Friday, February 5, 2016

Age...It's All Relative, Right?

~Missouri River, photo courtsey of my daughter~
If you want to see old friends and acquaintances, and if you live in a small town like I do, one place to find them is in the doctor's waiting room. 

I had the chance to see a few folks that I'd not seen in a while when I went for my six month checkup yesterday.  The wait is a bit long as my doctor is slow.   So slow in fact that I often feel like I might need to go home and shave my legs again before I get to see her. 

One sweet lady, who is in her nineties, stopped by my chair on her way out.  She is still living alone and driving.  I asked her what her secret was and she said "good genes" which of course is true, but she also goes to the doctor regularly and takes good care of herself.  I wondered to myself...I do that a lot, do you?...if she still eats a banana a day, but didn't ask.

Okay, before you think I've lost it...I remember visiting with her where she worked many years ago and she was eating a banana.  She said that she ate one every day for a snack and I've never forgotten that for some strange reason.  I doubt if bananas are the key to good health, but I do believe eating the right foods surely is one factor.

I knew another dear woman who lived a good, long life and she thought the onions she adored and ate every day might be the key to her longevity.  

My 70th birthday is coming up next month, so staying as healthy as I can for as long as I can is of paramount importance to me.  Yikes.  I can't believe I just said that.  70!!  How did that number come up so quickly?? 

I certainly don't feel like I'm about 70.  Well, unless I have to get down on the floor for something and I have a hard time getting back up.  And forget those items on the lowest shelf at WalMart.  My knees hurt too much to squat to see the print.

I've been fortunate these last several years to hear many say that I don't look my age.  I didn't appreciate the youthful looks back when I was 30 or so and was still being treated like a youngster.   And I remember several years ago having to show my ID to a hotel clerk because they snorted when I asked for the senior citizen discount.

I took something by my daughter's business the other day and she introduced me to a couple of the teachers.  After I left, somehow it was brought up to them that I would be 70 soon.  What??  they said.  No way could I be that old, because I looked like I was in my 50's.  They just didn't believe it.  Well, 50's is certainly a stretch, they are young, but I appreciated hearing it!

My doctor did say yesterday that 70 was now the new 50, but I believe I detected a little smirk on her face when she said that.  lol!  

Aging is a state of mind, they say.  And I quite agree with that.  It's important to have a good attitude about things and doing those things you enjoy.   As the song goes, I plan to live, live, live until I die.  Even if living well means nothing more some days than relaxing in the recliner with a good book.

Okay, enough talking about my olden self, but it is kind of a nice segue into a question I want to ask.  I know there are many 50 and 60 somethings out there in blog land who also don't look their ages and are in good health.  I know who you are...yes, I do!  Tell me, what do you do to maintain that good health?  And do you have a particular beauty regimen you follow?  Please share your tips with the rest of us. 

Have a wonderful and healthy weekend!
xo Cheryl


  1. Hi Cheryl!

    Age has been on my mind lately too. A very good friend of mine, is only 70, and she is suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Another good friend is 71, and she only looks 50. I really do think that genes have so much to do with the way we age. My father's side of the family lived for a long time, and were relatively healthy. My mother's side, live to be quite old, but most of them suffer from dementia. I sure wish I knew who I take after?! One of my sweet little neighbors lived to be 98 years old. Her secret was her attitude and keeping her mind busy. She was a crocheter, and would always give you a hot pad when you left her home, (I have many!). I know that her diet was crazy, so I don't think that had anything to do with her longevity.

    You are beautiful, and I would never have guessed that you would be turning 70, not that 70 is old... ;0) I have always been told that I have beautiful skin, which always shocks me! The only lotion I use on my face is baby lotion, everything else gives me a rash! Again, genes.

    Really good food for thought . . . and that was not a pun!

    Have a great week-end!


  2. P.S. I love senior citizen discounts!

  3. Seriously you are going to be 70? I never would have guessed that but I'm so glad I read that I'm the new "50" after all I turn 64 tomorrow.

  4. Those numbers are getting just a bit higher for each of us. I will be 67 this year and I ca, hardly believe that.In my mind,I sill think of myself as being young,but my body reminds me otherwise.I know that I think younger than many who are younger than I am and for sure think younger than most who are my age.

  5. I would have NEVER guessed you were going to be 70. I turned 64 September 2015 and I had been sort of sad, it just came over me. BUT then I decided I am just going to enjoy every single day and not worry about it. I certainly don't feel 64! But I have about 6 pounds I need to lose and I can't get them off. If I would just get out and get back to my walking, but I would rather play on the computer or read books on the Kindle... :) I NEED to get back to walking!

  6. Cheryl, I have seen younger people who look older than me and people my age who look younger than me. WTH... Keep moving girl, that's the secret. I have always told my not go gray before the husbands. LOL. I color my hair , so far. One day I may just go tell the hair dresser....make it all gray.LOL Once I heard this saying a long time ago...It's mind over matter, so if you don't mind , it doesn't matter.:) Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

  7. i wish my mind would tell my body i am still 50 and that my legs and knees will work if i think i am 50. i told bob when we get into our 70's we are living past our bodies expiration date. our minds are young the bodies are not.

  8. I have a friend who is 76 and still walks in the 5 k and finishes. she has 3 friends who go with her. all younger and know of them can do more than a mile.. i think the age thing has a lot to do with what you did as a young person if you keep doing it and don't stop you can do it at 70 or 80.. i agree with Susie about the keep moving. that is what the doctors say and i see it all around. those who move do better

  9. Oh you're not talking to me. I feel 90 if a day. I used to swear by Oil of Olay, but now I'm way beyond that. Never admit to the next year until you're well into it. ; >

  10. Gee and here I thought 70 was the new 60. Might have to rename my blog. I undershot a bit. Can't give you any advice. Since I lost 35 pounds intentionally, I no longer look 76---I look more like 86 thanks to all the wrinkles that were hiding behind those extra pounds. Fat has a very smoothing effect. Sigh.


  11. Wow, I like that 70 is the new 50 :)) I get that same thing all the time, especially if I'm with my daughters. I don't usually wear make-up or very little, but I think it's mostly my Finnish heritage, seems like most Finns age pretty well :)

  12. I've always so wanted to age coloring my hair at this age and very little makeup...
    I look every single one of my 78 years and it doesn't bother me. Good health is key, of course...and trying not to dress like an old lady helps, I think. :)

  13. I would never have guessed that as your age for sure! I try to eat a banana, because it's good for high blood pressure.

  14. Oh this is awesome you will be my same age. I thought you were younger too. I have had people tell me that I don't look 70. I must admit I had a struggle turning 70 it just hit me. Then I decided to be proud that I am 70. I think it is important to just be active and especially mentally. My Mother lived to be 90. She had beautiful skin. She slapped on Ponds cream every night. I have tried some different things but since retirements funds are lower, I may follow her. I' d say we just bloom where we are planted and enjoy the journey dear friend. Hugs,

  15. Well my Friend... I'm ahead of you (gonna be 74 in August)----and like you, I don't usually feel my age. I TRY to do everything I can to stay healthy (healthy eating, exercise, plenty of sleep, drinking my water, etc. etc. etc.).... I sometimes think that I'm in the BEST health that I've ever been in.. For you see, when I was younger, I did NOT take care of myself ...

    BUT--as I get older, I do know that my life will come to an end sometime (sooner than later)... BUT--in the meantime, I will continue to live my life to its fullest and not worry so much about the future. I WILL however continue to stay as healthy as possible ---but know that all of these body aches and pains are going to happen as I get older. I just cannot allow these aches and pains to STOP me.....

    I've seen pictures of you. You do look AWESOME. Keep on doing what you are doing ---and like me, stay as healthy as possible....

    Big HUGS,

  16. When you said you were going to turn 70, I thought no way. You certainly don't look that age. I too think it's in the genes. We don't want to talk about my health. But you certainly gave me a big laugh when you talking about having to go home and shave your legs again!

    Great photo and blessings to you.

  17. Age is relative... at least I believe so :)
    It's amazing how quickly time flies, and I agree with your earlier post about time passing more quickly, the older we get.
    I do not think you look your age, at all!
    I have a sweet friend that will be 80 this year (though I would have sworn that she wasn't a day over 72) and she is still so active! I think her secret is staying busy. She gardens all summer long, and in the winter she works on repainting rooms, organizing, etc.. No matter what, she has plans for each day to be anxiously engaged. I think she simply won't allow age to catch up to her...**giggle**.


  18. Hi Cheryl, surfed in and have been enjoying your nice blog, wanted to say hi and let you know I'd been here and I clicked the "follow" button! I blog from beautiful Charleston, stop by if you like!

  19. I'm not there yet, but closing in on 60. I am not so much worried about my age as I am about my health. You definitely do not look anywhere near 70 years old!

  20. may you be a spry, alert 90 yr old some day. :)

  21. When my sister and I were growing up, people would sometimes ask which one of us was older? I hated that! After all, I was 2 years and 4 months older! Couldn't anyone see that? Now, of course, I am both older and wiser and I'd love for someone to ask me that!

    No secrets here. I am 55 and I think I probably look my age. I often contemplate Psalm 90:12..."So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom."

  22. Cheryl, I just turned 47. I still feel like I am in my 30's! I have terrible eating habits, I eat like I am in my 20's but I enjoyed your post very much. I should try eating bananas and onions! ;)

  23. I'm only turning 47 this year and I have people tell me I look like I'm in my 30's, but I don't feel like it most days. I have a few health issues, but I'm not letting it hold me back. I think the key is to keep moving because that's what I saw my great-grandmother do until she passed away at 94. Also, my dad is turning 70 next month and you would never guess he's that age and he can out work some young guys. lol He always says you'll have problems is you stop.
    Happy early bday!!!

  24. My husband and I always say that aging is good for us and what is the alternative? lol. I'm of SS age and so is my hubby. We find walking is wonderful for our health, and we've been trying to avoid carbs as much as possible and load up instead on vegetables. He has good genes-- I don't. High blood pressure and cardio vascular disease runs in my family, but some of the healthiest living people I've known have passed with cancer, so we never know. Enjoy each day as a gift--that is the best we can do I think ;) Happy early birthday!

  25. And...what a beautiful 70 you are! We are sailing through our 60's at a fast comes...keep striving to maintain a healthy lifestyle is our motto...and remain "upright!" I just keep in mind that each day is our blessing....appreciate it! Have a great birthday Cheryl!