Friday, September 28, 2012

Furbabies...and how do you choose?

Stormy and Summer (aka Peanut) are pretty much BFFs now.
Don't they look so sweet and peaceful when they are asleep?

Truman is a pretty boy and one of our outside kitties.  He was
slow to get acquainted but is very friendly now.

Truman, a few months ago.

Sissy, who is Truman's sister and another of our outside
kitties, is very sweet and sometimes gets to
come inside for a quick visit.

Sissy, a few months ago.

Lately, we've been bringing the outside kitties into the
family room downstairs before nightfall to spend the night. 
We've had problems with a neighborhood tom cat that comes 
around at night and wants to cause trouble.  He has already 
started a fight with Truman which resulted in a little trauma to
Truman's foot.   

As much as I love kitties, I know that we need to find homes
for some of these sweet furbabies.  How do you choose?
We've come to love them all and it will be hard to 
give any one of them up.   Stormy, of course, will stay.  I
couldn't possibly part with her.

 It is impossible to keep a straight face in the presence of one or more kittens.  
~Cynthia E. Varnado
Until next time...


  1. I don't know how you can choose...maybe you will just have to let the new prospective owners choose - except for Stormy, of course! They are simply too cute...makes me miss my kitties! We just travel too much now to have anything other than the doggie which can go with us camping, or stay with my son when we go to the condo.

  2. We had two and sister. The sister died a few years ago and since then the brother, Max has developed a whole new personality. In the morning, he thinks he is a rooster and "talks" loudly until we get up......he drinks his water by dipping his paw in the water bowl and licking the water off his paw. He also now behaves more like a dog!

  3. That would be a very tough decision as they are all so cute. I work with a lady who has 11 cats. She is having the same problem, but also is finding it hard to find homes for them as the shelters are all full.

  4. It's too late! You have already named them and so therefore, they're part of the family! ha!
    Oh dear me....this would be hard, but sometimes we have to do things that are difficult...Are there any grandkids that might adopt one? This way, they could all stay in the family.
    hugs and sweet blessings...

  5. Can't imagine having to choose- once named, and's kinda too late!

  6. Cheryl I CAN'T choose!!! That is one of the reasons we don't have a kitty or two in the house right now. I want them all.. :) Stormy and Peanut, you wouldn't separate them.. Nooooooooooo!

  7. -sigh- The resulting problems of getting too attached to kitties, who have to find another home.



  8. Oh tough one. I guess that the two who get along best would stay. It's always best to have two kitties if possible for their comfort. I've read that a brother/sister set does the best and are the least territorial with one another. I've had sisters and I've had brothers, but never one of each. I really don't know if you're going to let anyone go here...perhaps it would just be best to maintain at this point. Ha! They certainly are beautiful kitties all.

  9. it would break my heart to choose, they are all beautiful. great shots of them and i love the one of Stormy on your side bar. i say keep them all.

  10. Oh Cheryl..
    you do have a hard choice to make.
    If you were able to find them 'forever homes' with a friend, then you could visit them.. that way it might not be as hard.

    Best luck...

  11. i don't envy you. i probably couldn't do it.

  12. I would definitely keep Summer since she and Stormy are so close. The other ones I would get them spayed or neutered and start trying to find homes. If you think you can keep them all then just do it. :) We have three dogs and now a kitten. :)

  13. There are cat people & dog people. I'm a kitty kind of guy. My only interaction is with my friend's cat, Jack. I get to kitty sit when my friend is out of town. - Bob

  14. It would be like choosing between your kiddos. They are all beautiful and each one special I am sure!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. It is a very hard choice but kitties outside do not last very long. Find a home for them where they can be indoors.
    They are beautiful creatures and surely someone will fall in love with them. If I had the room and the money, I would be the crazy cat lady.

  16. Those kitties are all so cute. I would not be able to choose.

  17. I wouldn't know where to begin...if it was someone I really trusted with them, I might let them choose.

  18. oh Cheryl, it would be so difficult to decide. They are each and everyone precious. Good luck with the choosing. I don't believe I could do it!


  19. Cheryl - they are all very beautiful cats.

  20. You think you have a lot of cats....I can't get all of our in one place to even count but it is an embarrassing number...all outside cats.

    They are fun to watch and most follow DH around like he is the Pied Piper. He is the food man.

  21. I think I would NEVER be able to chose. I think you'll have to be very brave.

  22. I hope you find the right homes and things will kinda fall into place with which ones should go, because choosing would be tough!

  23. Your white kitty, Stormy is my fave! Maybe because he looks so clean with his white fur but from the photos, I can see that he is quite stocky too. It would feel so good to cuddle and hug him! :D

  24. Oh, my - what pretty little furbabies. I wouldn't be able to part with any of them...

    (so sorry that I haven't been visiting regularly. You may have seen my post that my MIL broke her shoulder, and we've been staying with them quite a bit. She's 86, and my FIL is 90. Hope things will be back to normal soon. I miss my blogging buddies!)

  25. Boy, I don't know how you'd choose. I wouldn't be able to.

  26. They are all so cute that I don't know how I would choose. I guess if you have to give them away, you let the cat choose if they like the person or not. Thats a tough call!