allergic to them. I really miss Willie our cat that we had for 18 years. Now just have our sweet dog Sammy that bring so much joy into our lives.
    Yes, the Presidential debates are entertaining. I don't know what to think about Trump except what is he doing there???
    Hope you have a great week. Blessings and hugs~