Monday, July 15, 2013

A Barn From The Amish Community And A First

Isn't he a beauty?  He looked very friendly, too, as he just started
coming towards me as I got out of my car to snap a pic of the
barn.  That hazy look you see is dust.  We were on a gravel road
  and were they ever dusty!

Here's the barn that I was wanting to snap, but Black Beauty kept 
catching my eye.  This is another barn I'm sharing from our day
trip to the Amish community near Clark, MO over a week ago.  

You can tell in this shot that Black Beauty was moving 
a little bit closer all the time.  I used my zoom in that first shot.  I 
really wished that day that the grass and weeds weren't so tall and I wasn't in my flipflops, or I would have walked over to the fence.  Do you see
the purple martin house just past the horse?  Most Amish homes have them, I noticed.

This is another barn almost identical to the one above.  I wish my shot was a bit clearer.  It must have been the sun.  :)  Anyway, see the sign in the front?  The Amish homes that have goods for sale will have a sign near their driveway stating what they have for sale that day.  This one had produce.  I bought cucumbers for 25 cents at one home. 

My daughter went with me on this trip.  She had never been to the Amish
community and found it very interesting.  There is another thing she 
encountered and actually used that day that was a first for her.

Yes, it is what you think it is!  An old-fashioned outhouse.  
There were actually signs to lead the way to it.  Now some
of us are, ahem, old enough to remember or have even used these in 
the past.  Raising my hand and waving here.  This one was a two-seater.  But, nary a place to wash your hands in sight that we could see.  Thank goodness for hand sanitizers that we carry in the car!  :) 

We had stopped at this house because it said Bakery on their sign and
the Amish women have such yummy baked goods.  We bought a loaf of bread and a pecan pie at this house.  Oh my, I wish I had the recipe for the pecan pie.  It was the best I'd ever eaten! 

There will be a few more barns and other scenes from this very
interesting community to come.   Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. One of my dear friends is from PA and she makes the most delicious Shoo Fly Pie...oh I'm drifting to la-la land just thinking about it. So I can well imagine how good the pecan pie and bread were.

    Black Beauty is so handsome as are the wonderful red barns.

  2. the horse was indeed beautiful, and a perfect model for the barn! i've used a 'rest room' like that in my youth, as well. :)

  3. The horse is really beautiful and the barn is too!

  4. Flat Creek Farm aka Tammy, and I found fried pies at one of those Clark bakeries!

  5. The outhouse really needs painted, it looks like someone was killed there! But it does have a nice roof. The horse is sleek and beautiful!! And the barns are nice too. I love your real close up of Black Beauty!

  6. Looks like you and your daughter had a great trip to the Amish area. I'm always so fascinated when it comes to the Amish. We don't have many around here --but do have some Mennonites...

    So the old-fashioned outhouse was a 'first' for your daughter? What an experience for her!!!!! ha

    Bet that pecan pie was AWESOME... Yum..

  7. I got hungry just listening to you talk about what you bought. I love the Amish and their simplier way of life.

  8. Oh, yes, she is a beauty!!! This is a fantastic picture of this beauty!!!

    Cucumbers for 25 cents? That is so great! I am a little big jealous.

    You and your daughter had a wonderful trip! And you took beautiful pictures of very charming barns!

  9. Cheryl- Great barn pictures. I bet your daughter was amazed at the outhouse. I do remember them in the country when I was a kid. You are right- thank the good Lord for hand sanitizer. What great pictures! xo Diana

  10. That black horse really is a beauty. I think the barns are quite unique. I also think your pictures turned out great. I would love to visit an Amish community. I find their lifestyle so interesting.

  11. Hi Cheryl!

    What a beautiful horse!! The barns are just beautiful too - I would love to visit Amish country. How lucky for you to be able to purchase goods from them, I've been told that they are wonderful cooks!

    An outhouse! Don't see those around much! We do live close to an Indian reservation, so we see them when we travel through. My husband didn't have indoor plumbing until he was in 6th grade, so he's pretty familiar with them! Don't you just love indoor plumbing?!

  12. Well, I must say that I do remember quite a few outhouses when I was very young....not my favorite place to be!! The black horse is beautiful....quite a specimen. Very nice photos. Thank you.


  13. I loved visiting the Amish communities in Pennsylvania. I especially loved seeing the children.

  14. i love that you were stalked by the "black beauty" - that is too funny!! great views. so an interesting farm. i wonder if he thought you would were going to bring him a treat or what?

    enjoy your week. ( :

  15. Black Beauty lived up to the name!! Gorgeous horse and barns! You've got me craving pecan pie, Cheryl! LOL! I may or may not have used one of those "rest rooms" before. I'm taking the 5th. ;) blessings ~ tanna

  16. Sounds like you had a very interesting day!

  17. Morning Cheryl, love the horse and barn, beautiful pictures......oh ya, used an outhouse like that at a cabin we rented :) Francine.

  18. I have always admired what the Amish can do for their 'private' community! And the homes/barns are always wonderful and so 'self efficient'.

    That horse is a beauty!! You've managed to capture it in all its glory.

  19. I lived three years of my life with an outdoor potty and it is not something i want to do again.. think spiders and snakes YIKES.
    Black Beauty if a beauty and that story was one of my favorites when i was a child.. would love to see all these Amish barns..

  20. oh i just enjoyed this whole post! and black beauty, wow, he's gorgeous and i think he knows it ;)

  21. We used to stop at the Amish stops too when passing through Ohio. I haven't had any fresh baked goodies like that in a long time though!!1

    The horse is a beauty. :)

  22. Cheryl, saw your comment on our blog about the corn tasseling... ours is tasseling here, some stalks only two to three feet in size... but it is a "container corn" from Burpee, "On Deck Hybrid". I can't believe it tasseled already, though!

    Love those big barns!

  23. I LOVE the horse...and the barns, too. I remember the outhouses well...that is what our elementary school had. I always wonder what the teachers thought of them.

  24. What fun! I would love to go and buy from the Amish. I'd be willing to bet that someone sells purple martin houses!

  25. A wonderful entry Cheryl! I find most hores to be extremely friendly!!

    Awesome images and a beautiful barn!!

    During the fall, Cracker Barrel makes and seeks an amazing chocolate pecan pie that is to die for!!

  26. Lovely horse!

    Yes, I remember out-houses. Never hadddddd to make use of one, but knew people who had 'em.

    My great aunt/uncle's was down *over* the creek. I never even went into that one!!!!

    But a girlfriend's house, was where out houses lined the back alley. So I know what they are like. ,-))))

  27. Black Beauty is aptly named- yup I've been in and out quite quickly of an outhouse before.

    Everyone should visit the Amish country at least once in their lifetime.

    Thanks for sharing your journey Cheryl.

  28. Yum. Love Amish baked goods. xo Laura

  29. Nice to see Black Beauty is doing well.
    The barns and the double seater were very interesting !
    Thanks for the share .

  30. Love visiting Amish country. Their farms are so neat and kept in good shape. That horse is a handsome brute. I'd have had to gone over to say hello.
    When I was growing up, only the well off had two seaters.

  31. Great post! Beautiful horse.... I too love those old barns...memories of days gone by.... Oh yes, here I am waving my hand too!! We had these for years!


  32. Pecan is one of my favorites pies!
    And that is one beautiful horse too.
    Oh, I grew up with an outhouse. I'm sure glad those days are over!!!

  33. That is a beautiful horse and a stunning accessory for the barn shots.

  34. That horse is absolutely gorgeous! He was probably hoping for a carrot. :)
    I've never used an outhouse and I'm very thankful! :)

    Great photos! Now, I want pie! lol

  35. That barn was fantastic - the roof was sure odd looking at the peak! And the horse was beautiful. sandie

  36. Gorgeous horse Cheryl. We haven't made it to Clark yet, it's going to have to cool down. September maybe! Is it Fall yet?

  37. Beautiful photos of the barn and horse! It's such pretty country and Amish farms are so neat and tidy. I can raise my hand too, for having used outhouses. :) From my uncle and aunt's 'indoor' one, to many outdoor ones in my much younger years. And no hand sanitizer. Run to the house and wash up quickly. I'm so thankful for indoor plumbing aren't you?

  38. Gorgeous horse and I love the barns. I'm no stranger to those outhouses- we have them here and there...especially at cemeteries.

  39. What a beautiful horse in front of a great barn, the Amish know how to build'em.

  40. The Amish definitely know how to build, their barns last forever & they're all sooo big! Great find, Cheryl & thanks for sharing on Barn Charm =)