Monday, February 2, 2015

Projects Still Pending


It's true hard work never killed anybody,
 but I figure, why take the chance? 
~Ronald Reagan

Where do I begin...
to tell the story of how great a slug I've been? 
The same old story that is older than the sea
the story that I've sung before to thee....
Where do I start?

Since it's the Love month, I thought I'd have some fun with a line from that wonderful old song from the movie Love Story.  I remember BG and I going to that movie and me walking out with tears streaming down my face.  I'll talk more about that movie another day. 

I haven't got one (well, maybe one) thing done that I planned to do when I began my blog break.  The word projects is going to be stricken from my vocabulary.  I never seem to even get to first base let alone cross the home plate when I make plans involving a project.  The Project is still a work in progress.  We are awaiting some help to arrive (and who knows how long that will be) with a few things. 

I do have a few excuses for my laziness and lack of progress with those projects plans.  My right knee decided to start hurting and then, about the same time, I developed tendonitis in my left heel making walking really difficult.  It hasn't been much fun trying to negotiate the stairs while doing laundry.  

I'm better, but not yet at 100% and there are so many much worse off than me, so I've tried not to complain too much.  I've managed to keep the house from being condemned by the health department and meals on the table.  Otherwise, I've been sitting and icing the heel and knee, hugging kitties and reading some books.  I think the newest kitty, Tuffy, developed sympathy pains because he took to limping a couple of days and was even off his food for a day, but he seems to be improving, too. 

I haven't been off my food like Tuffy, but all the candy and cookies from the holidays are gone, thankfully, and we're trying to eat healthy.  Trying is the operative word.  It's hard to do when Rocky Road ice cream is calling your name from the ice cream aisle.  Really, it actually opened the door and jumped into my cart!  What's a girl to do?  I just didn't have the heart to put it back when it practically begged me to take it home.  You know what an old softie I am!   Well, I only indulge in ice cream every chance I get once in a while.  

I usually keep some fruit in the freezer and blackberries, raspberries and blueberries are a favorite combo, but I saw the fresh fruit on sale the other day and bought some.  I like to mix it with some yogurt and whipped topping.  Yum!  In this photo, I just had whipped topping, the lite variety.  It is so good and so much healthier than the ultra sweet Rocky Road.  Which would you rather indulge cream or a bowl of fruit with yogurt/topping? 

While lazing around with my feet propped up, I did some pondering about the future of my blog.  I'm getting older you know, and I have lots I want and need to do and less energy to do it.  Part of me said to just not come back.  Blogging does take up a lot of time, as you know.  But, the other part reminded me how much I do enjoy the blog world and of course I love all the wonderful people I've met here.  I still have a few stories to tell, not to mention that this is a journal of sorts.  My stories will be here for my children to read.  So I've decided that I can't give it up just yet.  

Next time, I'll share a decision that was sort of hard to take, but not surprising to me. 
Happy Monday to you!
xo Cheryl 


  1. I'd eat both the Rocky Road and the yogurt mixture. Maybe a couple hours apart, though. Sorry to hear about your knee and heel problems. Having lived with arthritis and chronic pain in my knees for the past decade I understand what you are going through. Tuffy looks like the perfect kitty to share a chair with. A while back I took off a half a year from my blog. And I was surprised you all were still there to greet me when circumstances allowed me back. Whatever you decide know that you are loved by all of us out here in BlogLand.

  2. Sorry I blacked out after I read Rocky Road ice cream:) yes it has been a tough few months around here too buy ice cream seems to help I have not been to the store in two weeks so that is why I am excited about seeing your ice cream. HUGS B

  3. I do so understand how it seems increasingly hard to keep up with everything... and to get projects DONE! But, I'm glad you decided to keep your blog going, Cheryl. Even if it has to be less frequent. We would sorely miss you if you stopped!! Blogland is a wonderful community.... a little family of sorts. ;)
    The Strawberry and Homemade Vanilla Blue Bell just keeps getting in my cart! LOL! Hope your joints and tendons cut you some slack soon!! hugs and blessings ~ tanna

  4. Hi Cheryl. I hope you don't get up blogging because when I was reading your blog this morning( I am away for 5 days), it really made me laugh out loud. I love your humor as you right. You say it as it is and I love that. Blogging does take time but I have learned so much since I started nearly 2 years ago and ' meet' so many lovely people, I would miss it. Even you only post on a couple of meme a week and be happy with that, that might be the answer for you. Anyhow, I hope you have a good week and perhaps get 1 project finished or perhaps started!!

  5. Oh my goodness you have had a time Cheryl!! My husband is celebrating the one year anniversary of having his left knee replaced. It was life changing. He also struggles with tendonitis so we do understand when both flare at the same time. And like the other ladies I hope you do not give up your blogging. I did give up blogging for about six months once but I missed it so much that I started a new blog.

  6. sorry for the pain you have experienced in your knee and foot. sure makes it difficult to do the normal activities of a day, not to count the other things that we all love to do. Hopefully, you will continue to get better and BETTER. The fruit, yogurt, and the topping sure caught my eye. Looks so yummy! Glad you opened your computer and decided to post today...I always enjoy your post.....and I definitely enjoy your friendship....Blessings.

  7. Sorry to hear about your knee and heel pain. I now leave a tube of aspercreme on the table in the living room to rub my knees with a couple of times a day. It's the only thing that helps now, other than a meniscus removal, which they say will bring on ra so fast my head will spin. Here's to pain free days ahead. Have a blessed week.

  8. I'm always pondering as to how to best spend my time. But I sure would miss my blog....and blog buddies. I'm glad you are going to keep going and I hope you feel better soon! Enjoy your week sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

  9. Well, bless your heart! I assume you're feeling better!

    A few thoughts on blogging ---- it's not an obligation! I recently deleted one of mine , "This Country Life, because it was no longer interesting. I kept my favorite; "From the Starcatcher" is for my writing, art, and miniatures. It was unexpectedly liberating to take that step. Having this single-themed creative blog has spurred me on to even more creativity, just what I needed.

  10. You are a hoot and I am certain that any resting has been very much needed. Those basement laundry rooms do take their toll after a while! I have hauled myself out of the basement on my last ounce of energy myself. Glad that you have decided to carry on with blogging. Of course, you know that it is not an obligation. I have been learning that quite nicely between blizzards up here.

  11. Hi Cheryl, Did you get a lot of snow or were you one of the lucky ones? I am trying to catch up with my friends and their blogs this morning. It is another stay at home day because of the weather. I didn't want to go out in the cold to clear my car off. I am glad that I will still get to read a blog from you. I always enjoy it. The fence was amazing. I think about your hubby in this crazy weather especially the way the wet snow was hanging on the trees. Take care. Hugs and Prayers from Your NW Missouri Friend Shirley

  12. To paraphrase an old song, it's your blog and you can blog when you want to. We will be here when ever you chose to chat. For me once a week works. You have had so much on your plate that you needed a little R & R (rest and relaxation , rocky road or perhaps both.)
    Selfishly I hope you chose to continue.

  13. Always enjoy your blog, please don't stop... Eating healthy is good, wish I would try a little harder.Blessings Francine.

  14. i love the fruit and the ice cream, if i had to choose, of course the ice cream.. that means can't keep it in the house because it would win. hope it doesn't jump in my basket... i would for one miss you. i just commented on another blog that i sometimes think of quitting and will decide to take a week off to see how it goes. i have never made it past the 3rd day. i love it and it calls me so will keep on doing it until i don't feel the call.
    now i can't wait to hear the decision... please post it SOON

  15. i am so sorry! How did these injuries happen to you? Well, then blogging is perfect for you at this time because you can do it with your feet up!

  16. I am sorry about your knee and heel. I hope you recover quickly..I am glad your kitty is improving too. The berries and yogurt sound yummy. I would miss your blog post if you stopped, it is nice to take breaks once in a while..Take care! Enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  17. Oh no and here I was imagining that you were doing bunches of projects!! Hope you leg and foot are getting better:)

  18. a slug ... now that is a new one for me to hear ... never talked about a person being a slug. you have me laughing for sure. i hope you heal quickly. your berries look delicious. i need some please. have a great week. love your new profile picture. cute!! big big hugs. ( ;

  19. I do enjoy reading your posts.Blogging is like a visit to my friends,only I do it from my own home.Let me just say,there is hardly an ice-cream that I don't like.Trouble ism,it all likes me as well and wants to sit on my hips for too long.

  20. Hel-lo Cheryl!!! Nice to see you... :) I am so sorry you have had issues with your knee and foot. I spent some time at Boone Hospital with a kidney stone! Glad you aren't going to quit blogging. I blog in stops and spurts. I have had a spurt and I feel a stop coming on. It's the people I have met that I enjoy so much that keeps me blogging. Yes, we did have snow... just a dusting but then it turned to ice. The kids had to go to school.. I was shocked! Anxious to hear about this decision you have made! Take care, we have more snow coming on Wednesday and I have a haircut that day wouldn't you know?

  21. Welcome back from your blog break, Chery! I do understand knee and heel pain --over the years I tore a few knee meniscus and I've had plantar-fasciitis of my heels--both bring severe pain. Sometimes only rest heals conditions like these. I also agree that blogging take sup lots of time--I've had thoughts of not blogging any longer but I know I'd miss it very much as it helps me keep in touch with many wonderful fellow bloggers. Hope the winter has not been too bad in your area--we've had snow then warm days. snow and warm days--crazy weather!

  22. I hope you get better quickly but try enjoy doing the things you can do like reading books and having Ice Cream. Yes, I would choose Ice Cream over the fruit and yogurt. However, I am getting to like fruit mixed in yogurt; I like to add a little cottage cheese too.
    I am finding in life that I have projects that don't ever seem to get done; but working steadily at it with breaks is a good thing. Eventually, you will get it all done. I like the thought of enjoying the moments of life whatever it may be.
    I am very happy that you are not giving up blogging because I love following your blog. I must admit that i am always thinking I should give blogging up but I can't for the very same reasons.
    Blessings and hugs for you!

  23. Oh you poor woman...I've had the dreaded plantar facitis in both heels at the same about hobbled. So I can totally understand how it feels. BAD!

    I wish some icecream would jump into my cart next time...I might have to linger by the open door of the cooler a bit longer...I love the idea of putting fruit in it, see instantly healthy.


  24. Hi Cheryl, Great to catch up with you... Sorry to hear about your foot and knee pain... As you know, I've had a rough rough time since Nov. I did have knee surgery on Jan. 8 ---and am finally better. BUT--I still have LOTS of pain --just not as painful as it was. I am trying to exercise --and some days are better than others... I'm still on Tylenol --but that is all... I'll get there but it will just take some time. Hope you are okay now.

    Your fruit and yogurt is what I eat for breakfast almost every morning. I don't use the Whipped Topping for breakfast though--but will use a bit of Splenda....


  25. Lets see ice cream or fruit and yogurt, a tough decision for sure cause I too enjoy BOTH, but ice cream would win out for me and maybe topped with the fruit and yogurt? Hope your knee and heel are doing better soon, Cheryl. I too have considered giving up blogging as we've had many things going on, but then decided to just blog when I can and have something to post and it's working for now. Whatever your decision, we fellow bloggers will be here, even if you decide to post less often as breaks are OK too.

  26. Ice cream makes everything better. Sorry your aren't well. Try to hang in there. I don't let blogging take up too much time. Maybe I don't comment as much as most and I typically don't write anything, just post a photo or two. I hate to think of not seeing you around, but you must do what is best. Take care and I'll still be happy when I see you post!

  27. Glad to see you pop in! I am glad that you're going to continue blogging. I think it is the most fun when there is no when you're inspired or want to check in. Besides, how would be keep up with those darling fur babies who have adopted you?

    Oh, The Project. I hear ya.

  28. Ice cream always makes everything better, so sorry about your knee and heel! I am glad you decided to keep blogging, I still haven't found the time to get back to posting, hopefully soon, in the mean time I enjoy visitng as much as possible. I will be praying for healing for you.
    Blessings, sue

  29. I hope the knee and heel continue to feel better.
    A good book, feet up, sun shinning through the window . . .
    Rocky Road Ice Cream needs to make a visit . . .
    (Happy SHE hopped in your cart!)