Friday, August 24, 2012

This and That


This is part of our backyard and part of the Back 6 in early summer
before the hot and dry weather began.

This is how it looks now after the long, hot summer.  It's been this
brown for quite some time now.  Doesn't it look like fall already?
The red arrow is pointing to Wily Coyote who had slipped down to the pond for a drink.  
I shot out of my kitchen window and didn't get the zoom focused before he ran out of sight.   

 Have you noticed how the days are getting much shorter already?
Fall is around the corner.  This is a busy time of year for many 
reasons.   I've noticed blogging has slowed down for some and it
has for me.   I've been poring over maps and M.apquest and trying
to decide on our vacation destination since hubby said it was up to me.
Have you had your vacation this year? 

I took my aunt and uncle to our nearest city, Columbia, yesterday
morning.  My 85 year old uncle had surgery on his shoulder.  They
are quite a couple.  He worked until he was 80 and my aunt at 86 
has all the latest techy gadgets and is quite the genealogist and also 
helps others find their ancestors, often at the local library.   
She called me last night to tell me I should take a look at the moon. 
 I thought after her long, tiring day and with all that went on, she was amazing to 
have noticed the moon...she thought it looked so 
bright and pretty!!  I just had to snap this shot and send it to her. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Until next time...


  1. I think you have a little more green left than I do but sure is sad, uh?

    No vacation yet but I am going to Seagrove, Fla in a couple of weeks. My daughter and family have a house rented and invited me to go along.....well yes!! Looking forward to keeping the little ones and letting them go out and relax alone. It will be fun for all of us!!

  2. you are getting fall colors already from the drought. i love that moon shot. so sweet that she alerted you. :)

  3. If it makes you feel any better, my backyard looks like yours.

    Have you checked out Mountain VIEW Arkansas? We love that little town.

  4. She sounds like a woman living in the now. And so sweet for you to take them out. What a difference between those two pictures. Ouch! And I think GA will have an early fall - we are only in the 80's! Weird.
    Love, sandie

  5. Wow, that is a big difference in your backyard, which by the way is very pretty and peaceful looking.
    The sunset photo is gorgeous. I have been noticing the signs of fall and must admit I am ready!
    How fun to be able to choose the vacation destination. There are so many areas I would love to visit based on what I see in blogland. Can't wait to hear where you decide to go.
    Your aunt and uncle sound like very inspiring people. I hope to still have that zest for life at that age. The moon shot is spectacular!!

  6. YES---we saw that look when we were in Arkansas... Hope it continues to improve soon and hope that there is no permanent damage to your gorgeous trees.

    Great sunset photo... I 'feel' Fall here too....

    That couple reminds me of G's Mom and Dad.. Mom died last year at age 91--and Dad turns 100 next week. They did EVERYTHING well into their 90's... Amazing.


  7. That is something with the colors in your back yard! Looks like you need some rain! You aunt and uncle sound GREAT!

  8. Love the pond in your yard. Your techy aunt is one cool chick. Hope your uncle's shoulder feels better soon. looks like a wonderful night for a MOON DANCE. Have fun planning your vacation. We just stayed home. take care.

  9. First, a simply gorgeous moon shot! We just got back from our vacation - having to rest up from the vacation! Your pond is really suffering from the drought too, isn't it? Looks down quite a bit from the 1st photo!

  10. How'd you do that?! That is an amazing shot. People like your aunt and uncle never seem to age, do they? Stay interested and interesting as they say...

    No, no vacation for us, though I do hope for a weekend as leaf peepers.

  11. We have finally had rain here and things have greened up. But it is still starting to look and feel like fall. Some of the trees are turning.
    I love the picture of the moon and the sunset.
    No vacation for me this year.
    Have a great weekend

  12. Cheryl
    Your moon shot is amazing, as is your sunset! You need to give lessons girl.
    Sorry aboout your hot, dry summer.
    But fall is just around the corner.
    I'm seeing the signs already!
    Have a good weekend-Kimberly

  13. Sorry that all your greenery has turned to brown. We're fortunate to have had the right amount of rain this summer.
    You're right about blogging slowing down, but maybe everyone will get going again soon.
    Your aunt and uncle sound amazing! I'm glad she called you about the moon: thanks for sharing!

  14. Have we had our vacation yet? Nope, and we never get 'em, anymore. We can't drive to Cape Cod in Autumn, as we ALWAYS used to love doing.

    We can't take a train/bus/plane somewhere, because of not being able to easily rent/drive a car when we got there, to get around.

    Plus all my I-can't-eat-this-and-I-can't-eat-that issues. If something *bad-for-me* slipped in, I'd be sick for the remainder of the vacation time. Etc.

    We have memories. That's it. We have memories. :-)

    Make your memories, while you are young enough to do so!!!!!!! Find a place you really, really want to visit this year, and do it! Enjoy!


  15. i know she loved the shot of the moon, it is really good with lots of details. we don't take vacations and have not had one since we got Jake. he doesn't like strangers and we can't leave him in a kennel. we used to go to the other coast on our vacations when my son lived here to dog sit. he lives in TN now so we just stay home. of course we are old so that doesn't bother us and we live 10 miles from beaches and are surrounded by state parks and all kinds of places that tourist come to. we live in tourist country

  16. Our yard mirrors yours! I am so over this summer.

    We took an awesome trip to Hilton Head, SC in July, but I am ready to go again!

    Your Aunt and Unclwe sound wonderful. Treasure them!

  17. I hate that it's been so dry there, our yards are green because it has been so, so wet here! Looks like it will be even wetter with Isaac on his way.

    I noticed the moon last night too and it was wonderful!

  18. I am glad that fall is around the corner- I am worn out by this heat.

  19. Hi Cheryl!

    I can't believe what a hot summer it has been, your poor yard... :0( Although I love that that little Coyote comes to your pond to drink!

    It does feel like fall! Bob and I went on a little road trip (blog forthcoming!) and I was so shocked at how the leaves are already changing! Your picture of the sunset is just gorgeous!

    What a wonderful person you are to take such good care of your aunt and uncle... :0) I know that they appreciate and love you so much for your concern for them. Great picture of the moon!


  20. I wish I had a backyard just like that. My daughter has a beautiful pond on their property in Missouri; but it is brown just like yours. I do feel fall in the air and we hope to get alittle break away before the warm weather disappears. I loved the pictures and the moon one is awesome.
    I do think it is fun to see older people so into the tech gadgets of today. I am been trying to do some genealogy research also.

  21. Your pictures are gorgeous! Things are still pretty green here in the pacific northwest but it doesn't usually dry out much being such a rainy place. I did have the sprinkler on my lawn last night because one area was looking pretty dry but the rest is still nice and green.
    Your sunset picture is really incredible.

  22. Your view is so peaceful and pretty! It reminds me of my step-sister's home in NC. Your uncle and aunt sound amazing!
    It has been cooling off her just a bit and it really excites me! I hope that means we will actually have a winter!

  23. We've been fortunate to have had quite a bit of rain after our 100+ degree spell. I just hate seeing all the damage the drought has caused this year. The corn here is hopeless. the rain was just too late.

  24. WHOA! That sure is a change from green to brown!

  25. What a difference a drought can make! So sad.

  26. I HAVE been noticing how short the days these photos and the post in general...just a nice read.

  27. That sunset wins a blue ribbon in my photo contest!