Sunday, October 5, 2014

Where Do I Start?

Hello Friends!  Here we are 5 days into my favorite month - October.  How I love this time of year!  I have much to share and I don't know quite where to start, but I think I'll begin with some of the happenings in September. 

Since we had so much happening, including just purchasing a fixer-upper, we decided to postpone our trip out west in favor of a week long resting vacation in Branson.  Except for the last row of photos, the above is a little glimpse of what we saw while there.  We didn't nap all the time!

We had a beautiful condo that we stayed in and many mornings we ate our breakfast (and other meals, too) on the deck overlooking the lake.  One evening, we watched the full moon rising.  We visited Silver Dollar City one day and listened to some great music and also saw a western show.  We also went out to a few places like Danna's BBQ where we ate like the 2 pigs shown above.  Also, a must stop for us is Texas Land & Cattle at the Landing for a yummy steak.  I saw the cutest sight at the Landing one day.  I'll show you the pics in a minute.

We had a relaxing time, but I was glad to see my little fur girls when we got home.  Another welcome sight were a few tomatoes still ripening in the garden along with a few zinnias still blooming, but the gardening is pretty much done until next year.     

My dear aunt and uncle - I blogged about them here - passed away within 2 days of each other and their visitation and funeral were held soon after we got back from vacation.  Another reason we were not meant to take a longer trip, I believe.    

One day while strolling down at the Landing in downtown Branson, I happened to see the cutest dog frolicking in the water fountain in the center of the Landing.  He was having a blast!  He would run from one side to another and jump up into the water spray.  He would do this repeatedly and once in a while he would get out of the water and run around the perimeter then jump back in.  He was really putting on a show for all the bystanders!

The work has begun in earnest on the property we bought last month.  Here are a couple of before and afters of some of the yard work.  The former long-time owner of this property apparently loved concrete as much of the yard is covered in it.  BG cut down many of the small trees and bushes left to grow up by the last owner.  Also the vines growing up on the north side of the house and barn were removed.  It's made a world of difference already, even if a lot of painting is still needed. 

There's BG on the roof replacing a few shingles that had been blown off and the side yard that previously looked like a jungle before our daughter cleaned it all out.  What was I doing while all this work was going on?  Picking up small limbs and sticks and sacking up trash in the barn and outbuildings and sweeping down cobwebs and floors.  

The mold removal was started yesterday and hopefully will be finished tomorrow.  The basement is pretty much being gutted.  The people doing the work are hauling all the debris away.  We won't be able to have the gas man come in to turn on the gas and inspect the furnace and pipes until after that job is finished.  Which means no hot water.  The main floor cleanup will begin when we have hot water!  I'm not willing to transport hot water to do that job.

Here's a before shot of one of the bedrooms.  The hardwood floors are in pretty good shape in this room.  Not so much in the living room.  I'm thinking carpet may have to be put down there.  We'll see.  The windows really need to be replaced, but that will be done later.  As will the replacing of drywall in the basement.  Our renter (daughter) is anxious to get moved in asap.  Once the cleaning of all the walls and ceilings, closets, etc. is done, we will be ready to paint.  

I have a question about paint.  Have any of you used the paint/primer all in one?  How did you like it and was one coat all that was needed?  I'm not sure whether to paint something like this in the photo with Kilz and then a good paint or if a paint/primer would do the job.  I'd love to know what you think!  

I'll be showing more befores and afters when we get some afters.  lol!  That may be a while yet.  So far, the sewer problem and the water leak was easily fixed.  We're hoping now that the furnace and central air unit are in good working condition.  Lots of little things yet to do, but we're making good progress in the short time we've had this.  

I've more news to share, but that will be another post.  This one is long enough already!

Happy Sunday to you!
xo Cheryl 


  1. Gosh, this purple room is the exact same color that my bedroom was as a teenager. I even painted the trash can the same color. You have a lot of work ahead of you, so you really needed the rest and fun of the getaway. I wonder if the dog was hot? Whatever; he was really having fun.

  2. Cheryl, congrats on your new place.. And to your daughter for her new place too. My son bought a fixer-upper and is slowing getting things done..He has made a lot of changes already.. Sounds like the dog was having a great time playing in the water.. I love your trip photos.. Enjoy your new week!

  3. Hi Cheryl~

    Love all your pictures, but the dog photos really take the cake this time, what a ham!! I'm so glad you got to enjoy Branson, it's on my bucket-list!

    You guys really took on a huge project, but what rewards you will have when it's finished and looking beautiful! The hardwood floors look beautiful in the bedroom! About the paint. I have used the paint and primer all in one paint, and found it to be really nice. Of course, it will probably depend on the walls, and what paint was used on them before - that's my two cents . . . ;0)

    Congrats on five years, wow, time does fly! I agree with everything you said about blogs! The only thing I don't like about other blogs, are those dang popup advertisements - they are totally annoying! I think everyone should do what they want, use the colors they want, add music, change their headers everyday, and just have fun with THEIR blog. I have certainly enjoyed yours over the years, and hope to enjoy it for many to come!

    Hugs to you,

  4. glad you're making progress. i enjoyed the fountain dog! so cute!

  5. I look forward to seeing the progress on the house!! And so glad you had a nice vacation. It makes a world of difference to just have time to rest and relax for a bit.

  6. Sounds like a lot of work to me. Glad you got a bit of R&R. That dog looks like he was having the time of his life!

  7. Fountain dog reminds me of our own Benny.. the water lover. Too cute.

    In my experience, one coat of paint.. no matter the quality, never covers adequately. I would go with a primer and two coats of quality paint.. particularly over the purple.

  8. That pup in the fountain was real cute. Looks like you have your work cut out for you at the new place. But you're making headway. about your paint dilema, I've done it both ways, if that helps. Hang in there.

  9. Thanks for sharing such nice pics of Autumn.
    Our prayers are with you and the family's of your aunt and uncle
    Take care.

  10. You really have been going a lot of directions! I'm so sorry for the loss of your family members...that's always so sad. I'm glad you got to take a restful vacation to be ready for all you need to do. Happy Fall my friend! Hugs, Diane

  11. Hi Cheryl, I am taking time tonight to catch up with friends. I always enjoyed going to Branson in the fall of the year for a long weekend. We enjoyed taking in a few of the shows. Of course we always went to the landing to see what was new. I enjoyed catching up with you tonight and can see you have really been busy. Take care. Hugs and Prayers from Your NW Missouri Friend.

  12. You have been busy. Hope the work on the house goes well,without any unexpected problems.

  13. I had some primer tinted the other day..and it still took two coats of paint over the primer. Go figure. They say the newer paint that has the primer in it works least that is what they say on TV.
    You have quite a project there and it will be fun to see how you progress.
    Good that you had a break before you got really busy:)

  14. I LOVE THE DOG! I LOVE THE DOG! but then you would guess that from me. and only you could find pigs on vacation. made me smile... you do have a lot of work to do.... but looks like a lot has been done... i can't wait to see the before and after when it is ready to move in, so take lots of photos... i think you will need two coats to cover that purple. we used white with primer to cover white and it did fine but i don't think it will cover purple.

  15. you sound so busy. lots going on. and all in such a quick time. hope it will go well & give you a chance to relax in the end. i enjoy your mosaics. so fun to see what you have been up to on your bloggy break. ( :

  16. Funny how, looking back, we can see that The Lord was at work all along. Everything comes together like a puzzle. That dog is too cute! He laas thirsty, too. Pace much to do and what you have already done looks great.

  17. Nice to see pictures and get caught up! The outside is looking good. You wouldn't catch CH up on that roof but I guess BG is already used to being high up.. :) Glad you had some easy fixes. Have I ever mentioned how much I do not like to paint!

  18. You have sure had some busy times! I need to look through the replies...I am interested in your paint question. I have never seen anything that one coat would do. Just wondering if that is possible.

  19. How exciting! Looking forward seeing more befores and afters!

  20. Can't wait to see more befores and afters :)! I love a good project!!

  21. Hello Cheryl,
    You've been as busy as a one legged man, in a hopping contest!

    As you know, we've been renovating houses for 20+ years. In our experience the very best primer product is Zinsser. It will stick to anything, and makes a nice foundation coat for paint. Behr paint is our paint of choice, and they make several varieties with primer built in. Behr has a new paint that is guaranteed to cover in one coat called 'Marquee'. I bought some last week, but have yet to test it out. I bought paint for our front door, and I'm covering black paint, so I'm hoping for their one coat guarantee :)

    So happy for you that you had a nice time in Branson! It looks like fun, and that water-romping dog is a hoot!
    Branson is on my bucket list! I'll have to get you to tell me all the best places there .

    Smiles :)

  22. If that were my dog, I'd build him a fountain. Such joy and fun the little fellow was having.
    So glad you got some R&R in your favorite place. With what you have on your plate, mercy, you needed it.
    Sure glad that project is yours not mine. My sister is going through a similar thing and she says she hurts all over her body.
    Do take care and don't overdo.
    I used Behr paint when I moved in there 9 years ago. My painter had never used it before and he could not believe how well it covered with one coat. However that was 9 years ago and that purple may be a challenge. Good luck.

  23. First off- I am so sorry about your Aunt & Uncle---but they are together in death now like there were together in life all those years.
    LOVE that sweet dog that you caught playing in the fountain. How funny is that!
    If you use the Behr paint/primer you should be okay.I am not sure but I think lavender has a tendency to bleed through (because of the red in it) Sherwin-Williams has a really good one coat paint too, but it is not cheap.

    Good luck!!!! xo Diana

  24. I think you have a lot of work ahead of you ...but you will feel so wonderful after each project is completed. I'm thinking that purple colour is a bit much. I know it's more work but I'd say use a primer and then two coats of paint. I look forward to seeing your progress!

  25. Hi Cheryl, Sounds like you had a great Branson trip was great... It's probably JUST what the doctor ordered... Great set of photos... Loved seeing the little dog playing in the water... Cute!!!!

    Wow---you all are doing a great job with that little house. I'm sure your daughter is getting excited. Bet your investment will turn out to be good for ALL of you!!!!

    Glad to hear from you.

  26. Wow, it looks like you had a great time in Branson. I loved the pictures collection. I loved the patio on the Condo. I can just picture sitting there for breakfast and looking out on the beautiful lake. The dog did look like he was having a great time and you got some good photos of that.
    You are certainly working hard on your new property. I do hope you will do a lot of before and after pictures.
    You have quite the project; but an awesome one.
    Thanks for sharing more of your life and blessings to you all!

  27. We were just in Branson this past weekend... Love that place! Glad you had a delightful get-away and what better place to spend it than in Branson.. Fixer-uppers can be a lot of hard work, but the end results can sure make you proud. Can't wait to see all of the re-do's.

  28. "a resting vacation" still my heart! Oh to be somewhere I didn't have chores, chores, chores!
    Love the dog photo...happy, happy, happy.

  29. Great photos, Cheryl. That funny dog made me smile! Your property is going to be your idea of fabulous. I loved those photos, too. Sending blessings!

  30. Wow, what fun you must have had in Branson! We are probably one of the few people who have never been there. But I've heard it's an amazing place. Your new property looks like you are coming along real well. I'm so glad to see this! (Wonderful photos as always!)


  31. oh my goodness you have been busy and it really shows!! what an accomplishment....i am so sorry about the passing of your aunt and uncle but how wonderful that they are still together! i've not heard of that texas landing restaurant, darn, sounds like a place we would have loved. we used to stop at lamberts on our way to branson, or our way back! miss it! lol'ing at you two eating like those two piggies :)

  32. and i forgot to add, i fell in love with that dog!!!