Monday, July 17, 2017

A Very Hot Weekend

We had a very hot weekend in which to do some yard work, but we got it done.  The new mulch that we finally got and put down looks so nice and I even planted a couple of new perennials that I bought last week.  The new flower bed looks pretty good for a hot July.

The annuals are still doing well and my new favorite combination of Lantana and purple Angelonia is so pretty.  I'm watering every day and I know that by the time August rolls around the flowers will begin to fade and I will, too, from dragging the watering hose to the flower beds and pots.  But, I'm enjoying the flowers while they last. 

I haven't talked about Stormy in a while.  She is still busy keeping an eye on everything and everyone in the house.  Here she's perched on the Hoosier cabinet in the kitchen watching Sissy who is on the island.  They love to be in the kitchen trying to talk me into giving them a few treats.

I had just gotten home from a grocery shopping trip and had set down a couple boxes of pasta before snapping the above photo.  One of those boxes was the tri-colored rotini that I use to make our new favorite pasta dish.

This dish was a big hit at the 4th of July party with everyone.  I even had a couple of the men ask their wives to get the recipe.  It's a Wallyworld Copycat recipe and I made it again this weekend.  It's quick and easy. 

Broccoli Cheddar Pasta Salad
1 medium head of broccoli, chopped into small florets
1 medium red onion, diced fine
2 cups mayonnaise
1/2 cup sugar
2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar (I used 1 1/2 TB)
2 cups shredded Cheddar cheese
 1 box tri-colored rotini pasta

Cook pasta in salted water according to directions on box.  
Drain and rinse with cold water to cool before adding other ingredients.  
I also sprinkle in a little olive oil after rinsing
to keep pasta from sticking. 
Wash the broccoli well and chop into small florets.  Dice
the onion fine and then mix the onions and broccoli into
the pasta.  Add the cheddar cheese to the mixture, mixing

In a medium bowl, combine the mayonnaise, sugar and
cider vinegar, stirring well.  Pour over the pasta and
mix well.  Refrigerate until ready to serve.

I will be heading to the Big Town later this morning for another shot in my eye for the macular degeneration which is developing in my left eye.  It will be my fourth shot. 

It's not a pleasant procedure, but it's bearable and I'll be going alone this trip.  Since they dilate my eyes to examine them thoroughly each time, it makes driving a bit more difficult especially in bright sunshine.  So I'll be hanging around town waiting for my vision to improve before driving the 30 something miles home. 

If it appears that I'm neglecting my blog friends, it's not because I'm not interested.  It's because there is always something that seems to keep me away from the computer.  Summertime is a busy time and I'm sure it is for you, too.  Do you find it hard to keep up with blogging lately?  And if you have a good tip for being able to do it all without cutting back on blogging, let us all know!

Happy Monday to you!
xo Cheryl   


  1. Good luck with the shot in your eye for the macular degeneration. Drive safely afterwards. stormy looks cute sitting next to the pasta. looks like a yummy recipe.

  2. owie on the shot, and my eyes take 7 hours to come back after dilation.. I would need a driver. the pasta looks wonderful and the colors of your flowers are awesome. so beautiful... Stormy is as beautiful as the pasta and flowers, or maybe more beautiful

  3. Your flowers look great, Cheryl. I like the color combinations you have chosen.
    Some of mine are already looking spent despite daily watering. Oh well, that's summer in the south I guess.
    I will be thinking of you this morning as you go in for your eye procedure. I hope all goes smoothly and your drive home will be uneventful.

  4. Well, for being so hot, your flowers are doing fantastic! Mine are already starting to fade because the practically just get burned up on the deck with little to no shade for most of the day. I have just been keeping the water hose out! I love that gorgeous purple and gold combination! And oh my, but that pasta salad looks absolutely scrumptious! Thanks for sharing your recipe...and try to stay cool!

  5. Your flowers look so good Cheryl. Your pasta salad sounds and looks very good. I hate that you have to have that procedure...praying it helps you. Be safe driving home, don't forget your sunglasses. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  6. 🙂 Pinning! Thanks 😊

  7. Hi Cheryl!

    Thus summer has been a hot one! I'm trying not to complain too much, as I know Fall is just around the corner.

    Your fliers are so beautiful, I live the purple and orange combination, so pretty!

    I hope your eye appointment went well. My mother had those shots, and the sure did make an improvement in her eyesight.

    Thank you for the recipe...I have been looking for something different to make. I love bricolli, I'm sure this will be a hit at my house.

    I sure do understand about blogging. It seems like my posts lately are just hit and miss at best. I'm working on it, but its slow going!

    Loved catching up!!


  8. My phone has a mind of it's own! Sorry about all the errors...

  9. I was surprised to see the Lantana. We fought that with a vengeance in Florida since it is so toxic to animals.
    I hope your shot goes well and you are smart to wait till your eyes recover. That dilated vision can be scary.

  10. Thanks for the pasta recipe, Cheryl. It looks like a great one for summer get togethers. Hope the sys shots go well (ouch) and that light sensitivity you mentioned is not much fun at all. As far as blogging, it can be hard to keep up with reading fellow bloggers posts on a daily basis, but I try to set aside a couple of mornings a week to post comments on recent posts. I think most bloggers understand that it can be hard to keep up especially in summer when there are so many things to do.

  11. I am so very sorry about the shots. Seems more and more people are getting Macular Degeneration. I think that 15 years ago, no one had even heard of it. Well, of course you cannot drive while dilated. So the thing to do is SHOP till your eyes are doing better. If you get home, and see you bought something that doesn't look like you thought it would, then you can return it and shop even MORE. Your flowers are gorgeous, you do have an eye for color matching. I have never heard of Angelonia, but it is simply gorgeous!! Stormy is so sweet and beautiful! I bet he is such a comforting cooking buddy. Yes, summer is so busy! For me, I try to do all my visiting and comments when I sit down with my first cup of coffee. Any I missed, I quickly do right after breakfast. Then when I am home and resting at the end of the day, I check for any new posts. Still, winter is better for blogging. But also not as many pictures or adventures though.

  12. Hi Cheryl, That pasta dish sounds terrific... Wonder if it can be done using yogurt instead of Mayo... I try not to eat Mayo (although I love it) since I'm constantly watching my weight....

    I never have enough time for blogging anymore... I TRY to blog once a week--and usually do, but can't always find time to visit others' blogs... Because I don't visit as much as I wish I could, I don't get nearly as many comments on my posts as I used to.... I hate that ---but I understand... Why would someone come to my blog if I don't take time to return the favor??? Oh Well.... I just cannot sit at the computer all day long... It's not healthy for me.

    It's already been hot here ---but they say that the REAL HEAT will be here this weekend.... GADS..... I want to move to Alaska....ha


  13. The pasta does sound good. Life often gets in the way of blogging, but oh well! We all do what we can! Good luck with your eye appointment!

  14. looks delicious. i need my breakfast ... it is time. i love your blooms. we need some rain around here ... getting so dry. hot & humid that is our daily life lately. stay cool. take care. ( ;

  15. I'm sorry about those shots. Your flowers are lovely! Mine are tired of the heat.

  16. I did enjoy visiting your blog today...I do find it hard to get in visits and I do not visit that many people. But the ones I visit, I usually go back and see what I have missed. Roger has been having a hard time the past few days and that makes it hard to concentrate and read anything. Therefore, I visit and if it is something I want to read, I come back to it later...I can usually come up with a pic to post, but don't do much of my Pics & Pieces blog.

  17. Your flowers look so good Cheryl. Your pasta salad sounds and looks very good. I hate that you have to have that procedure...praying it helps you. Be safe driving home, don't forget your sunglasses. Blessings, xoxo, Susie