Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My List...Yikes!

The Project.  That is how I refer to the house we recently bought and are fixing up.  The plan is for our daughter to move in as our first renter.

Most days I'm happy we got it, other days I want to slap up a For Sale sign.   I still think it was a bargain although it needs a lot of fixin'.  We've run into a few problems along the way.  Some we knew about beforehand, others have been discovered or maybe I should say uncovered as we began working.  I like to makes lists, so I've decided to make a list of what yet needs to be done and highlight it in red as it gets finished.

Bedroom No. 1:  

- this room is in pretty good shape, but needs painting.  (paint purchased)
- the spackling of nail holes, etc, has been DONE).  
- windows will eventually be replaced.
- floor is good

Bedroom No. 2:  

- spackle and paint (paint purchased)
- take down ceiling fan and hang new light fixture. (DONE)
- decide about flooring...carpet? 

Extra room:  (this is a room which is part of the deck and has a flat roof overhead)

- we discovered mold on the drywall in a closet which indicated a
water leak.  BG got on the flat roof above this room and did what he could to stop future water leaks until something else can be done in warmer weather.  This room and deck area has different roofing than the rest of the house.
- drywall to be taken out of closet and replaced.  (started on)

- new exterior door needs to be installed. (DONE)
- old carpet was in this room and a lot of the backing of the carpet is stuck to the flooring.  Backing has to be scraped off (started on) and a new underlayment will be put down prior to new floor covering.


- needs a new window and the bathtub, vanity and toilet will be replaced.  (items have been purchased) (window installed)
- walls will be cleaned, painted and beadboard put up on part of the walls.  

- a tub enclosure will go around the tub.  Flooring will be installed. (flooring purchased)
- the closet needs painting and some electric wiring will need to be redone.   
- a new light fixture (bought) and mirror (to be found, purchased) will be hung.

Living Room:   

- sanding of the trim has begun.
- spackling of walls DONE.  
- paint walls and closet.  (paint purchased) (closet painted)
- paint the fireplace.  

- decide about floor...probably carpet. (order carpet)
- install new ceiling fan.  (purchased)
- windows have been washed.   
- new exterior door needs to be installed.  (DONE)

- replace and repair drywall after washer/dryer hookups removed.  
- buy new light fixture to replace ceiling fan. (purchased)
- new faucet bought.  
- replace sink?
- dishwasher works, needs sanitizing.  

- floors to be cleaned...and painted or tiled?  
- patio door and window needs cleaning and screen replaced.  (DONE)
- stove and refrigerator are waiting to be moved in.
- blinds need to be special ordered.   

- threshold between kitchen and hallway to LR needs to be planed down.


- walls need painting.  Spackling DONE.  
- floors need cleaning.  Possibly painted or replaced. (old hardwood floors torn out, new hardwood waiting to be installed -DONE)

Upper walkout deck:  

- light fixtures have been cleaned and bulbs replaced.
- new dusk to dawn light needs installing.  

- steps need repair.  
- railing tightened.  
- painting will be done next spring.  
- exterior door bought and will be replaced (see Extra Room above).  (DONE)


- mold removal and gutting of all sheetrock and ceiling has
been DONE. 

- new furnace has been installed.  Central air which is part of heating unit is in good shape.  
- ditto water heater.  
- gas lines repaired.
- some plumbing issues still to be done.  

- broken window has been replaced.
- sealing a crack where a small amount of water seeps in during heavy rain to be done. (DONE)

- wiring issues needs to be done at a later date.  
- flooring to be decided.  (carpet squares purchased for some rooms)
- walls will be finished at a future date.

- bathroom fixtures to be replaced.  (vanity and toilet purchased) 
- washer and dryer ready to be moved in and hooked up.  
- new exterior door to fit shorter opening to be found
and installed.  (order)


- new garage door bought and ready to be hung in No. 3 garage. (door didn't fit, returned.  Not a priority, will replace next spring.)
- No. 1 garage needs new door opener.  (purchased)

- cleaning has been done.

Other buildings:  

- cleaning out to be done next spring.  They aren't needed
at this time.


- cleaning has been done.  
- new opener for large door will be needed.


- house to be painted next spring.  
- some soffits need to be replaced. (DONE)
- missing shingles have been replaced and chimney inspected.  

- window well covers bought and will be installed. (DONE)
- yard cleanup is mostly completed. 
- purple martin house poles need painting.  (mostly done)
- patio area under deck needs repainting next spring.

That's all I can think of at the moment.  More will be added later, if necessary.  As you've no doubt concluded, this post is more for my benefit as I'll be referring back to it.  Feel free to check back, too, if you are interested in our progress.  We're beginning to think having this house ready before Christmas is impossible quite a stretch.    

Posting and commenting will be limited during at this busy time while I think about work on The Project.  Enjoy these days of November as we'll soon be preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving!

Happy Wednesday to you!
xo Cheryl


  1. On the positive side, I am sure you will be very happy with the end result….Good luck….

  2. Oh, yeah...LOTS to do there. Just a tip from an old carpet scraper from way IF you can find of those flat bladed "ice scrapers"...they look like a hoe only are flat and about twice as wide. Anyway...they work GREAT for scraping all that old backing left behind. xo Diana

  3. Fun and yet.... This will be a good MO winter project?

  4. Yikes...what a list. Cheryl, I hope lots of that is done already. Maybe you can the outside things done ...then work on the inside during winter. I hope you got some helpers. Blessings to you hard working people . xoxo,Susie

  5. I sounds like some work ahead . . . Pace yourself . . . if you can . . .

  6. WOW and I was tired of all our remodeling of the kitchen. Good luck with all the repairs and looking forward to seeing what you do.

  7. Happy week for you; I can tell you are very busy. I can relate to this one. My husband I bought a very large fix it up home several years ago. It was in rough shape. The bathroom tile walls were bulging out and we had to pretty well gut it all the whole house. We did have some help. However, it was worth it all; we really enjoyed that home. i will look forward to seeing the work in progress. Blessings for you all with the hope you can get it done when you would like too.

  8. You have alot of work to do, no doubt about it. It is good you made a list to refer to to keep things straight in your mind because some things can be overlooked, i'm sure.

  9. Oh my GOSH!! How could ANYONE get all this done? Just reading it makes me want to go to bed now.

    1. lol! Ginny, your comment has me laughing so hard! I fall into bed thinking about the house and I wake up thinking about the house...and I don't want to get up!

    2. Rather you than me with all this work ahead. All the best!

  10. Wow you are going to be very busy getting that done before Christmas but I have no doubt you will. We just finished doing the same thing and we have amazing renters so I am happy. It would have broken my heart to have it go the other way. Take heart all will come around in time. HUG B

  11. That is quite a list!! But at least you know what has been done and what is yet to do! I look forward to seeing photos of the finished product.

  12. I can relate with your lists. It's nice to make a list when renovating, so that you can be certain to address each issue, and it feels good to cross things off that list, and to see the progress you are making.

    Best of luck, and keep up the great work.


  13. I am surprised you found time to type the list and post it.. you have a LOT to do... we will be waiting, no matter how long it takes and it sounds like you have a handle on what you need to do

  14. This is quite a list! There's always something to do, isn't there?!

  15. oh that is a long list but doesn't it make you feel so productive when you start seeing things getting crossed off the list?!!

  16. Wow, that's a lot of work, but the list will dwindle and won't that feel good! Good luck!

  17. Whew!! I'm sweating already!!

  18. Woooooo---I'm exhausted... I would NEVER be able to undertake a huge project like that. I love yardwork --and can spend hours and hours out there... BUT--my talents don't lie in the area of renovating a house...

    The good news is that your daughter will be thrilled with a 'new' home --once you get finished... God Bless You and hubby for all of your hard work.

    How did you like the election results?

  19. OMG, I would be running away from home Mercy!!. Pretty sure you will be done by Christmas---unless you meant this year. Bless you hearts. You really have bitten off a mouthful. Hope there are some "me" times somewhere on that list for you both.

  20. much work! As much as I'd love to buy an older place, the thought of having to sink all that money, time and effort into it, really scares me! I admire your fortitude!

  21. You are one busy lady! Love your list! That is one way to see progress! It sounds like a big project...maybe one bedroom, bathroom and kitchen before Christmas and then you can work on the rest throughout the winter! You are our younger days we did lots of renovations at various house...but the key word is younger take it easy:)

  22. Oh dear. Now I'm tired. Good luck to you!!!

  23. Wow! That's a lot of things on the list. Mere mortals would've fainted at the sight of such lengthy list of to dos, but I'm sure that you guys can certainly do it all, and that the results will be uber spectacular. Thanks for sharing that! Good luck with all the rest!

    Justin Garrett @ Buzz Homes

  24. Good luck with all the things you have to do. That light will be at the end of the tunnel before you kow it :)