Monday, July 8, 2013

A Hot Monday

It's hot in my neck of the woods!  All I want to do is sip something cold and stay inside where it's cool.  I'd like to tell you about all the things I got done last week and crossed off my to-do list, but not many were.  At least those things requiring much work.  :)

My shoulder is better and I think it is partly because of the exercises I've been doing that were given to me by my chiropractor.  Plus I've not been lifting or doing anything that might aggravate it. 

I don't know if I'm going to be able to return to my usual blogging routine yet at least as far as commenting is concerned.  This will be another busy week filled with several appointments.  The first one on the calendar is a haircut this morning.  I can't wait.  I think my hair grows as fast as the grass in our yard!  

When I'm not here in blogland, I miss it.  Truly.  It's something that I really look forward to and I enjoy putting photos with my little posts.  There are so many ideas and so little time!  I also love seeing what you are up to!  

One of our recent day trips took us back to the Amish community which is only about 30 miles from us.  It was a fun day and I'll share a few photos later.  I also will finish my Laura Ingalls Wilder Home series soon. 

This little munchkin gave us a bit of a scare.  Oh, not because she's high up in the tree, but because she went missing for a couple of days.  It seems Mama Kitty took all 5 little ones for a hike and left them somewhere else overnight.  The next morning 4 of them returned home, but not this one.  Finally, last night she showed up.   We had to wonder if this is part of a training exercise that kittens undergo before they are weaned.

Have a wonderful day, whatever the weather!   

Until next time...


  1. HOPE that shoulder feels better soon. LOVE the pretty waterfall. Glad the kitten found it's way home.

  2. Cute kittie. Hope your shoulder continues to heal and you are 100% soon. Love that waterfall!

  3. Love the wallfall shot. Do kittens ever not look cute?? My g.daughter has a new kitten and it's really little and cute.xoxo,Susie

  4. Rain. Torrential. So glad that your shoulder is feeling better. I'm sure that not doing as much typing is helping!

  5. Glad she made it home!! I understand about the time and about the blogging... ;) blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  6. glad the shoulder is getting better, sweet sweet little kitty

  7. Morning, hot humid here still......Glad to hear the shoulder is feeling better........So happy the kitty`s made it back safe, Blessings Francine.

  8. Good Morning Cheryl! Glad your shoulder is doing better. Yep we are trying to get used to the idea of the heat and no rain thing AGAIN. Is it Fall yet? We are watering watering watering. Hope the well doesn't run dry!

  9. adorable little kitten! glad she made it back okay! and thanks for the waterfall cooldown!

    glad you're feeling a bit better!

  10. Glad you are getting better. Please, continue to not push on your shoulder.

    Lovely photos... I'm glad you felt like sharing some with us.

    Come back fully, to Pretty Blog Land, when you feel like it!!! We will be here. "Auntie" sezzzzzz...

    Happy New Moon!

  11. Love the picture and comment on the kitty. And yes, I think that is part of how animals train their young and I believe it is how our Father God deals with training us. God speaks to us in everything of nature. After all it was created FIRST and not man until the 6th day and then we were to tend it. Didn't mean to begin preaching but I just get so excited about God and the way He love us and WORKS with us.

  12. From the iced tea to the waterfall, it all looks cool and refreshing. We'll just pretend it isn't HOT outside.
    I am glad to hear that your shoulder is feeling better. Just take care of yourself and when you're ready, we will still be out here in blogland.
    So happy to hear that your little kitty returned to you.

  13. Hi there...your pictures are fabulous. the one of the kitty is so cute. I love your gorgeous header.......very attractive. I, too, am suffering from a bad shoulder.....always something with me...heading to the chiro. this afternoon. Glad you are getting better.


  14. Glad you are feeling better, Cheryl. Gorgeous waterfall... Bet you want to jump in that water. We haven't had the 'heat' so far this summer but we've had tons of RAIN....Guess I'll take the rain over the heat though.

    Glad you little kitty came home... Are they all outside cats? If I ever get a cat, I want it to be an inside cat.

    Can't wait to see your photos from the Amish community.


  15. Your waterfall is beautiful!! And so glad the kitty finally showed up! I know when the mama thinks her babies are not safe, she will move them.

  16. I am so glad he has you doing exercises. That is the only thing that fixed mine. I try to do them today as a preventive.
    Boy, our dandy weather has taken a hike. Cool and dry was wonderful but hot and dry is killer on plants.

  17. Keep exercising the shoulders - and don't let them freeze up. It hasn't been that hot here yet - but probably any day. sandie

  18. It's sticky hot here!!! I drink iced tea daily. :)
    Glad your shoulder is better!
    So glad that kitty showed up!!! I know you must have been worried!
    I need a haircut too! lol

  19. So glad that sweet kitty found it's way home! Glad you hear your shoulder is getting better too.
    Stay cool. It's hot and humid here too.

  20. That Munchkin is adorable..glad I don't live close or I might be tempted to have another one and I need that like I need a hole in the head.

    I am waiting for the Laura post...I really am enjoying them.

  21. oh my, that tea looks amazing!!

  22. I am so happy to read that your shoulder is doing better. I love the story of the cat and kittens. We had a cat leave for a whole year and then she came back.
    I the water fall picture is beautiful.

  23. what a dreamy looking waterfall !