Friday, December 6, 2013

Something Old (Memories) and Something New (To Me)

~Window display at Kirkland's on the Landing in Branson~

Do you have your Christmas shopping done?  I'm not a big fan of shopping, other than flea market/antique browsing, but I do enjoy looking around during the Christmas season.  The pretty displays, the colors, the lights, and the scents of Christmas help to make it a beautiful time of year.  

 ~Dick's 5 & 10 in downtown Branson~
When I was a youngster, I was always excited to get to go to town at Christmas and look at all the displays and boxes of toys at the dime store.  This was, of course, before the time of the big box stores.  The variety store that we once had in our small town was called Mattingly's.

There were several aisles in Mattingly's much like the ones in this photo I snapped in Dick's 5 & 10 last week.  A little wave of nostalgia always hits me when I visit this store in Branson.  I think about the selection of toys for kids when I was young and what there is to choose from today.  Back then it was a treat to get a new board game, or coloring books, or a new doll.  When I outgrew the dolls, I got clip-on roller skates for my shoes to sail around on in the basement.  What fun my younger brother and I had racing around the corners.  I was also excited one year to get some new, snowy white ice skates!   

 ~My grandmother holding my cousin, my mother holding my
younger brother, my older bother, and me holding my new doll~.

Today's shopping is often an overwhelming experience.  There is almost too much to choose from that even adults have a hard time making up their minds.  Maybe that's why I'm not a fan of shopping.  :)  

I ventured out yesterday to do a little shopping.  Actually, the real reason I went to our nearest big city was because the adapter for my laptop went kaput.  I have a desktop computer, but the laptop is the one I seem to use most.  It must have something to do with being able to recline in the LazyGirl LazyBoy.  

  ~The Market Place~
Once I had the new adapter in my little hands, I headed to one of my favorite flea markets/antique shops.  The adapter was free because I'd just gotten one in August and they told me it shouldn't have gone out so soon.  So I thought, hey, I've saved myself some money that I could use for shopping!  Don't you like the way I think?

I spotted this pretty Pfaltzgraff Winterberry platter that was in perfect condition for a few bucks.  Winterberry is one of my favorite Christmas patterns and I have the plates, mugs and other pieces, so I just had to bring it home with me.

Callie liked my find, too.  What am I going to do with her?  She is into everything.  The platter is 16 1/2 inches long, so you can see how she's grown.  I'll be happy when she outgrows some of her curiosity.  She has to investigate every single thing that's brought into the house.  Note:  I just finished soaking the platter in bleach before it's put in the dishwasher. 

After a bit of browsing at my favorite shops, I headed to WallyWorld to buy a few essentials.  While there, I also picked up some needed ingredients for our Christmas dinner.  The turkey and ham are already in the freezer ready to bake.  I have most everything I'll need except for the salad fixings so my grocery shopping for Christmas is mostly done.  

While stopping for a nature call at WallyWorld, I still had my camera in my pocket and, on a whim, I thought "why not"?  No one was around and the lighting was good.  So, here is my "selfie" with dark circles around the eyes, hair askew and all.  Remember, I'd been shopping all afternoon.  I'm not sure why I was bending down.  My hair is normally tucked behind my ears, but what you see is what you get.  My left hand holding my jacket looks deformed, but I was only trying to hold it closed.

I'm so behind this year.  Hopefully this weekend I'll get some help and get the house decorated.  If not, at least I have a new platter and food to put on it!  

Until next time...


  1. your selfie is cute. :) i would look terribly weary if i was out shopping these days...

  2. Cheryl, Love your pictures. The one of your mom and sweet. I loved the five and dime store. What fun . Stay safe. xoxo,Susie

  3. I love your selfie! Good to see you!
    I haven't done anything for Christmas but decorate my house. I think I'm in denial!

  4. If only Callie KNEW what that platter could mean... she would politely and sincerely stay off of it.

  5. Hi Cheryl, Your previous post and today's brings back memories. Dick's was always a must when we went to Branson. The name Mattingly's bring makes me think what our down town use to be a long time ago. We have gone to Branson at Christmas time and we took a tour on Jim Stafford's Jolly Bus. I don't know if he still does that or not. We have been lucky and didn't have any snow, but the cold air has sure been here. Your Callie is something. Have a wonderful day. Stay safe and warm. Hugs and Prayers from your NW Missouri Friend.

  6. This was a fun post but I hate to tell you that your cat will always sit on, shed on , climb on or into ...anything new as long as she lives, lol : )

  7. How funny! I have never seen anyone take a selfie in a WM bathroom! I just love your tray,why was it so low priced for such a big designer name? Gosh, I thought there no more 5& 10's anymore, how I would love to go! I love the tree made of gift boxes!!!

  8. Super selfie! I love that little 5 and 10 in Branson...cute little store.

  9. LOVE your selfie. I remember 5 and 10 stores from my youth.

  10. i am giggling at your "selfie" shot. that is too cute!!

    that looks like a cool shop to must check out. ( :

  11. You look very cute peeking over your glasses! I should take one when I'm out and about! Cute idea! And I don't like shopping in the big stores at this time of year either. I'll try to avoid Wally World this month! Sweet hugs!

  12. so funny how critical we are of pictures of ourselves. i like the picture and i think your hair looks great!! the arm across the belly works wonders, if you have a belly....i can't tell if you do??

    i love the christmas displays in the stores, the colors, the lights and the music but i hate shopping. i do everything on line and so far i have paid zero for shipping. my "ups man" has really done all my shopping for me!!

    tomorrow, i have to shop with youngest son mike, i am not looking forward to that. he will shop, i will act interested and be a wonderful lunch companion!!

  13. I feel the same way about shopping.
    Very pretty find you found. Did that make sense? I doubt it. I was also at Walmart today and am now exhausted from shopping. Ha!
    I love that you took that selfie in the WM restroom. I'm not sure if I've ever seen all of you before. Just that little hint of you in the profile picture. Your hair looks just fine to me. Cute picture.

  14. What a lovely family photo of your "long-ago Christmas! By the way, I'm not much of a shopper either. I like to order from Amazon....

  15. Hi Cheryl...
    Your pictures sure made me want to be back in Branson...I love going to Dick's 5 and 10. They have so many unique items...
    Of course, it's always so busy when I go in there. Looks like you hit it at the perfect time..

  16. I love your sweet kitty! So pretty. I'm not doing any shopping this year.

  17. Well you were a cutie pie back in the day and you're very cute taking a selfie in the restroom at Wally World. Too much fun! Did you need an alibi?

    You found a treasure with your new winterberry tray. When even the cat knows... She is growing fast!

    Love the trip down the candy aisle at the five and dime. Looks like a very fun store!

  18. Love that platter...but I love the photo of your cute self. And...I love your sense of humor.:))

  19. Love that platter...but I love the photo of your cute self. And...I love your sense of humor.:))

  20. What a fun post! Love the five-and-dime in Branson. Love the picture of your family back in the day. Love that you have Christmas dinner taken care of. (I haven't even thought about it!) And I love your selfie! :D

  21. You are so much fun! I love the way you write--I couldn't help but laugh at the word, kaput. I don't know how long it had been since I heard that used. Loved your pictures and the flea market looked like a place I would love to visit.
    Thanks for your visit to my blog. I wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season.
    Love, Marie

  22. I love all the festive decorations, in the stores and everywhere. Cute "selfie" shot. Happy weekend to you!

  23. Okay...LOVE the 'selfie'...I must say with this photo share, you do resemble Lady Helen Mirren [actress]. And she is one of our favorites here in our abode....deformed hand and all [kidding]. You're braver than I am for sure. I wouldn't dream of doing this. More power to you.

    AND!!!!!!!!!!! Also love your new platter. That was a great find to add to your collection.

  24. let's hope Callie doesn't recline in the platter when it is full on Christmas day.. MOL... she looks adorable..the platter is beautiful..and your selfie is cute and funny...LOL on the deformed all the Christmas light and I feel nostalgia coming on thinking about those dime stores. great family photo and i like seeing old photos because it brings back memories of simpler times before the internet exploded and Wally and Kmart put all that STUFF out there for us to want..

  25. sounds like you are farther along about Christmas than I am...I still have to get the ham. Most of my shopping for other people is done.

    Another thing...I don't care much for shopping, but I usually do like Christmas shopping, and in addition to flea markets/antique shops, I like quilt shops. In fact they are probably my favorite!

  26. It's so fun to see you Cheryl! I LOVE The Market Place!!! I have one thing purchased for the great-nephew. I do not like to shop at all. I am cooking a big pot of chicken and homemade noodles for Christmas.. :) Callie is just all festive over Christmas. At least she isn't in the middle of the tree! Yet.

  27. Awe, I love the photo of you with your grandmother & mother and the others, it got me thinking about photos from my childhood. I had to chuckle at your selfie, cause I almost did the same thing the other day but before I could take my camera out of my bag someone walked in the door...whew...that would have been a bit uncomfortable to explain what I was doing LOL

  28. Cheryl, I LOVED the picture you took of yourself in the bathroom. :) I recently took one of myself and it looked, for some reason, like I had a deformed throat. Anyway, I loved the picture. I also enjoyed my shopping trip with you. Did we stop for a bite to eat? :)

  29. Cheryl, I agree with you on the simple gifts that so pleased in years past. It's overwhelming to walk down shopping aisles, which is why I avoid it as much as possible. I too would rather look at displays than shop. Your holly berry find would go well with the 2 pieces I recently bought in a local thrift store. One is a small bowel and the other a small ceramic gift box and both for $5. I was very happy too with my finds!

  30. I love the cute picture of you. The platter is awesome as is that cute cat of yours. I too love to just look around during Christmas. Your post brought back memories of going to the smaller stores.
    I have so much left to do.. Even though I don't get individual gifts for each grandchild; it still takes some shopping for each family. Having 31 grandchildren can be overwhelming for sure. I do love the season no matter what.
    Blessings and hugs!

  31. Loved seeing the aisles of the old 5 & dime. Sad that young folks today don't have those memories...
    Love your selfie pic!