Monday, February 24, 2014

A Sighting And A Sigh

While heading down the highway just outside of our town the other day I spotted a very big bird sitting in a tree.  I took another quick look and noticed the white head which could only mean one thing...

Bald Eagle!  

I couldn't stop on that busy highway, so I turned down another less busy road, pulled over and grabbed my camera.  I had to zoom as far as I could and I was so excited that I could barely hold the camera still, but there he was!  The sightings are becoming more frequent around this area.  I saw another Bald Eagle a little later fly overhead as I traveled on down the highway.  I love these majestic birds and I'm waiting for the day when I can get a better shot.  

In other news, we were back in the water heater replacement business again over the weekend.  The new water heater for the house is working fine, but we found out the water heater in our rental building was going kaput.  Sigh.  So, off we go to Home Depot for a new one and the fittings needed to install it.  I may have mentioned this before, but it's nice that BG is a handy guy and can do this work himself.  I am his assistant, handing out tools and otherwise lending moral support!  

Now that the water heaters have been replaced, new roofs are on both buildings as of year before last, and the foundation work is finished that will prevent water from coming into the basement.  

And I'll be holding my breath when the heavy rains begin this year, wondering if the work done will indeed keep the water out.  

What will need to be done next?  Does the work ever end?  Replacing our front patio will need to be done this spring.  We have a couple of fir and spruce trees that need to be cut down.  A lot of yard work is awaiting spring weather.  

And that is just the outside work.  We won't talk about inside.  I think I'd rather go antiquing.  Doctor's orders, after all.  More about that next time.  Happy Monday to you!

Until next time...


  1. Spring and summer are nice when they come. BUT unfortunately alot of work comes with them. LOVE the BALD EAGLE. Great shot.

  2. Doctor's orders???
    Congrats on your eagle sighting Cheryl! You are right, stuff is never done inside or out. If it doesn't rain soon we will be taking down more trees. I say my rosary every night and pray for rain.
    Enjoy your Monday Cheryl!

  3. Oh my, beautiful Eagle pictures. Always so thrilled when I spot one, so magnificent!!!! Happy Monday, Francine.

  4. Gorgeous bald eagle Cheryl!

    We need to side our house in the next year or two -- that will be expensive!

  5. woo hoo on the Eagle sighting... and being a home owner the work/spending never stops. i told my husband we should have made plans to allow us to rent the rest of our lives instead of living in a paid for home... then we could call the landlord when something breaks. and i live with a hand man to and it is great...
    at the YMCA today one of the tables was rocking and i volunteered hubby to fix it.. and he did.

  6. Oh-Yeah-those fixer upper jobs are NEESR done!And...just when you think they ARE done something else pops up. I am hoping that your work to ensure a dry basement work. Guess you will know soon as the melt/rains start.

    Have a good week!!! xo Diana

  7. gosh, i love the bald eagle! truly awesome shot, cheryl.

    have a lovely week ahead!

    big hugs~

  8. Isn't the bald eagle an awesome bird? You are right so majestic!

    And I agree with you too - there is always something to do on a house - I say as our dryer didn't heat this morning!

  9. I would have been shaking also. Great shot and what a find. Maybe someday I'll---
    Home ownership is a challenge and is Fate's way to keep us from becoming complacent and rich.

  10. People around here have been seeing bald eagles too but I have not spotted one yet. I need to get out and about more. :-)
    It does seem that the work is never done. Lucky you have someone who can do the work himself.

  11. We've been seeing a lot more bald eagles too. Like you, i am just fascinated by them! As our homes get older, it seems there is always something that needs to be done. Our carpeting is looking shabby so we decided last week that rather than replacing them, we are just going to put hard wood down. Huge project but will be so worth it! Hope you enjoyed Saturday's warm temps... winter is back this week!

  12. Doctor's orders? Hmmmm... Wonder if I could get those kinds of orders.

    I laughed at your experience with the bald eagle...reminded me so much of my own!

    It's always something! Always. I hate to get all Violet Crawley, but true all the same.

  13. Ooh...the Bald Eagle! Awesome photos! Just love Spring! Hope you are well...Doctor's orders??? I'll go antiquing with you any time! ;) Give me a ring a ding! xoxo Jen

  14. Cheryl, That is amazing, that you got a great shot of the eagle. I love it.I would be excited too. I think when you own a home, you are always doing things to improve them, and repairs seem to pop up no matter how new or old a home can be. Hope you get a break on repairs. xoxo,Susie

  15. Bless your heart...I would have been nervous as well, trying to capture such a great photo of a Bald Eagle. Many sightings have been seen around here, but I've never seen one.
    Glad you got the Hot Water heaters fixed...the job is never done! I have found this to be definitely true. Just keep pressing on!!

  16. You did really well considering the conditions. Eagles are hard to capture. You can't get too close or off they go.

  17. You did really well considering the conditions. Eagles are hard to capture. You can't get too close or off they go.

  18. The bald eagle is such an impressive bird! Your photo is beautiful.

    I know what you mean about those seemingly endless household tasks. There's always something that needs to be done yesterday! 8-) Have a greatly blessed rest of today!

  19. You have Dr's orders to go antiquing? Can I get his name?
    Love you pics of the Eagle. so smart of you to have your camera handy at all times!

  20. Seeing a Bald Eagle is always a thrill.

  21. We used to see bald Eagles a lot when we lived in Washington. We had a boat and would go down the Spokane River and they would be on top of big poles. I took pictures but it would take forever to find them. It's one of those one of these day organize pictures.
    In someways I don't look forward to all the spring work. However I am looking forward to the spring weather.
    Blessings and hugs!

  22. It is thrilling to spot a bald eagle, isn't it?! We occasionally sight one on the drive home from church. Of course, no one ever has a camera, so you're doing better than we are!

    "Life is unfinished business." I once heard someone say that, and I concur. There is never an end to projects, big and small. Now I could get excited about going antiquing with the urging of my doctor!

  23. sorry i am late today on commenting ... i took yesterday off to be with the hubby. so i am catching up this AM.

    i love bald eagles. they are amazing birds. just fun to watch. glad you got the chance to see one ... have a great week. ( :

  24. That is an awesome spotting! So sorry about the additional water heater problem. Always something!

  25. Fabulous close up!

    My husband saw a bald eagle sitting on a pole outside his i\office today! He's bringing my camera tomorrow in case it comes back. His blackberry cell phone wasn't able to get a good photo.

    I know that spring will bring us many chores to do in our yards... some I am not looking forward to...need to buy a pooper scooper for all the deer droppings--ick!

  26. There is always something needing to be done...waiting to be taken care of. Work will be waiting for us when we die. So, yes, might as well go antiquing.