Friday, October 31, 2014

My Friday Random Five

Is this not the most adorable kitten?  This one showed up (oh no, not again!) at our house and it is about half the size of its siblings.  We've been feeding it a milk supplement and kitten chow.  My daughter even made a little sweater for it to wear to watch the Royals lose play in the final game of the World Series.  KC will be going to a new home this afternoon.  Now, to get the other kittens tamed and find them homes.        

This little pumpkin is my lone fall decoration.  I usually have lots of fall touches here and there in the house and a display of pumpkins and mums by the front door. But, as much as I love fall, I haven't had much time or inclination to decorate.  The Project has been gotten all of my attention lately. 

This old house was shown in a post I did 4 years ago.  I had written about some mysterious happenings going on in our house and thought around Halloween would be a good time to share the stories.  Thankfully, we have not experienced any strange goings on lately.  If you are interested in reading the post about them, you can find it here.   The old house is no longer standing.  Someone set fire to it last year and it burned to the ground.  I wish whoever had done this dastardly deed had gotten caught!

We've had some gorgeous sunsets and nice weather this fall.  And now it sounds like we will soon be getting the frost that has eluded us thus far.  It is supposed to dip down into the 20's at night this weekend.  Brrrr!  It will be chilly this evening for the trick or treaters.  

And, finally, I must say that this next month will be extremely busy as we double down on the work at The Project.  We have so much to do and I know our daughter would like to be moved in by Christmas.  I'm not sure that will happen.  It's hard to find good help in this small town, so this is a real DIY project.  We're going to be working as hard as we can, so I may not be blogging much in the next month.  If you don't see me, picture this tired old woman helping (yes, I've done all this before...when I was younger!) with mudding drywall, sanding, cleaning, painting, and a hundred and one other things that need to be done.  BG is still working his normal job, but there are things I can do while he is at work.  As he said, we will be burning the midnight oil if we are to get enough done by Christmas so daughter can move in.  I won't forget to take photos!         
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Happy Friday and Happy Halloween!
xo Cheryl


  1. glad that old house is NOT your project, :) good luck with all of that for the next month and a half!

    sweet little kitten. hope he and his siblings all find good homes. we're supposed to hit 37 here tonight. that'll be plenty cold!

  2. Adorable kitty!! Such a shame about the gorgeous old house.. sad. Sounds like we will both be DIY-ing a lot this Fall/Winter. Looking forward to pictures.. good luck to both of us getting it all done!! :) -Tammy

  3. we will miss you and be waiting and i am betting you will get her in there for Christmas. glad you found a home for the sweet little kitty... love that old house and so sad it burned. i love your idea of the little punkin in the cheese dish. so easy and pretty and i would not have thought of it.

  4. forgot to say we will be waiting when you get time to update us.. happy working

  5. i love that old house, it's a shame someone burnt it down :( and i really enjoyed your stories! wow, the makeup drops!! i have one from a while back...we lived in our home in san diego. i only had ashlyn and christian at the time, the twins weren't even on the radar yet! i had taken them to see nick at work one day and they fell asleep on the way home. i carried them into the house laying each of them on a couch and they never stirred. i decided to work on some genealogy. we had a small computer room in the bedroom. as i was sitting at the computer i noticed someone walk into the bedroom and disappear at the side of the bed. i saw this from the corner of my eye so i assumed one of the kids woke up and were playing a trick on me and hiding on the side of the bed so i tiptoed over to that side of the bed, expecting to scare them and then the side of the bed was empty! i even looked under the bed because i knew that i had seen someone walk in...i thought that was weird and went out to check on them and they were both still sound asleep...i KNEW someone had walked into the bedroom so i walked around the house wondering if someone had come in, knowing no one had but still had to check, and nope, nobody there...i then walked back into my bedroom and as soon as i walked into the door i got chills and started crying for no reason...not emotional crying, just couldn't stop the tears, it was weird. i felt like i had a visit from my grandparents...and it's weird, as i type this out i am getting chills again and my eyes are watering! what's up with that?! anyways, thank you for linking and happy halloween!!

    1. Well that was a great story and if it was you grandparents that is wonderful.It is a strange world we live in sometimes. Hug B

  6. oh and by the way, the kittie is adorable! hope you get your daughter moved in by xmas!

  7. I trust that amid all the work you will take the time to let your body and mind get some rest.

  8. Good luck and take it easy..your body won't tell you about how sore it is till the day after! I bet your daughter is excited. I hope you can get all the kitties adopted out.

  9. Oh we have just finished gutting and building the house my Mom lived in My Hero and I there is NOTHING I cannot do now. I did this once before also and I was much younger too. Take your time and enjoy the time together and it will come together just right. Epsom salt baths are wonderful for those aching muscles you will have :)
    Happy Halloween and take care. Hug B

  10. Cheryl, I love that kitty cat. I sure hope you can get your daughter in her new home by Christmas. Wouldn't it be wonderful She will be so excited. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  11. Good good luck on the job of getting her in by Christmas. Don't work yourself to death...and, altho I am not a cat loving person, this one is adorable...:)
    hugs bj

  12. I think I am going to call you the kitten whisperer!! They find you.
    Take Care and don't wear yourself out with that project. And yes, we are going to need our snuggy socks this weekend.

  13. What a great old house! Were you ever in it? Another kitten...somebody's got your sure take good care of them making sure they get a good start.

    Pace yourselves with the house whispering. You must be exhausted!

  14. Those kittens are adorable. That pumpkin is nifty.
    Happy Halloween.

  15. Love KC the kitty. Glad you found it a home. The project sounds like quite a job. Good luck with it. Christmas is closer than ever.

  16. That is a sweet little kitty that made its way to you! Wow- on the house job. I hope you can make good progress on The Project before the Holidays are upon you. I have had years like that, too, where I don't have time to decorate for a season. There will be another one! xo Diana

  17. The kittens are so cute. Pity about the house burning done, it looks interesting. Gorgeous sunset shot.

  18. Such a cute kitten . . . so sweet!
    Not a nice happening, setting fire to the house. I he gets caught . .
    Pace yourself in the remodel!
    I want you whole!

  19. I think the word is out in the kitty community, that there is a lady and her family that just loves kittens and will adopt!`smile~ Such a cutie pie!
    I have never understood vandalism in any form!
    I certainly relate to you about the remodeling project in 2012 when we had the leak in the wall, I took on the project of repainting the whole downstairs, after the leak was fixed, I too found that there was such a difference in what I could do twenty years prior~grin~ Good luck with finishing the project when completed you will look back and say it was worth every pain, and the joy your daughter will get from all that work, what a wonderful Christmas present for her. Thank you for praying for my Mom, she continues to improve from her surgery, and we are waiting to find out the course of her treatment, I ask for continued prayer.

  20. cute kitty!! It's so nice that your daughter will be in her new home by Christmas. I bet she's excited!

  21. What an adorable kitty and so glad the new home is all ready waiting. Love the KC shirt. I rooted hard for them. They put up a grand fight and gave you all a great year. Be proud.
    That was one scary looking house. So sorry it burned and hope they catch the varmint.
    Take care and don't work too hard.

  22. Oh so sad about that lovely old house! It reminded me of my maternal grandmother's home in Pennsylvania, although hers was smaller. She had quite a few "sleeping porches" top and bottom.

    The kitty is adorable --glad yu found a home for him!

    We ahve not had our first frost as yet! It has been unusually warm here this autumn!

  23. We definitely got the promised frost! Am enjoying our wood stove these nights. I agree... whoever set fire to that beautiful house should have been caught and punished. You kitty... oh my, how precious!

  24. Oh how darling that little kitten is. Good luck with the work (project). I had one of those myself when I bought my home. What a lot of work! Bless you!

  25. Hello there this fine November day :)
    I'm picturing you with paint under your fingernails, and dust in your hair ***smile**.
    It sounds like you are really working hard on the house.
    Sending you "good luck". I hope that your daughter is able to move in by Christmas as well.

    Smiles :)

  26. I hope all your work goes well, and be mindful of safety. The kitty is adorable!! You are doing a wonderful thing by finding them forever homes.

  27. Adorable kittens, Cheryl, especially that tiny one modelling that sweater. We know how blogging takes a back seat to work projects as rhe same is happening here. Working together on a project can make the work go easier and hope your daughter's place is ready for Christmas...a nice gift of love and labor.