Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thursday's Bits 'n Bobs

Snow arrived here yesterday.  Just an inch or so.  It's winter weather for sure with cold temps and much wind the last few days. I've been feeling sorry for the animals and birds that are trying to survive the harsh weather.

I've been trying to get back to the purging/decluttering.  We had another water pipe leak downstairs and while I was cleaning up the water which had fallen onto a computer desk...which has been just a catch-all lately...I was taking a really good look around and decided that a lot of stuff needs to go.  Too much has been accumulated for too long. 

The stacks of magazines?  This is just part of my collection.  They need to go, I've accumulated way too many.  It's always been hard for me to throw one away.  And why, I ask myself, would I want to spend so much of my time going through each one and clip out recipes and photos of interesting things I might (or most likely will never) try out some day?

I talked about age in my last post.  I think I need to remember my age and forget clipping ideas that I will never get around to.  You know that you can find about anything you want online these days.  Recipes and decor ideas are plentiful.  Many of the best ideas are on blogs.

About aging...from the comments on the last post, I think the main point we all agree on is to keep active.  Stormy and I have been napping sitting in the recliner too much lately.  I need to tell myself that when I'm going up and down the stairs to do laundry that I'm getting my excercise and that's a good thing!  The doctor's office called and told me that my A1C numbers were good.  Yay!  I celebrated by buying a box of donuts at WalMart.  I know...I'm bad.   But as soon as I hit the Publish button, I'm going to be going up and down the stairs doing laundry.  Exercise, exercise!
BG rode with me to the nearest town that has a WalMart yesterday after he came home from work so I could get some things we were almost out of and he kept the car running and warm while I shopped.  We buy a lot of cat food, 30 pound bags at a time.  There are several feral cats that come to our house for food and we do try to tame some of them when we can and find them homes.  

The kitty in the photo above showed up here recently.  I don't know where he came from, but we figured he must have heard through the grapevine about the free Pond Hollow meals that are served daily on the patio.                

While I was in WalMart, I saw many Valentine's Day goodies in the grocery section...the decorated cookies, cakes, and many beautiful flower bouquets.  I usually tell BG not to bother with I outta my mind, or what?  Really, I'd rather go out for a nice dinner.  Sometimes he'll ignore me and get them anyway.  Would you be disappointed if you didn't get flowers on Valentine's Day?  I'll probably make one of the three above desserts for my sweetheart.  After we get back home from dinner, we can have dessert while we watch a movie.  That is a good evening in my book!     

If I don't get back here before Sunday, have a Happy Valentine's Day!  Love to all...

xo Cheryl    


  1. Hi Kmbely, I just parted with all my magazine collections, I had trunks full. Only kept a few of them, was hard.... Love the kitty, hope he is ok, thanks for feeding them..Blessings Francine.

  2. sweet kitty cat! you're good folks. :) now, put down the donut and go walk those stairs! :)

  3. I spend too much time on the couch! I started walking the golf course again and then the cold and snow hit. CH and I don't do Valentine's Day, I have never cared for Valentine's Day and I told him I wasn't interested in gifts. We just try to be good to each other every day and by now after 43 years I think we both know we love each other... :) You are just the best to take care of those kitties. We feed the strays too and the ones that are friendly get to come on the porch to warm up. They usually want back out after they have a meal. Funny, I was hungry for donuts today and I hardly ever crave them or eat them. Chocolate chip cookies are my weakness!

  4. I recently purged my recipe files by about half. If I need a recipe to just google for one.

    My sweetie usually gets me chocolates. I warned him not to do that this year! The Prednisone has already made me gain weight....don't need to add to that.

  5. I'm in the midst of sorting and disposing most of my magazines. There are some I keep forever but there is a lot to get rid of.

    I'm sure that the kitty kats have put a secret sign outside your home saying free food and drink. LOL


  6. I go through my collected magazines on a regular basis. I tossed two years' worth of Cottage Living the other day. A good decision. I just made sure that I'd torn out any pictures and articles that I wanted to save. Interestingly there weren't many. Have a happy Valentine's Day. And enjoy that new kitty.

  7. Cheryl, I have a ton of magazine also. Yes, I have things I will never get done or find time to do or even want to do anymore...what is wrong with me?? I try to not buy things that need if it just needs a coat of paint, I am still good for that. I love the cats. The new ones is pretty. You are kind to feed them. Blessings to you, xoxo,Ssuie

  8. Your library might be interested in some of your magazines. I tied up my CountryLiving magazines by year and they sold for $5 a bundle at a fundraiser...all bundles sold, too. John selected a sweet $5 bundle of carnations for me yesterday. Apparently, my comment is all about $5.

  9. That cat is beautiful! I bought myself a pretty bouquet today. Who needs a man to do it?

  10. What's up with all the purging? I spent the better part of today cleaning out and getting rid of stuff I don't use or want.Feels good to do that.By now I would cherish even a few minutes spent with my Hubby,but that time is gone and now lives only in my memories.Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Very much the same weather here, too. As far as magazines and books, I have to get them out of the house immediately. I am a pack rat...even recipes I cut out languish in notebooks.

    We have a broken bathroom drain. Big bucks to fix and the plumber we like can't come till Saturday We have a huge bin downstairs catching the water from our showers. We found the leak late so everything in our laundry room is saturated...boxes, rolled up area rugs, piles of clothing...just a huge mess and hours of work. grrrrr...

    You have a big heart with the feral cats. My daughter has them in her alley. A good soul built a small type of shelter for them and they all share in providing food and water.


  12. Purging things is an ongoing task around here too . . .
    Not sure why I saved magazines . . .
    Seldom have I returned to them . . .
    Most of mine are gone . . .
    My "mister guy" . . . that's another story . . . oh my . . .
    Happy weekend Cheryl . . .

  13. I can so relate to the need to purge. I have been trying to purge a little each day, but it's really in fits and spurts. Magazines are a nemesis of mine too.

    Glad to hear of a good report from the doctor! Exercise? Huh? (And I don't even have laundry on a different level. Does that mean I need to get outside?!)

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and your hubby!!

  14. i want the red cake with cocoanut on it. yummmm and i would be furious if bob bought me flowers or candy ... i prefer to buy what i want... the only thing we do on holidays of any kind is eat out and my present is i don't have to cook.... the feral cat is a beauty

  15. The desserts all look tasty, but I'll go for that one on the right. It looks like a cheesecake kind of irresistible thing! As for the kitty, do people drop off animals at your place? Some years ago we were convinced that there was a 'sign' somewhere that told people they could leave their animals with us!

  16. You are so sweet to feed the homeless kitties. I am sure they are spreading the word kind of like hobos did during the depression.
    When I purge my magazines, I take them to the local rehab center. Just remember to cut your name off the front.
    Congrats on your good test numbers.

  17. I love flowers, chocolates and fancy dinners but only if it is a really good deal. Flowers at Valentines are usually twice as expensive and that hurts my pocket but if I'm in the mood to shower affection or receive it, flowers are great.

  18. We have gotten snow a couple of times this week.... AND---we may get more on Sun/Mon...... We were going out to dinner on Sunday (for Val. Day) --but may postpone it for another day... It all depends on our crazy weather. So far this year though, we haven't had the horrible ICE storms that we had last winter.. BUT--the forecasters say that Mon. may bring us some ice. GADS--I hope not.

    I am trying to clean out closets and get rid of stuff here also... Our 'junk' just GROWS and GROWS.... Gosh---I'd hate for something to happen to George and me and then our kids would have to come in here and clean it all out....

    Happy Valentine's Day.

  19. You are so awesome to care for your indoor and out door cats. I am like you I have a hard time getting rid of magazines. Some of mine are our church publications and I always think I will have time to read them, but I don't. Usually in the spring I get the declutter bug. The desserts look yummy. I'm good with a little chocolate, a stay at home dinner and a good movie for Valentines. Have a sweet weekend. Blessings and hugs!

  20. Hi Cheryl!

    Happy Valentines Day to you too!! No, you are not crazy for wanting to spend the evening at home with your sweetheart, that sounds like my kind of date. We are going out to dinner at a cute little place called, The Rusty Lantern, one of hubby favorite places. We are then going to a wedding reception, all this after going to a funeral in the afternoon . . . home watching a movie sounds awesome!

    I'm glad to hear that someone else has their laundry room in the basement - that's where mine is too. I do think it's good to go up and down those stairs to get the laundry done, just don't fall down the stairs and break a leg, been there done that... :0)

    Sorry to hear about the leaky pipe, noting worse than that, especially in the weather you are having. Beautiful picture! It is hard for me to throw away magazines too! I use the computer less and less for recipes these days. Some of them I have tried are not very good, and I just resort back to my old cookbooks. So glad to hear your numbers are good, eat donuts!

    You are a good woman to feed the cats, they do need taking care of don't they. I'm not sure how word gets around
    that there is food somewhere, but that happens here too . . . very suspicious!

    Cute picture of you and Stormy!


  21. We are so olden now that Mr. Sweet buys me things like Hobby Lobby gift card for Valentines...always go out to dinner altho this time, since its on Sun., we will share dinner with our home fellowship group...we all bring something good to eat and have such a nice time.
    Happy Valentines Day to you....xo

  22. Winter...uggg We're to get snow again tonight. Love your latest visitor. It is so cute... Your such good people to care for these sweet little animals. I love your ideas of exercising and eating sweets... LOL


  23. Many moons ago (pre-internet), I used to save every magazine that came into this house...from Reader's Digest to Country Home, to Southern Living. Recipes and pretty decor were just two of the reasons. Now I am a pinterest hoarder for the same reason, but at least it isn't stacking up and hoarding space in my home. LOL! Happy Valentine's Day!

  24. I have a weakness for sugar. :) Someone would enjoy those could donate them to thrift stores or retirement homes or ??.
    Hubby did get me a miniature rose plant, but I wouldn't be upset if I didn't get flowers. I would be upset without a card or love letter. :)
    you can imagine how much dog food we buy for 1-95 lb dog, 1-67 lb dog, 1-47 lb dog, 1- 4 lb dog and one fat kitty cat. LOL We also buy a lot of unsalted peanuts for squirrels and birds plus a lot of bird seed. Always good to help wildlife considering how we take so much from them. :)