Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Randoms

~Stay still, butterfly!~
That age old question...where does the time go?...certainly comes to mind today.  I just realized we only have one more day left on this calendar page.  For such a busy month, how can one accomplish so little? 

 ~Salvia loaded with bees~
I was talking to my friend, Ell, yesterday about vacations.  She and her hubby just got back from a bus tour that went through Tennessee to Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA before heading back up to TN and coming home to Missouri.  It sounded like a great trip, except for having to be packed each morning with the suitcase outside your door at 6 am and on the bus by 8 am.  I was telling BG about it and he said I would get left behind.  LOL!  Have you ever taken a bus tour?  It sounds like fun, if you don't mind sticking to a strict itinerary. 
~Photo taken from my kitchen window~
We need rain here.  We've only had a sprinkle or two, the rains have been very spotty in our area.  Our garden is looking good right now, but I will have to start watering soon and also watching out for the deer who are beginning to eyeball the backyard goodies.  I've seen them casting a hopeful eye when they make their way to the pond for a drink.   

I was hungry for Mexican food last night, so I made one of our favorite quick and easy meals.  I call this recipe Haystacks.

Brown a pound of hamburger and pour off the fat.  Stir in a package of taco seasoning and about a half cup of water and heat through.  Meanwhile, crush up some Nacho flavored Doritos on a plate.  When the hamburger mixture is ready, spoon on top of the Nachos and then top with lettuce, diced onions, salsa, shredded cheddar cheese and top with a dollop of sour cream.  Yummy!

Look at those big, scared eyes.  It breaks my heart that this little girl is so timid and scared of everything.  She jumps at the slightest  noise.  One of our other cats attacks her every chance they get.  Peanut growls, but won't fight back.  So, one of the cats is going to have to leave, I'm afraid.  Peanut was here first, so it will probably be the other cat.  It's hard to give up any furbaby that you've gotten attached to, but I can't have Peanut living in terror all the time.  Sigh.

Happy Friday to you!
xo xo  Cheryl  


  1. poor little peanut! bless her.

    LOVE that deer reflection! wow! we've only gotten 1/4 inch of rain this week, too, when some parts are overflowing. oh, well...

  2. The only reason the other one picks on her, is because she is scared. To bad she doesn't fight back and make a stand. The photos are amazing, I just love them! We need rain too. We are in drought mode right now.

  3. Your pictures are outrageously stunning today! The first one is amazing, I LOVE it!! The second one is, too, with such color intensity and another bumble bee. I love the deer and his reflection. The EXACT same thing happened with our cats! We had three, and Cher constantly chased and badly attacked Simba. Simba spent his time cowering under tables and chairs scared to death. We would squirt Cher with water when it happened, but nothing worked. I don't know what we finally would have done, but poor Cher died very suddenly, so end of problem. He was a naughty boy in other ways, too. Unrolling the toilet paper, and carrying off loaves of bread. But funny how that works, he was our favorite.

  4. I am so sorry for you, I don't think there is a good answer to this. Let me know what happens.

  5. Hi Cheryl~

    First, I want to thank you for your sweet and thoughtful comment on my blog . . . . for never meeting you, you are such a dear friend...much love to you.

    Time has a way of just passing by without me noticing at all! I am trying to get my schedule together to make more of my day - it seems like there is always some kind of interference to deal with.

    I have never taken a bus tour, and more than likely never will. I like running on my own time! Although, I have always wanted to go on the American Orient Express, once in a while it comes through our town on it's way to . . . who knows where, and I love to see the passengers sitting in the windows . . . just looks fun, and mysterious to me!

    Your Mexican Haystacks look delicious, I'm always looking for an easy, yummy meal. I think I have everything to make them, sounds like dinner tonight!

    Your poor little Peanuts... :0( I wish I lived nearby, I would sweep her up in a minute, she is adorable. I know you will find a good home for her.

    Your pictures are so beautiful - just love the deer with the reflection in the water, just gorgeous!

    Hugs and Love,

  6. Oh what beauty here today! I love your photography and subjects!

    I am a little upset that you've made me so hungry. That meal looks yummy.

    Poor little Peanut. I do hate it when kitties don't get along.

  7. Oh, that first photo is a beauty Cheryl. I'm wondering what camera you are using. I feel like you may have already told us, but I'm starting to think about replacing mine at some point.
    Great photo of the deer too. From the kitchen window yet. Wow! Hope he doesn't decide to munch on your pretty flowers.
    I had to laugh at your thoughts on the early morning part of the bus trip. Let's just say I can relate. I've never been on one as you may have guessed.
    Poor Peanut. She sounds like a gentle soul. I can imagine it must be very hard to have to part with one.

    1. Kim, I used my little Canon Elph 330 HS for most of these photos. The deer shot was taken with my Canon SX30IS which has a very good zoom, but it's heavy and I don't get the clearest shots. I need to dig out my tripod!

  8. Beautiful flowers!! and to catch the butterfly in the photo is lovely.
    The Mexican themed food looks real good and satisfying.
    I never did take a bus tour; not sure it would be for me.
    Sorry that one of the kitty's has to go; it really does break your heart.
    Well, have a nice weekend. Blessings, Catherine

  9. Such a sweet kitty and lovely eyes :)
    Your photos of garden are beautiful, as always !

  10. Lovely flower photos! We do the same thing with a soft taco shell but skip the seasoning and use salsa to spice up the lettuce and tomato and cheese on top. I know where did the month go? :(

  11. Your Mexican Tostada does look Yummy!
    Poor little Peanut. It surprises me when a cat you have had from a kitten is so timid, but it happens.
    I hope it is not Callie that has to go.

    1. Callie is safe, as is Stormy. They are good kitties. The one leaving is one we've been trying to find a home for and I don't think I've shown before, but TJ has become part of the family and it's hard to take him where he'll be put in a kennel until adopted.

  12. Nice post, Cheryl. I feel for your kitty. I'd be scared, too. Yes, I did take a bus tour once from the coastal area of Va. to the mountains of WVA. It was not bad at all but we did not have to be up at 6 every morning. Different bus tours have different rules I guess.

  13. Love YOUR Random post- I think we are onto something here. lol Poor Peanut. We had a cat that we had to get rid of because our older cat was scared ALL the time. So sad.
    Haystacks are a summer staple around here. The kids LOVE them. Have a great Friday. xo Diana

    ps. No bus tours for me- I get bus-motion sick....

  14. May has just flown by. Yes,I have been on a bus trip and loved everything about it.I'm getting on a bus again on July 8,for another trip.Both last year and the coming one are to a Gospel Music Festival.

  15. Your flowers are lovely.. And Peanut is so sweet, I am sorry one of the kitties has to go.. Have a happy weekend!

  16. Thanks for sharing. The shots were awesome. It seems like the time is flying by.

  17. That view out you window is wonderful. Such a beauty.
    You really have a problem. It is a shame that the two cats can't get along. Peanut does look quite concerned. Hope you can find a solution that works for all.

  18. Love your pictures.
    I think a bus tour sounds like fun. I would have to put a three day limit on it thought..... kind-a like having company~~~Hahaaa. After 3 days, I'd be done.

    Your dinner looks delish. Simple meals are so nice to have on a summer's night. It's no fun cooking over a hot stove for hours .

    Hope you have a great weekend :)


  19. Hi Cheryl, your flower photos are so beautiful and the shot of the deer is so peaceful. We sometimes have your haystacks for supper but call it Taco Salad. Actually I make a chilli and add chopped tomatoes, onion, sour cream, taco chips and cheese. It's a great summer meal. We went on a bus tour to Gatlinburg Tenn. about 9 years ago to a Gaither Homecoming weekend. It was a blast getting to know everyone on the bus from the Maritime Provinces but I didn't like the tight schedule either. The Gaither groups were awesome to see though and we go to tour around Dollywood and stuff. And we shopped. And ate. It was fun. Oh, the seats on the bus were horrible on my back and it was a very long drive from up here! Pam

  20. A special random post! I loved the photos and the recipe but saddened with the kitty news. Sending a hug your way.

  21. About that tour? I'd definitely be left behind. Just sayin'.
    Poor Peanut. Hope something works out for a good home for one of the furbabies. (Poor you, too.) :(

  22. Amazing all of the different personalities cats have!!!! Poor Peanut....

    Love the shot of the deer ---with those reflections.... GREAT...

    We took one quick trip on a tour bus once (to Washington DC)... I did NOT like it at all. You do see lots of things ---but your life and your time are NOT your own. We just perfer to do our own thing at our own pace...


  23. My Mom-in-law does those bus trips all the time with her bank group. No thanks. I am up early but don't get moving until 10am. Also I am not into sharing a bathroom with all those peeps on a bus! And CH and I like to travel on our own schedule. Peanut's face is heartbreaking.. she looks so much like our Z Cat that left us too soon from complications of asthma. It's time for breakfast and your Haystacks look delicious. I could eat them right now! Beautiful pictures Cheryl!

  24. When I was younger I took a bus tour to Hershey Pennsylvania. I don't like strict schedules either, so I haven't since. Poor Peanut. What a sweet thing she is.

  25. Lovely shots.
    I've never taken a bus tour like that ... I think I'd be left behind, too! :-D
    Enjoy the weekend.
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  26. Gorgeous, yummy, and sweet. But, a bus vacation . . . nope. lol

  27. Your pics are gorgeous!!! I have finally seen a blue bird in my backyard! We only had blue jays in Florida.
    Poor little Peanut. He reminds me of my Taffy. She was so timid and sweet. Maybe somehow you can separate them.
    enjoy the weekend,

  28. Love your pretty photos...the precious.
    Your dinner looks amazing. We belong to a home fellowship group that meets at different houses every Sun. evening...and share food (break bread) together. The host decides on the menu, and ea of us bring something to go along with it. Mexican Stack, much like your Stack, is a huge favorite. We all try to outdo the other and we come up with some awesome food. :)

  29. Great pictures and I love the one of the deer! Awesome!! We have never taken a bus trip. One of our very best friends drives a tour bus for Chuck's travels and he enjoys what he does. We hear a lot of stories about some of the great trips he has taken people on. Sounds fun!! Mexican dishes are a weekly thing around here... We live in a SMALL town, and we have two large mexican restaurants that are always busy!! Have a happy weekend..

  30. Loving your randoms !
    Is that pretty kitty of your an Abyssinian ?

    1. No, she's a gray Tabby or Tiger kitty.

  31. i don't think I would enjoy a tour bus; I like a more relaxed vacation without time constraints. However, I really would just like a vacation. We need one badly. We have a family reunion in a couple of weeks that will be fun if our children can get along. Our grandchildren are so awesome and love to be together.
    I loved the picture of the deer; but I know they can wreak trees and etc. June did fly by and I just can't keep up with time.
    Blessings for you thoughts today!

  32. I have often thought about a bus trip, but never taken one longer than a day trip. However, we are thinking about a possible train trip and one that would involve overnight travel. Yes, it is hard to part with a pet but Also not fair to your other cat to be so fearful.

  33. Your photos are exquisite! Love each one in its own right.


  34. Your photos are gorgeous, my friend. I'm not sure I would like a bus trip. I might gt left behind, too. xo Laura

  35. Lovely photos . . . clarity is wonderful!

    My husband and I took a bus trip to NYC this past fall we absolutely loved it. Stayed in a fabulous hotel in the theater district, near Central Park, saw Phantom of the Opera and Wicked . . . Walked a bunch, the bus picked us up, dropped us off at our planned sights like; Ground Zero, Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, plays . . . We had plenty f free time, met wonderful people. Perfect way to visit the city . . . We can't wait to take another trip.

  36. Peanut looks like our Puss Puss...those same big eyes. That is how she is around Lorelei and Lo has never been mean to her. She is that way around all kids basically.

    Anyway, I often wonder how I ever used to work and keep laundry and cooking done.