Tuesday, July 7, 2015

More From Last Week and The Fourth

This week is off to a better start than the last one.  On Monday last week, Callie gave us quite a scare by slipping out the door.  Thankfully, BG happened to see her while mowing Friday.  She was a couple of lots over from our house and had run under an outbuilding when he called to her.  I went to her and coaxed her out, picked her up and carried her home.  She was starving and needing lots of lap time and ear rubs.  We will have to watch her closely when the door is opened from now on, but she is safely back home and we are happy she is okay!  Thank you all again for your prayers and well wishes for her safety!

While I kept busy looking for Callie every day last week, I also had jury duty Tuesday and fretted (to myself - mostly) about that, but I wasn't selected as a juror.
BG took a few vacation days and one day we took a little road trip down south of us to Lehman's, the Mennonite eatery near Versailles, for lunch one day.  We would have driven on to the Lake of the Ozarks, but it looked like rain was going to hit that area.  We stopped at the Dutch bakery on the way back home but didn't buy much as I'd already gotten a loaf of homemade bread at Lehman's.  

The next day we headed to the Big Town and stopped at all 3 home improvement centers.  We came home with lots of drywall and trim and a few other things.  After unloading, he decided to mow and you know now how that turned out.

This little guy narrowly escaped getting run over by us.  We had just pulled in with our stuff from the home center and I got out of the truck and happened to look down and spotted him just in front of the truck's tire.  Whew!  That was close.  He looks like a baby....a lost baby, at that.  I picked him up and after snapping his cute self, placed him in a better location away from truck tires.

July 4th was bright and sunny and HOT!  I took very few photos and this one is of our daughter riding with her BF in the parade.  This car belongs to a relative of his.  I love the red and white Chevy behind them.  

It was a nice day for parades, picnics and fireworks to celebrate our country's birthday.  We celebrated mostly on Sunday when our son came in for an overnight.  We played cards and grilled steaks.  My dessert was an ice cream cake from the DQ.  A wonderful and fun weekend with my family and all the kitties safely at home.

We have had rain through the night and this morning.  I won't have to water the flowers outside.  The sunflower above is one of two volunteers I have that grew from seed spilled from the bird feeder.  The flower photos were all tweaked with the watercolor pencil app in Photoscape.  

BG was home yesterday and we rested most of the day.  We had planned to start on the sheetrock work, but decided we needed rest.  That is important, too.  The work will always keep for another day.

The sheetrock is for our basement.  After all the rains we've had and we still have a dry basement - yay! - we have decided it was okay now to put up the new drywall and once that is done, get new carpet for the floor.  We wanted to make sure that the foundation work was going to hold the water back before we started on this project.  Oh, I'll be so glad when this is done and I have a nice family room downstairs once again!  

What projects are you starting or finishing this summer?  

The Project aka our other house is still awaiting some workers.  One bid has been okayed on the bathroom and I hope they start soon.  We are still awaiting another bid.  As a friend said recently, it's very hard to find someone who does carpentry in our town.  Those who live away don't seem too interested in driving very far to work, so getting The Project work done is moving at a snail's pace.  I'm trying not to get too frustrated.  I am glad that BG has finally realized he can't do it all himself.

That's all I have for today.  Hope yours is a nice one!

Happy Tuesday to you!
xo Cheryl          


  1. That's a big project! A family room will be very nice, especially since you used to have one. Callie sure knows how to get attention when she needs it. What are the kittens up to? Your daughter looks right at home in the vintage car...she looks as if she had fun.

  2. I love all the sunflower art, beautiful and both the old cars. my first car was like the red and white one, a aqua and white 56 Chevy... yippee on the room staying dry and so very happy Callie is back home. i wish we did have some projects, our house needs to be painted inside and out and a ton of other things done. bob will not or can't do them and will not hire it done. we just live in it the way it is.

  3. Just said a prayer of thanksgiving that Callie is home safe. I know you were worried sick about her.
    Cute photo of your daughter and like you, I love that red/white Chevy! Your flower photos are so pretty. How nice to eat at the Mennonite eatery; sounds like a lovely day with BG. John and I often have a day when we are so tired and we decide to hold off on a project til we feel better. Good for you both taking a day of rest.
    Have a good evening. Give Callie a hug from me!

  4. Hi Cheryl!

    I'm so glad you found Callie, what a scare! A few weeks ago, my sister's cat, Rudy, somehow got out of the house at night. They searched and searched for her, and finally decided that she was just, gone, lost. My sister cried all night. The next morning, they got up and found her sitting on the door-step . . . little stinker!
    They truly are our family.... :0)

    Home improvement jobs are always a huge chore! I always dread having to repair or replace things that, years ago, would not have even made me bat and eye. last week we had to replace the faucet in one of our bathrooms...it took us all day...my husband was a pipefitter! I think we are also a little more picky than we used to be about most things.

    I love your pictures - Photoscape is what I use too, I love some of the fun things you can do with a photo!

    It sounds like you are having a fun summer! It will go by way to quickly, and before we know it, we will be talking about turkey and Christmas trees!

    I love the picture of the little turtle! Believe it or not, I have found three, very large turtles in my lifetime, one in a garden when I was a little girl, and the other two in the road. I'm not sure why they were in Idaho, or why I was the one who found them, but, they all ended up in a good home!

    Have a great week!


  5. You have been a busy girl!!! lol Glad you saw/saved the cute little turtle.
    I have lot of projects going on, too. Mostly small ones but a couple that I really need to GET AT.
    Glad you found Callie safe and sound. It is always so worrisome when a pet disappears. xo Diana

  6. Love those flowers! How nice that you've gotten enough rain to keep everything watered.
    Sounds like you had a nice time going off to the city :)

    It's amazing how quickly this year is just zooming by! Enjoy what's left of July, for it will speed by too ~~**smile**


  7. Cheryl, So glad your pretty cat is back home. I can remember my girls crying over cats that would go missing for a while. It's rough. Your daughter's ride is wonderful. LOL. I looked at your posts I have missed. Your flowers are very nice. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  8. So glad you found Callie!! Your flowers photos are so lovely and I like the effects. My sunflowers are all gone now...when I came home from work today the squirrels had completely destroyed what was left of them :(

  9. Glad your kitty is back home...
    Love the sunflowers...
    Enjoy your evening
    Linda :o)

  10. I'm so glad you found your baby, Cheryl...I would have been out of my mind with worry, too. We once had a dog that could push the door open and he would run for blocks. I would have to get on my bike to chase him. We never lost him but we always watched that door.

    Sounds like you had a busy week and your holiday was fun...just perfect actually. We have had everything with the weather. Humidity, rain, heat, cold, rain, you name it. I have been wanting to put a varnish/weatherproof coating on our picnic table but we can't seem to get a prediction of 24 straight hours of no rain...and this has been going on since April. I have all sorts of projects in various stages and now I'm moving slower with the injured hand. I have a doctor's appointment Friday. Hope to find out what's wrong. Thanks for your kind comment.

    Jane xx

  11. Best news about Callie . . .
    Ear rubs and close watch . . . all is well . . .
    Like the old car parade, looks like perfect weather!

  12. Lehmen's , that eat too much place! Have you tried their doughnuts in the glass case? To die for! We have been eating at the little restaurant by Weaver's.
    Wish I could talk my blacksmith into sheet rocking our basement. You're a lucky gal.

  13. I am again so happy you found Callie. I hate it when a pet get's lost it has happened a few times to us.
    I love your road trip; it sounded fun. We are on an over night trip to see our sweet granddaughter play in a softball game. I am excited to see the game and visit with Barb; that you know. I is such a dear friend and we love sharing grandchildren.
    I am glad that you didn't run over the little turtle.
    The parade looks fun and I love the old cars. We went to my hometown for the weekend and had such a good time at the parade. I haven't seen it in over 50 years. I blog about it soon.
    Your Sunday sounded fun with your son and yes we all need to rest. I am anxious to get home and rest since we have been gone, came home one night and then off on this adventure.
    Loved your pictures as always. Continued blessings and hugs for you!

  14. It is nice that your husband and you can be spontaneous like that. Sounds like fun. Your daughter looked very happy to be participating in the parade. I know what a chore remodeling is. Getting extra help is a smart move. In my heart of hearts I knew dear sweet Callie would find her way back to you. I am glad she is safe and sound where she belongs.

  15. Glad you did not run over that little guy and your flowres are wonderful

  16. So glad about Callie's return. When they get their nose out of joint, they will stay close by but pout and starve themselves. Do keep a close eye on her for she will probably try it again as long as the kittens are around.
    Great save on that little turtle.

  17. So glad you found your precious kitty! What a relief! Looks like your parade had lots of neat old cars.

  18. Once again I have to say I am so happy about Callie. Glad all is good is your bit of country... :)

  19. I always enjoy reading what is going on at your place...bet you were so relieved to find Callie. I know how that is. We have our granddaughter this week..had her since last Wed but her mom was here for the weekend.

    Rained yesterday and raining again today...I need to go to the grocery but just dread going in the rain. So keep putting it off.

  20. I like the red and white chevy too! Glad Callie was found...cats sometimes have a mind all their own. You have started some big projects...sounds like lots of work. I need to paint our front door and the exterior of the sauna they are both projects on my list! :)

  21. i love sunflowers and coneflowers ... very pretty. what a cute turtle. i love antique cars ... so fancy. ( :
    hope you are doing well this week. calling for thunderstorms tonight. we will see??!

  22. I am so, so glad that Callie was found safe and sound! I am sure that she is picking right up where she left off...and you are probably indulging that Diva Cat persona out of sheer gratitude!

    Sounds like some exciting projects are going on at your place. You must be happy to be getting your family room back. Projects here are slow moving, but plodding right along...Ron's wood shed, and organizing and sprucing up the master bedroom. Projects never end...such is life. :)

  23. We are also involved with house projects at our VA house, which remains unsold. We we are doing some yard work and repainting outside trim work. Thankfully, no rain here, but hot and humid weather. Glad that Callie is home safe and that you and your family had a nice 4th of July celebration.

  24. I'm finally playing catch up! Sounds like you did have a nice Fourth and so glad Callie is home safe and sound! Love to see your daughter in the parade! You liked the red and white car in the background...we had one back in the day..but it was turquoise and white! smile...

    Glad you were able to get some rest...we do have those days and need to listen to our bodies.