Thursday, July 27, 2017

This and That

Flowers make me happy.  Yellow flowers especially make me smile.  What is your favorite color?

Actually, I love all colors and I have about every color on my patio.  Above is a small corner of the flowers.  There is also a rooster in that corner.  See him? 

The sweet potato vines are on either side of the door to the basement.  They've almost taken over the other flowers I planted in the pots with them.  There is a pink double petunia still visible.

I planted a few of the pretty double petunias this year and they have done well, so far.  

Above the retaining wall on that end of the patio is the flower garden we just mulched a few weekends ago.   It's hard to get a good photo as it slopes downhill so it looks much better in person than in this pic.

I planted several new perennials and a few annuals.  The Stella's aren't new but are still blooming.  One of the Salvia I transplanted is doing well.  The Knockout Rose at the end has been attacked by the Japanese Beetles, so I'm not sure it'll survive.

Stormy wonders why I don't want her on my lap when I come in from watering and shower and put on clean, dry clothes.  Even with central air, I sometimes turn a fan on to cool off.  

I had been down in the back since the weekend but the watering still had to be done.  We had a storm Saturday night and I think I might have pulled something Sunday afternoon while picking up small limbs in the yard.  

The storm knocked our electric out here in town for about 6 hours.  Thankfully the house didn't get too unbearably hot without the air on.  My "lineman for the county" hubby had to work 12 hours beginning around midnight as there were numerous electric outages around the county.    
I finally began feeling better Wednesday and went outside and finished picking up the remaining limbs while BG mowed after he got home from work at 2:30.  They go in to work at 6:00 am during the hot weather months.

I could barely get in and out of the car with my aching back, but I went with my daughter to the Big Town Tuesday.  She had a meeting to attend.

While waiting for her, I got a pedicure since there was no way I could reach my toes.  It's hard enough to reach them when my back feels good.  ☺  Btw, pretend you don't see the wrinkles on my olden toes.  

The girl who did my pedicure laughed at the white marks on my feet where the strap of my sandals cover.  I don't tan easily and I have to take off my shoes to prove I even have a bit of a tan.  

I have to confess I've been getting a bit of a cranky on the past several days.  This excessive heat and the bad back where I could barely lift my leg to put my capris on was getting to me.  Oh, how I know things could be much worse.  Been there, done that.  But it's still annoying to not be able to get as much done as you'd like to.  
I think the heat and humidity this summer is beginning to wear on lots of folks.  I wonder if I can blame the weather for all the vitriol I read coming from the media and others?

I could possibly be called a news junkie.  But I've about reached my limit on what I can read without getting really cranky.  It is time for a time out.  On the news, that is.  Well, knowing me, that will probably last all of a day.  :)  

Now, I think I need to get back to the flower gardens in spite of the heat.  There, at least, is something to make me smile.  Nature always soothes the soul anytime of the year even if it means only standing at the window gazing at the outdoors. 

Happy Thursday to you!
xo Cheryl


  1. nature does indeed soothe the soul. it's a shame it can't help heal your aching back. i know how miserable it can be when it hurts like that. had to chuckle over the tan line on your foot. all your flowers are beautiful for sure.

  2. Your flowers are beautiful . . . and so are your toes :)!!!! We are getting a good rain here right now, and we needed it. I'm probably awful . . . but I'm ready for fall!!! Blessings my friend!

  3. Sorry your back is aching so bad. It is hard to do anything with a bad back. Your flowers are lovely. xo Laura

  4. I love the yellow of sunflowers!
    My garden isn't terrible full of color right now, a few months ago it was! Now, the heat and humidity have started and the flowers back off a bit....

  5. I love the manicure and wish my toes looked that good, mine are really crooked and the toes next to the big toe are arched up so I can't wear shoes. sorry about the back, been there done that and picking things up will do it every time. it is so hot out I can't bear it.. we are in the 90's with feels like triple digits and nothing but sun beating down. this is the kind of heat that stirs up hurricanes and I am trying not to fret yet.

  6. yellow is my favorite color in flowers, daisies and sunflowers and jonquils. I love bright pink to

  7. So sorry your back is giving you fits. That is one ailment that affects everything you do. Love your pedicure. Some day I will indulge. It's on my bucket list. We have had too many days in the hundreds--actual temperature, not feels like.
    Your lineman for the county is a hero in my books. They go out in all the nasty stuff just so we can be comfortable.
    Favorite color of flower is coral.

  8. I am so happy to see your patio! It is beautiful! So much abundant and colorful,variety! The yellow in the first picture may be petunias, but almost look like trumpet flowers. I never heard of double petunias. I see the rooster! I love this beautiful picture of Stormy!!! I so much admire linesmen. They are brave hard workers. Actually, I believe they are heroes along with firemen and police. I just read the latest info about pulled muscles. Ice seems to be out and heat is in. Apparently, heat seems to open the small blood vessels to get better circulation. Try ibuprofen and a heating pad. I am so glad about your eye!!

  9. Well your flowers are certainly holding up well in the heat...they are gorgeous! The farmer's tan on your feet look like mine...and also the only way folks know I have a tan......ish. Yes, the news can certainly put a damper on one's mood. I keep trying to stop watching FOX News up until bedtime but I always find myself doing it anyway! Facebook is another thing, entirely!

  10. Oh, and take care of that back...hope it feels better soon!

  11. Your plants look to be doing very well. I have tried to plant in one special color but always end up with a kaleidoscope of colors. Hope your back feels better soon. I know how hard it can be to deal with a bad back.Been down that road too often.

  12. Ugh. Back problems are not fun. I am glad that you are some improved. Baby that back!

    Awwww . . . Stormy is darling! How can you say no to that face? ;)

    Your flowers are gorgeous!

  13. You said it, nature soothes my soul too. I have just had to walk away from the media. I can no longer take it.

    I am praying your feeling better. I love the photo of your kitty.

  14. P.S. I have heard so many horror stories of Japanese Beetles this summer. ;-( Sad, they destroy so many gardens.

  15. Oh my dear friend, I do hope you back will feel better soon. I have back problems now and then so I can sympathize with you. It does put a damper on things.
    Your flowers are lovely and I think I would enjoy looking at them too. I love nature and I especially love a good flower garden. I tend to love yellow, reds and pinks.
    Stormy is just so adorable. I can see why you enjoy that sweet cat so much.
    I think a good pedicure is one of life's simple pleasures. You don't have wrinkled toes at least not like mine.
    Sorry about having the Electricity out. I too am a bit tired of the heat. It's been hot and a little more humidity than usual. You probably have a lot more. I think people do get on edge when it is hot for a long time.
    On to the news; I'm so tired of it all. I need a break too. We don't watch a lot but the politics are really annoying me. I'm happy I can just leave it all and maybe read my scriptures.
    Sending loving thoughts, Prayers and hugs for your quick recovery from the back pain!

  16. Your garden looks beautiful! It has been a very hot and dry summer here but we've been busy and I feel like it is fading too fast. I got a well needed pedicure today along with my daughter and granddaughter. The lady painted flowers on my granddaughter's toes--so cute!

  17. I have been being a bit cranky myself...I hope you get some of this weather we are having. I know it won't last, but it has been just about perfect today...humidity down and nice breeze!

  18. I do hope that your back is feeling better. Back issues can be so debilitating. I completely understand the getting cranky part.
    Your pedicure looks so pretty. I smiled at the tan line. Looks like a summery foot :).
    I love the color combination you used in your gardens. I seem to favor those colors when choosing flowers for containers.
    Hope you are feeling a bit of relief from the heat. We have a cool front moving in for the next few days. My husband and I just took a walk. It was like getting out of jail. LOL!

  19. Oh my gosh your flowers are gorgeous!! Yellow is my favorite color!!! Of course I love all of them too, but there is just something about the color "yellow "! Sorry about your back I know how
    Painful it can be! And how almost impossible it can be to get dressed!!! I love Stormy, he is so cute!!!! And yes, between this heat and news, I think we're all cranky!!!
    Hope you're having a good weekend!


  20. I thought I was looking at your daughter's feet! You have nothing to apologize about.

    I have had a bad back since using the ll lb. trimmer. Not severe and it will go away but it is a nagging thing.

    The combo of the heat and the news is enough to irritate anyone. I can't do anything about the heat but I sure can the news!

  21. Hi Cheryl~

    Your yellow flowers are favorite are purples and pinks, but you must have yellow as well, to make everything pop. Your garden is so pretty, I love all the different flowers you have.

    So sorry about your back, I hope you start feeling better very soon. I hate it when I can't do everything I want to do.

    I did giggle at your tan line...I have one too, I hate wearing shoes in the summertime, so you might as well have cute toes!

    Hang in there...give Stormy a little squeeze!


  22. Ugh. Back problems are not fun. I am glad that you are some improved. Baby that back!