Monday, December 6, 2010

The Magic Tree


How would you like to decorate this beautiful tree?  It's
  covered with a total of 37,000 lights.
  It's called The Magic Tree and can be seen in Columbia MO.
  The Magic Tree was previously in the yard of the man who decorates
 it but was moved this year to The Village of Cherry Hill. 
 The traffic became unmanageable after a few years on
his street so a new home was found this year on a
  cherry tree that will grow larger.  The former Magic Tree was a
 mature crab apple and had twice the lights as this year's tree.

I was in Columbia after dark the other night and driving down
West Broadway I saw a very similar tree to the Magic
Tree by a church and also a tree covered in all white lights
in a yard a few blocks down the street.  All very beautiful!

Until next time...


  1. Hi Cheryl,
    what a fantastic magic tree, WOOWW!!
    Thanks for sharing it here, so I can also enjoy its beautiful...

    best wishes to you and your loved family,

  2. We love the Magic Tree and go see it every year. The man who decorates the magic tree also decorates the one by the church that you saw. I'm lucky enough to drive by that church every single day and get to see that beautiful tree

    Stay warm!!


  3. How exquisite! It must take hours of work! We have a smaller version all in white and it's delightful to crest the hill on a moonlit night and see the tree there all sparkly and elegant.

  4. Beautiful!! We have a wonderful CHRISTIAN display of lights and Christmas items at Rhema Bible College, about 15 miles from our house, that they start putting lights up on in October. It is beautiful and people come from all over the country to see it. I love Christmas!!!!

  5. Beautiful tree, Lana... I cannot imagine THAT many lights on one tree... It's awesome.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Well that is absolutely gorgeous! I cannot imagine how long it took to place all of those lights. I've never seen one done in multi colors like that. Our "downtown" is lined with Aristocrat Pear trees & they are covered in white lights which makes it look like a winter wonderland. Thanks for sharing!!!

  7. Hi Cheryl!

    Wow - what a beautiful tree! Can you imagine putting all those lights up? There is something truly magical about Christmas lights, isn't there? I can remember as a child, driving around our small town soaking in the glitter and magic of Christmas lights - a good memory!!


  8. CH and I are going to have to check out the Magic Tree next time we head to Columbia for a little Mandarin House Chinese! Oh and I noticed your "feed the birds" on your sidebar, we are doing it :) And the red squirrels and the gray squirrels and a gray kitty that comes here every night starving!

  9. What's Awesome Will share with
    Sis, they go to Columbia to
    the Vet Hospital once very few
    Thanks for Sharing...

    Merry Christmas