Friday, February 28, 2014

Random Five Friday

~snow-covered and frozen creek by my parent's old farm~

Random 5

1.  We don't have snow yet, but they are calling for the white stuff to hit this weekend.  Snow and possibly ice, too.  Winter, go away.

2.  I went back to the antique/flea market and got the shelf I mentioned in my last post.   I was wrong about the price, it was only 13 dollars instead of the 16 I thought I remembered.  I love a bargain and if I totally mess it up trying to paint it or get tired of it one day, it won't be a big deal to part with it. 

3.  The kittens have all been banished to the family room downstairs and I shut the door so they couldn't get back up here with me.  Yes, I know...mean momma.  I've decided that I needed sleep worse than they need to be with me.  If it isn't Sissy biting my toes, it's usually Stormy patting my face much too early in the morning.  It is about my bedtime Thursday night as I write this.

4.  I'm surprised the kittens want to be around me because when I touch them, I get a little shock.  We have really had the static electricity this winter.  Have you had any problems this year with it?

5.  I was beginning to worry about our Red-Headed Woodpecker because I hadn't seen much of him this winter.  He finally showed up on one of our sunny days and I've seen him several times at the feeders since.  I'll post more photos of him another time. 

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  1. I thought that was a cute shelf- I'm glad you went back for it. Kittens...what fun!

  2. Sleep is more important than kitties, to be sure! Gorgeous snowy photo, and I love that woodpecker - what a fine fellow!
    Great Random 5 and have a happy Friday :)

  3. A beautiful snow photo - I would love to walk down that pathway - maybe I would come across your pretty woodpecker!

  4. lovely photos, your Woodpecker is superb! Gorgeous gorgeous. The electricity sparks with our dog but not the 4 cats..

  5. i wonder what your cats think? ... i would say "ouch" - maybe they are hoping to shock you back? "you're it!!" ( :

  6. Not sure sleep is more important than the kittens!!!!!! (kidding) Your photos are lovely ... really winter where you are. Glad the woodpecker has appeared. Happy to hear you went back to get the shelf ... meant to be! Happy Friday and stay warm!

  7. Love the red headed woodpecker. Sleep is too important, I agree.

  8. Ugh, don't talk to me about sleep and cats! Those two of mine have decided that 4am is a great time to wake up and five hours sleep is long enough for anyone. (which is why I'm visiting you at 4:15 am) And then they look at me like, "What? you know you want to feed me!" Oh brother. My problem is that the 100yr old doors don't really shut firmly and the cats are ingenious at getting them open. Can't wait for warmer weather so I can throw them out at night. Hope you have a lovely and relaxing weekend minus the cats in the face mornings. :)

  9. Oh look at the beautiful woodpecker!

    LOL yes to the static electricity! :)

    Kittens are crazy when they are little / I do not blame you one bit for choosing sleep over kitten mayhem at night! :)

  10. Morning Cheryl, glad you went back for the shelf, great price... Love the picture of the Woodpecker, beautiful, Blessings Francine.

  11. Cheryl,
    Neat picture! I hope you take one this spring when the trees are budding and the water is running.

    I agree, winter go away! We are in for a cold cold snap today through Monday.

    I like the looks of your shelf. Have fun making it your own.

    Stay warm.

  12. glad you went back for the shelf and waiting to see it appear in red or white... the suspense is killing me.
    love that woodpecker.
    about that shock thing. i have it so bad in winter that hubby will not let me pump my own gas....when i touch metal the sparks can be seen and heard. and i pop anything i touch. and we don't have real winter here. when i go to open a door i touch it lightly to make it pop before i grab it... when bob is with me he opens doors for me so he doesn't have to hear me yelp

  13. Oh he is a beautiful woodpecker! Oh my goodness, you certainly do need your sleep. That is not being a mean mama. Sounds as if those little yahoos need some gentling.

  14. Cheryl I don't think I can get past that awesome picture of your Red-Headed Woodpecker! Bravo! It is gorgeous!!! Glad you got your shelf, lucky I didn't go steal it.. :) Yes tata Winter, I have had enough! Good Morning!

  15. My hair has suffered from static electricity this winter. It's flying all over the place all the time! I sometimes swipe it with a dryer sheet! It helps.

  16. SO jealous of your red-head. haven't seen one since i left wisconsin. we're supposed to be on the edge of their territory here in ne tx, but i've never seen one in 30 yrs.

  17. MORE snow headed our way too. Love the red headed woodpecker.

  18. How nice the shelf waited for you and wasn't snapped up.
    Being just a bet below you on the map, we are also expecting a tad of snow. Sigh.
    I'll sleep with a dog any day, cats love to torment. Don't blame you for the banishment.

  19. I liked this . . . the snow path, wood pecker and the 5!

  20. Gorgeous woody! And funny about the cats -- they are pesky! :)

  21. Love your random five. Those poor, poor babies banished to the
    We have been shocked all winter long-physically AND by the weather in general!;>)
    Our woodpeckers have been here all winter.
    Hope you have a wonderful day- we have more snow coming here, too. xo Diana

  22. More snow...sigh...

    But "yay!" to the new shelf. It was a great bargain! Nice to see that you continue to follow your doctor's orders too. ;)

    Your woodpecker is beautiful!

  23. Your cats sound like lots of fun. I know the sparks made our cat jump.:):) Love the woodpecker photo, it's great. Hope you don't get the's worse than snow. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  24. We have experienced the shocking a lot as it is so dry in north Texas. We. Need. Rain.
    My dog jumps when I touch her, but like your kittens, she still loves me and wants to be near me Beautiful pics of the frozen woods and creek, and the woodpecker, too.

  25. good thing you went back for the shelf!!

    we are getting snow this weekend as well....

    awsome capture of the red head...hehe, i always think of i love lucy!!

  26. Glad you went back and got the shelf....I can't tell you how many times I've lost out on something because I didn't get it when I should have.
    Wonderful woodpecker shot ...
    Have a toasty weekend.
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  27. Glad you got your shelf! I sure miss visiting mid Missouri this winter, but the weather has been so bad and continues. I can't wait to go to Arrow Rock! It's my favorite little town. Twyla

  28. Your list of five was a delight to read! Love your woodpecker photo. We have a few different kinds out here; my favorite is the big, loud pileated. Have a wonderful weekend!

  29. Hi Cheryl, It is so nice to be able to visit, Enjoyed your random 5 thoughts. We don't have the snow you have, but boy it has been cold, I am so looking forward to spring. Love finds like your shelf , I must get to our local antique mall for treasures as well as the exercise it provides,(read your, enjoyed it too) I am getting a little fluffy around the middle too! ~smile~
    Thanks for alwys sharing your life, and for visiting me.
    I am happy to say that the new phone line is plowed in an service is back to normal.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  30. Sometimes I guess we have to put our pets in ans yes...I am getting shocked all the time this winter.😟 it's getting old! Stay warm & safe this weekend.


  31. so, what color did you decide to paint the shelves? I hope you show us when you are done.

    Boy, do I hear you about the cats! Ours are locked out, too. Used to Bubbie would jump up on us...not on the bed...had to be on us. And he would walk from one to the other, never stepping on the bed.

    But worst of all, he would not leave the window blinds alone!

    I have not seen our redheaded woodpecker either.

    Not about your post, but a question...a while back you were looking for a P&S camera....did you ever get one and what did you get. I swear, I have probably read it if you did, but I sure don't remember it. I have a horrible memory.

  32. What a beautiful little red headed woodpecker! Glad he has been coming around now.
    I hope you don't get too much snow. Most of the storm that is moving across the country is going to miss us.

  33. Salt Lake has been warming up and we are just getting rain. Now we are in Spokane and a huge snowstorm is coming in on Sunday. It is major cold here and I didn't bring my warmest coat. I have been very cold. I do think you are wise to not have your cats waking you up. We have a dog that can be a problem but usual just with my hubby.
    I love the picture of the woodpecker.
    Blessings and hugs!

  34. Ooh... Gorgeous shot of the woodpecker! Little kitties are sweet and crazy! My husband banished my fur baby from our room during the night because he bats my his face at around 3 am every. single. night. xoxo Jen

  35. Wow, I love your Redheaded woodie, it is gorgeous. Lovely shot! Glad your shelf was still there waiting and a good price too. I hope it does not snow too much! Have a happy weekend!

  36. The frozen creek sure looks pretty Cheryl. Also, the red headed woodpecker is beautiful. We don't have them up here so it's nice to see your photo. Thanks for visiting and sweet comment. I hope you have a great week. Pam

  37. Hi, We are home from a wonderful trip to Arkansas with friends. Photos tomorrow!!!!!

    Hope you have had a great week. Hope you didn't get too much snow. We are supposed to get some (or some ice/sleet) tonight/tomorrow. Yuk.

    Great photo of your Red-head. We never see them in winter --but they'll be here in Spring.


  38. Hi Cheryl,

    Are you kidding? Choosing sleep over a biting alarm clock? It's a no brainer! That red headed woodpecker, btw, is one handsome bird; what a sight for sore eyes!

    Looking forward to seeing the little shelf after you've brushed it with loving colour.

    Have a wonderful week!

    PS: The feral kitty you fed in a previous post is ADORABLE!!