Monday, September 24, 2012

About commenting...

One of the last of the zinnias for this year
Thanks to everyone who shared their views and tips on commenting on my 
last post.  I have been trying to think of ways to be able to comment
on all the blogs I read and still have plenty of time left in my day.
I've come to the conclusion that one way to get more
commenting done in less time is to simply quit reading all
the other's comments!  But, I like to read all the comments,
because I often learn things from them in addition to the post.   
Do you read all the comments of others, too?  I love blogging,
and have no plans to quit, so I'll continue to look for 
ways to make it less time consuming. 

Until next time...


  1. I read some of the comments...not all..especially on the ones who have 100+ comments! I think if I learned to be less wordy, it may not be so hard...but I do love the chat!

  2. oh, i do read some but not all. some folks, not me ... get tons of comments & that would take years. but i do sympathize with what you are speaking on. i usually give myself a time limit & go from there. ha. ha!! (:

  3. I used to. Now very rarely for the exact reason you mention. No time!

  4. Hi Cheryl, I love blogging and have meet so many wonderful friends and I try to read all the comments. Like you said it does take a big chunk of time but I really like to sit with a coffee and relax with my blog friends when I have time in the day. Blessings Francine.

  5. No, I do not read other comments.

    I read the post, react to it, in my own comment, and keep going. (Guess this does save me time!!! Thank you for pointing this out to me!)

    Wondering if you have considered my plan, of keeping the number of blogs-you-follow-regularly, to some sort of number? NO, you do not have to tell me, the answer to this question! Just wondering... :-)

    I've blogged for years and years. I've had bouts of Blogging Guilt, over this and that, for years and years.

    Oh and bouts of Blogging Envy toooooo! Envy of those blogs, which get a zillion comments, every post they put up. An Envy, which one has to squelch!

    I have gotten over Number-Of-Followers-Envy though. Rationally, Number-Of-Followers means next to NOTHING. I now have a bunch of So-Called-Followers. Do I have that many comments, every day? NO!!!!!!! And comments are the only way one knows if their blog is being appreciated. Period! "Auntie" sezzzzzz... Just her opinion, of course.

    Glad you have seen that you have a problem, with blogging. Seeing our problem, is the first step, to solving it. Good Luck!!!


  6. i rarely read other comments, unless the subject is something like questions to answer. if i read all the comments i would be here all day. i am constantly looking for ways to limit my time on here

  7. NOOOO! i'd never get anywhere in blogland!

  8. I don't read all the comments... but I do read some of them. I learn so much sometimes, other times not so much.

  9. I used to read all the comments, but I don't anymore.
    Love your new header!

  10. Nope...I just skipped through reading these! Just kidding... It depends on what the post is about. If I want to find out the opinion of others, then yes, I do read the comments. And it also depends on how much time I have. I'm lazy today so spending more time on here than I should. Have a great week!

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  12. It's only with a few blogs that I nearly always read all the comments, and that is because interesting discussions tend to arise there + we have several mutual friends/ followers. As for the rest, it depends on how much time I have, what mood I'm in, what the blog is about, etc etc.

  13. Yep I usually read all the comments in a blog post AFTER I have hit reply on my comment. Sometimes there is a party in the comment section and I wouldn't want to miss a party or a chance to learn a thing or two. And someone's comment can lead me right to their blog if they have the sense of funny!

    Keep thinking rain Cheryl!

  14. I comment first - because I don't want other's comments to influence mine - and then glance over the other comments just for fun and grinz. I've limited the number of blogs I read beccause I simply don't have time for reading more! My own blogging efforts have suffered some of late. Hopefully I will get my muse back soon.

    Have a wonderful day in this gorgeous Fall weather!!!!!


  15. I try to read them - but I don't always get a chance. Depends on the topic too.

  16. Hi Cheryl~

    You know me - here today, but maybe not tomorrow . . . or the next day! My posting and my commenting are very spuratical these days! I love comments, and I love commenting. I have regulars, like everyone else, and I usually comment on their blogs. I too find that commenting takes such a big chunk out of my day, that I limit who I comment on and even what blogs I look at. I could blog all day long - just ask my housework!!

    I love your blog - one of my favs!


  17. I read the ones that are people I recognize. If I have time I read more but I usually comment before I read any of them.
    Pretty picture.

  18. I sometimes read a few of the comments on a blog but usually I don't have the time. It also depends on the topic. I am following so many blogs now that I can barely get around to them let alone read everyone else's comments! It's overwhelming and I do have to keep the house clean, and garden and take more pictures. LOL

  19. I try to comment before I read other's comments, then I go oh, I wish I had said that! :) But I do usually read most of the comments unless there are a gazillion.

  20. No, I don't read other's comments unless someone is trying to identify something and either I want to know, or want to see if anyone else has supplied the right answer.

  21. I don't have time to read all the comments on the blogs I follow, so that is the first part I let slide.
    And not posting every day helps, but I really do my best to return comments.
    The barn is beautiful, as is your header!

  22. If it's a recipe or a "how-to" I read the comments, but if it's just a beautiful photo, funny story, or such I don't. You are right, it is hard to visit them all and comment on all so although I read them all regularly, I try to comment on those posts I really, really enjoy and others if I have time.

  23. Oh my gosh; you sound just like me. I love reading the posts and then time just slips by. I have been trying to just set an exact time to be through with my blogging each day. That has helped a little bit.
    I too will search for an faster way of doing things. Perhaps, I shouldn't type quite so much. I do tend to be wordy.