Monday, August 27, 2012

Zooming in...

I've not taken many photos lately.  
But, when I do, I practice zooming in or closeup shots.
The moon last night was a fun target.  
Still haven't quite got the hang of the macro, even 
though some of you have emailed me trying to help.
 Thank you for trying, but I'm feeling a bit like the old 
dog that can't be taught new tricks.

If you saw our pond in my last post, you might spot a few bare limbs
  in a tree straight back from the left edge of the pond.  This eagle, which I
think might be a Red-Tailed Eagle, likes to perch on a bare limb
and I like to zoom in and try to capture him.  

Our resident Blue Heron perching on a limb in the same area as
the Eagle, but this photo was taken last summer.  It's hard for
me to keep the camera still with the zoom fully extended. 

Those of you who have read my blog for a while now
know that I love birds.  So when I saw this Purple Finch 
stopping by for a snack, I quickly grabbed the camera
and zoomed in.   

Practicing with my camera on my zinnias will be coming to
 an end soon.  The heat and drought, in spite of my watering, 
has taken a toll on them and they aren't looking so good now.  
It's time to lay the garden to rest for the season and 
try again next year.  

 Until next time...


  1. Your resident Blue Heron has my heart all a flutter. LOVE those birds. Used a photo we took of one down at the lake as a screensaver for many years. take care.

  2. I love the shots of the birds...and that moon! Wow! Have you tried using a tripod or monopod with your zoom? I had the same problem, and find that is vital for me! I also purchased an inexpensive remote shutter release for the Canon - it definitely helps with camera shake when you are fully zoomed out!

  3. I had great success with zoomed shots on my old camera...the new one just doesn't have the oomph...but when John bought me an old tripod at the flea market for $5 things really started improving. I love that old thing! So that's my recommendation for zoomed shots. I think you are doing an incredible job with yours without fact, I don't know how you can possibly do it! I can't.

  4. we are all agreed, it is tough to use zoom and keep the camera still, everyone tells me to get a tripod, but the one i bought was difficult to attach the camera and was not tall enough, so i gave it away. i use what i can find, like a fence or wall to stead myself when i can find one. once i used the roof of my car and the hood, just leaning on the car helped some. i read in a blog that if you zoom out, them bring it back in a hair from full zoom it works better. i tried it and it helped some.

  5. I love your shots! I think you're doing good with the zoom lens. I have a new camera and it's not that easy! Enjoy your day!

  6. You did a great job zooming in on the moon. I took one of it too last night. Didn't get zoomed in as much as you did.
    I have not mastered the macro either. It' hard to teach this old dog new tricks, but I'm trying too.

  7. Hi Cheryl, oh my, that moon is so so beautiful, great shot. Love the Purple Finch picture, I also was blessed to have one come for a drink of water the other day, such a pretty bird. Thanks for sharing,Francine.

  8. your moon is fantastic! wonderful detail!

  9. I agree with tex, that moon image is awesome!!! I have tried many times and never gotten one that good!!!

  10. Oh my gosh... that moon picture looks great to me. I know I can't do that, my camera might be able to, but like you said about old dogs.... Maybe it is just best for me to let this sleeping dog lie.

  11. You're doing very well with your zoom!

  12. I loved your moon shot as I could see so much detail on it's surface.

    I also loved seeing the purple finch as I never saw one before.

    I have a tripod for my camera but it seems most of my photos are taken on the run, as I go somewhere in a hurry!

  13. Great photos! Yes, the flowers are about done for the summer. Sad to see them go....

  14. Your photos are beautiful and always a treat for the eyes.


  15. Gorgeous pics!

    Especially love that moon shot! Wow! Good cam!


  16. Chery..
    what beautiful pictures!
    That moon is awesome! Just think how cool it is to get a picture like that!

    I do think that summer is coming to an end.
    I hope that Fall lingers for a really long time.

    Smiles :)

  17. I gotta tell ya, I'm pretty burned out trying to keep things alive. I'm ready for fall and cooler weather!

  18. Cheryl, I think you are doing fantastic with the zoom. The moon shot impresses the heck out of me.

    Buy a cheap tripod to set up for those long shots. I bought one on Amazon and can set it up right at the more shaking.

  19. I have a horrible time focusing...most of the time it is me, but part of the time it is the cheap lens I have. If I were young, I would get a good lens.

  20. Practicing with the camera and lenses is part of the "fun" of learning and you get to share what you have seen on the blog, so it's all good.

  21. Bird shots are just beautiful, aren't they? And that moon! Wow!!