Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday Musings - Burlap

I have my tree up!  And a few little Christmas things sitting here and there around the house.
I'm happy to report that so far, the kitties have not toppled the tree.  We're hopeful that after a little scolding and spraying with the spray bottle on their furry little selves, that they will leave it alone.  Yep, sure they will!  

It's cold here, but we only had a tiny bit of snow.  As of this writing, I'm not sure
what to expect when I get up in the morning.  Which will be this morning when you read this.  Confused yet?

The outside is still to be decorated.  I want to get some cedar and fir branches cut.  The wreath is on the front door and that's all I've done out there.  It's just too cold for me to be outside right now!  That's okay, I still have plenty to do inside to keep me busy.

Is burlap still in?  The photo above was taken in Branson while we were there last month.  One of the trees was covered with things made of burlap or at least had touches of burlap.

Here's a Snowman ornament that was kind of cute.  It looks simple to put together and paint.  Not that I would copy their idea or anything. 

I've never been into decorating with burlap that's been all the rage and it just occurred to me recently why I've kind of ignored all the burlap out there lately. 

I was into burlap when burlap wasn't cool!  (Can I still use that word?  Cool?  I'm old enough to remember when that word was popular!)  

Here's a very old photo of one of our burlap covered trunks that BG and I made.  (Ignore the ugly slipcover and a friend's purse.)

In our early years of marriage, storage was very much in short supply.  I loved my magazines even back in those days, and one day I happened upon a set of directions for a fabric covered trunk and immediately showed them to BG and we decided to make a set.  I bought burlap for my fabric and brass hardware to embellish the trunks and voila!  We had a pair of nice sized trunks that I used as end tables and also to store extra bedding and such.  These trunks came in very handy for many years.

The burlap served me very well as a covering for the trunks for a very long time, but I think that I grew tired of seeing burlap and have avoided it ever since!

Can you believe that I kept the magazine pages all these years?  I ran across them when looking for something else and I just had to share.  If anyone would like the directions to make their own fabric covered trunk or trunks, just email me and I'll be glad to send a copy of the directions to you!
Until next time...


  1. I had to laugh about your saved pages from an old magazine...I, too, also save pages from magazines. No only that, but I put them in clear protective sheets and in binders. I won't embarrass myself by telling you how many binders I have.

  2. Love your decorations. I too save old magazine pages. Don't know why???

  3. i love your snowmen. cute decor. i had a get rid of magazines a while back ... i ripped out the pages i enjoyed & got rid of the other parts. recycled the rest. ( :

  4. Pretty Christmas in your home. :) Hope the kitties play nice with the tree. lol
    I save magazine pages in a notebook.
    Happy Monday!

  5. Everything looking so lovely at your home Cheryl, guess the Kitty's are being good instead of naughty, they know Santa is watching, Blessings Francine.

  6. Good kitties! I can't get over the smell of burlap. I like the look of it -- in small doses. lol

  7. I'm seeing more and more things being made with burlap, I'm actually not minding it's look. I'm like you I have lots of magazines I've saved over the years. There's even a story in the Good Housekeeping that I saved from 1978 and once in a while I'll pull it out and read it, it's barley holding together after all these years.

  8. i find it odd to find you musing on burlap ornaments because while wandering in Hobby Lobby and even in Walmart, i saw burlap wreathes and ornaments and thought, oh please, not burlap AGAIN... my mother used to use it to make my Halloween costumes and all kinds of things, and i always thought it was not very attractive... the trunk is a great idea for storage. my theory is that the makers of decorations keep changing things so that people will stop using what they have and buy something new... and what ever has been around always comes around again. and again

  9. I still use the word "cool".. :) They had those burlap ornaments at The Schaefer House last week when I was there. Big warm up today.. ;) Love the snowman with the reindeer!

  10. I like the look of your ornaments and love the natural look of burlap. ;)

  11. Cheryl
    I know what you mean about the burlap. I remember my hippy cousin making curtains with it way back in the 70's, which is probably why it has taken me a while to warm up to it again!!
    Your lantern vignette is sure pretty. I'm not doing much decorating this year, since the children won't be here..

  12. Cute ideas! I almost said, 'yes please send me those instructions!' Then I realized I am TOO good at collecting magazine pages and ideas myself.. and also Pinterest-ing :) I never quite get around to most of those idears.. lol. But I do love the burlap trunk idea - great job! I'll try to catch up w/ you in a couple days and get decorating. Still in the cleaning mode before I can decorate! -Tammy

  13. Hi Cheryl,
    Loving your Christmas décor!
    We don't have any kitties to get into our tree, just one energetic dog keeps bouncing his toys into our tree!!

    Burlap is cute, if done right.
    I've seen some darling things made with it, and then some not so cute stuff too.
    Same thing about using old pallets.
    My sweet husband would just die, if I hung an old pallet on the wall ***grin**.

    Have a great week.

  14. Hi. I love how you have decorated your home.

  15. I really like your burlap trunk. so neutral and very big and roomy, and it also serves as a table! Did you make the burlap poinsettia?, it is REALLY pretty!

  16. Your decor is beautiful! You are not copying, you are flattering. There is nothing new under the sun. I would be interested in a copy of your directions. My sister has an unfinished trunk and I think that would be an attractive, easy finish.

    (I used burlap as runners for Thanksgiving and cut them up to use as garland on the tree. It really lets the light filter through better than other garland I've used.)

  17. Love this style.
    That little Santa ornament is wonderfully detailed !

  18. Looking at those burlap decorations,they are very pretty. I have never been into the burlap,but then I do have my own eclectic style.

  19. I love burlap and use it all the time but I didn't use any for Christmas this year. I should have. Maybe next year. Everything looks just beautiful!!

  20. Cheryl, All your decorations are very nice. I like that they look vintage. We are cold here and have a fire going in the fireplace...I call it a big "man" fire..They tend to over do. I am making a some potato soup for lunch..gotta go. xoxo,Susie

  21. You have beautiful decorations Cheryl!! I have lots of old clipping from magazines, just like yours!! Our version of "Pinterest"!! I hope your on Pinterest, you would love it!!

  22. It is bitter cold here again today...but did get up to almost freezing I think....and the sun shone all day long.

    I have to say I am glad to hear someone else thinks about the time they are writing issue is when I post past midnight...I am talking about say the 10th, but it will show up as posted on the 11th! Do you ever think about that part of it?

  23. My husband and I recently went to Tai Pan a décor store. There were a lot of Christmas decorations made with burlap. I think it must be cool again. I remember the era of using burlap.
    I loved the pictures and please take a picture of your tree and decorations. I am sure they are lovely.

  24. Okay...yes, I'll say it....everything is COOL here. I do so love the idea of a poinsettia made of burlap.

    Your decor is so loving, comforting, and homey. Pleasing.