Monday, December 16, 2013

Winter Has Arrived

Saturday scenes from my kitchen window.


A little bit of freezing rain fell on us Friday, but it warmed up to just rain the rest of the day before changing over to snow.   We had between 2-3 inches when it came to an end. 

The sun was shining brightly yesterday so BG and I hopped in the truck and headed out to run some errands.  First stop was at my aunt's house to check on her.  She had another fall the night before and she has a huge knot on her forehead with lots of bruising.  She says she's okay, but will be seen by a doctor today. 
More winter scenes from our drive.  These are SOTC shots.

BG is taking the rest of his vacation days until after Christmas.  He can keep the kitties company downstairs while I get things finished up for Christmas.  If I put them downstairs and shut the door, they will sit on the step and claw at the door and meow until I cave in and let them back upstairs.  

I have a list of things that I want to accomplish this week.  The shopping is done, but the wrapping isn't.  The cards have to be done today and gotten in the mail.  Do you have a lot left to do for Christmas?  We only have one full week left to get it all done!  

Until next time...


  1. Your silver, white, and brilliant blues are beautiful, like a wonderland! I hope your aunt will be fine! She lives alone, I take it?

  2. Beautiful images, Cheryl. I hear you- I have so much to get done it isn't funny. I cut out doll clothes this afternoon and then MYHERO OFFERED that I might make some doll clothes for someone else (at a Packers game today). I would like to smother him in his sleep but it is illegal here!:>)

    I don't know if I will get everything done that I should AND my double ovens are not working! Happy Days! xo Diana

  3. Love your header photos and have inspired me to do better with mine. Stay warm...

  4. Beautiful snow pictures. Kitties are stubborn that's for sure.

  5. i need to bake. i have all my supplies, recipes & everything is ready ... just have to get it all worked out. i want to wait until the last minute to keep everything fresh & yummy. ( :

    love the snowy barn shot.

  6. Morning Cheryl, beautiful winter pictures, so pretty......I still have to do the wrapping to, pitter patter, better get at er''' Blessings Francine.

  7. Snow just makes it look more like Christmas doesn't it?
    My cat is a tree climber so I don't decorate for Christmas. I just enjoy other peoples.
    Just have cards yet to mail. You are right, time's a wasting.

  8. Good Morning Cheryl! It all melted here yesterday but we didn't have as much as you! Beautiful winter captures!! I am finishing up TODAY. Nice that BG is going to be home. Maybe you two can have a nice lunch out some place.. :)

  9. the trees are just amazing and gorgeous and i love that barn shot... we are not allowed to close doors in our house, both dogs claw, and whine if we close the doors. so cats do this to. learn something new every day..

  10. very pretty scenes. i need to do a thorough house cleaning and a few errands and throw two decorations in place. :)

  11. Good Morning Cheryl, Your snow pictures are so pretty. You have more then we got in our area. We were lucky in that respect. We did get a thin layer of ice over the snow. I am hoping today it will melt the snow off my driveway. I think I could skate on it, but I am being very careful. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from Your NW Missouri Friend.

  12. It sure has and it looks beautiful!!!

  13. Your snow is soooo beautiful! We just got a tiny dusting and it's already all gone. Kitty's can be so HELPFUL when you are tying ribbons or shoes, or crocheting with yarn, or making dinner, or.... ;-)
    My decorating and cards are done, but my shopping isn't.

  14. Quite a bit left to do, but it will get done eventually.

    Beautiful photos of your very Christmasy world! A delight to see!

  15. Your pictures show the beautiful side of winter,the one that gets the photographer excited. Wrapping is done,baking ,what little I do,is done.I have a little cleaning to do and then cook the meal.My family will be celebrating on Saturday,Dec.21,so I had better be ready.

  16. It's gorgeous there, Cheryl!
    I hope your Aunt gets better soon.
    I'm done with Christmas prep, except for cooking.

  17. HI, It is amazing how fast Christmas has come this year. Every year, it seems to come quicker than the year before…..

    Love your snow photos. SO pretty--especially with that blue sky in the background…. We have had a lot of cold weather but no snow here… Dang!

    Merry Christmas.

  18. Cheryl, post that barn in a bigger size--please, please! And tell me if you do, cause things are fixing to get hectic around here. But I so love that shot. It is just beautiful.

  19. Everything looks so pretty after a snowfall doesn't it. I hope your aunt is all right.

  20. i am ahead of schedule which = done!!

    i will bake a little this weekend but only if i can handle the hot, hot kitchen!!

    i love "the day after" the snow pictures, when the sky is blue and the sun comes out!!

  21. Beautiful, sparky, snowy pictures.
    Yes, I suppose Winter is finally here, and here to stay :)

    So sorry to read about your aunt having another spill. Hopefully, she will be ok, and mended soon.
    Give her my best.

    Really, all I have left to do is to make a few sweet treats, and take around a few friend and neighbor gifts.
    Keeping it simple this year, and keeping the stress factor down :)

    Merry Christmas!!

  22. Oh my gosh I do have a huge list of things to do. I need to be reminded to simplify.
    Loved your pictures and thoughts and I can't believe we only have a week until Christmas.
    Blessings to you and your and keep on enjoying the sweet moments of the season.